WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

10 March 2021


becky, brent, brentb, George, James, janina, jeanne, Jemma, Judy, Kim_patch, Rachael, shawn, tzviya

Meeting minutes

Scribe, rrsagent, agenda check, confirming next meeting, present+

jb: Any additions for the agenda?


jb: Asks for any regrets for 24 March?

jb: Could be me--but wanted to check. I'll be here.

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to note APA availed joint mtgs, but not APA only business

Reminder to your groups of upcoming daylight saving time changes

jb: Daylight Time starts Sunday in most of North America

jb: Asks whether any issues?

<Judy> ... and then two weeks later in Europe...

jb: Reminds usefulness to reinforce time change shortly before mtg. People forget

Is your AC rep aware of your work? Upcoming W3C AC meeting TPAC format input all set?

mc: Have localized time built into Zoom data pages

jb: Reminds of AC mtg in April -- W3C member reps

jb: Suggests updating AC reps with WAI work you're engaged in

WAI team doing some reflection on direction and priorities, input on technical and outreach issues?

jb: Expecting more in depth WAI Team priorities/direction discussion over coming weeks

jb: Wanting to give others an opportunity to raise issues for staff to reflect on ...

jb: This is looking forward over the next few years ...

<Rachael> +1 to a joint glossary. We see that in silver and coga too

bg: Recalls desire for WAI-wide glossary. We have need in various docs.

bg: Would be helpful to build into our docs by reference

rm: Looking for increasing emphasis on COGA, but also mental health. Not sure how it fits, but something to consider

js: Notes need for registry in some TF specs

jeanne: Need to make our tools more accessible, needs to remain a priority

jb: Notes regression in Doodle polling

jb: Asks for any tooling suggestions? Is this a good ongoing topic?

<Kim_patch> + Tools more accessible these to remain a priority

jeanne: Suggests license for Google, so we could have protected data in Googld Docs use

<Judy> JB: isn't that also partly inaccessible?

<Judy> JSp: depends on disability

jeanne: Notes have not found one tool that fits all; even within disability category

jn: Aren't there also geographic restrictions in Google Docs

sl: Yes

kd: Switching around is tough for speech input

<jeanne> last I heard, there were. But if we let people with disabilities use the tools that they need to work in, and find the ways to make it work within W3C.

kd: Suggests starting with GD; and enabling transformation to other representations

<brent> Same as what Kim just said

kd: Speaks up for tools people are accustomed to using

Brent: New tools are always a learning process; Now we fractured because of so many tools in soo many orgs

jb: Don't expect a solution from brief discussion; but good to discuss

Brent: Maybe not solution, but perhaps more mangeable

<Zakim> jeanne, you wanted to affirm to continue to emphasize tooling

<Zakim> brent, you wanted to say familiarity

jb: Wonders whether there are priority issues that need broader discussion?

<Judy> s/where there are/which are the/

jeanne: Just what I'm working on; porting email comments into github issues

jeanne: have several hundred comments from all around the world

jeanne: have feedback through regular channels but also through intros to the FPWD that we're doing

jeanne: a bit overwhelming

jeanne: Encouraging is various regulatory comments; Mostly positive

jeanne: Still working on scoring

jeanne: Hopeful response from U.S. Trusted Testor and Access Board

jb: Requests heads up when working with AB

jeanne: Yes, invited back in June

rm: Continuing to explore conformance model and also interaction between the medals levels

rm: Comments have given us a direction for next months

jb: To what extent is conformance and testing the same? Related?

rm: Venn diagram

jeanne: mostly overlapping

jeanne: much of what is conformance has moved into scoring

Upcoming work and publications https://www.w3.org/WAI/cc/wiki/WAI_Announcement_Drafts


jb: Latest time frame on Content Usable?

rm: In COGA CfC; APA next Wednesday; also survey at AG next week

rm: so maybe a few weeks

<Rachael> https://raw.githack.com/w3c/coga/consistency_checks/content-usable/index.html

jb: Asks about coordination with Shawn on messaging?

rm: Lisa and Roy working on drafts

Reminder APA charter review

jb: Asks again if others would like to review?

<Rachael> I read it. I appreciate them keeping coga in

<janina> s/asks whether/can please confirm/


<Rachael> I think its this https://raw.githack.com/w3c/apa/charter-2021/charter.html

Rescheduling meeting with Immersive captions for the Web CG (Captions in VR and AR)

jb: Has strong deaf community participation

jb: getting more interested in other WAI and W3C work

jb: Expressing interest in getting involved in other groups

jb: So, trying to reschedule this call

<Rachael> I can join depending on timing

jb: Looking for participants next Wednesday 17 March

<Rachael> Next Wednesday I can join at 12:30 EST

<brent> Any way to get the invite to join the meeting without "joining" the community group?

jeanne: Would like to connect more closely; captioning guideline is vector to indicate including XR in WCAG 3

jn: Like to join just for general interest; probably not much relevant to ARIA

<Zakim> jeanne, you wanted to ask for help with WCAG3 Captions from Immersive Captions

<brent> I am out all next week on vacation, but happy to join at a later time.

jb: Reminds APA about community group review

jb: Wondering any informal networking in virtual CSUN?

<brent> lazy commitment = "relaxed commitment"?? just an idea to pass along.

jeanne: axe-con has reasonable seminar tool: slido

<jamesn> s/AxCon/axe-con/

jb: Were you able to interact with others in the session?

jeanne: There are active chat channels

jn: But many complaints, too

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