Functional Needs

18 March 2021


CharlesHall, JakeAbma_, MichaelC, Todd

Meeting minutes

Continued exploration of user needs restructure

<MichaelC> Thoughts from Jake: https://www.w3.org/mid/CAMpCG4E6Enm6-K=e=oTVBwnDgidkRWo+GhT+OnZfzn_wDr0n-w@mail.gmail.com


JA: some of the needs 'voicing' is different

Maybe needs to be consistent

We need a clear example of what we mean

<jake suggests different groupings>

CH: We need an editorial template for how these are written

CH: We may also need to choose terms carefully and define some

What is a user need?

We need definition.

I think these are complimentary to the function needs doc

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to talk about layers of detail, grouping

MC: These issues raised are good

Some of these are a mix of what I wrote in the original user needs doc

I was leaving space for transforming of content for example.

So is structuring these user needs biased by our experience of transforming content

There are potential diff levels of need - and we may need to define terms

I use 'understanding' in that users can understand content

May have a diff interpretation etc

MC: Defining user needs may be an important next step

<CharlesHall> Definition (high-level) The end goal a user has when embarking on a path or process through digital means.

<CharlesHall> Definition (low-level) A task the user needs to accomplish. Example: I need to pay a bill.

I can think on this template issue - and link in with Charles.

MC: We can work on the definition for user needs, happy to see proposals

MC: I agree with jake about groupings etc

How to approach intersectional / emergent needs

MC: Charles has been looking at this, so where do you think this is at?

CH: Infancy from a functional needs perspective

We've listed obvious intersections as the need..

but need to look at where this is relevant to plugin to other work

Sensory intersections for person with no hearing and no vision for example

Or compound needs

A person may have 5 functional needs and then a 6 due to the previous 5

MC: Can we come up with a structure?

We may miss intersections? Can it be systematised or case by case?

CH: Dont know

We are talking about diff things that are complementory

Easier to do this in the functional needs list

We need eyeballs on this

To see what we've missed

MC: We could do that with Functional Needs - maybe ping Silver list

that could bubble.

MC: Should we check if its complete first?

CH: A two part survey would be good, have we missed anything overall - and intersections?

In the functional needs list..

MC: I can create survey, and will inform Silver leads

If we are happy we can send it out.

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