Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

24 February 2021


Dee, Irfan, janina, mhakkinen, paul_grenier, Roy, SteveNoble_, Tom_Babinszki
Paul Grenier
Irfan, Irfan Ali

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review & Announcements

paul_grenier: is there anything pending things?

mhakkinen: collecting additional example

mhakkinen: I will add these additional examples in existing pages

janina: we need w3 format in these sample documents

Roy: will add the format to these documents

mhakkinen: textHelp samples could be referred when we talk about implementation. Pearson is also into implementation. need one more screen reader vendor

SteveNoble_: Pearson is using Text to speech extension

Pearson is using SSML examples since very long time for wide range of use cases. some of the practice test are available but not sure if you can see any underline code.

JF: NVDA has plugin architecture. wondering if that might be a root we want to pursue.

mhakkinen: we did discuss that in the past and certainly one way to go. we discussed it with Shadi which didn't end up with funding.

janina: it was not like a notice of post funding that we would fit into. we have long way to get any grant to go for this project.

JF: do we have any idea about the work effort?

JF: we can explore more funding resources. There are organization that we can reach out to get some funding.

mhakkinen: we know the pathway but big thing is to get technical document published and find next step

mhakkinen: one of the topic SSML came in our QTI meeting.

mhakkinen: QTI is the IMS standard for authoring assessment and test content and they allow the inclusion of SSML.QTI work is the implementation path. Its premature but they have done it. It is kind of socializing of our work.

Technical Approach document https://w3c.github.io/pronunciation/technical-approach/

paul_grenier: tech approach document is nearing its first draft. couple of things to do including introduction, adding additional examples. Will we be adding the reference of the demos of the examples

adding the reference of use-cases, gap analysis and other documents in tech ref document

any other info that we should include that we should have

paul_grenier: Roy will take care of the branch from main to master

mhakkinen: the examples that are in the document such as raven, can we take care of the scrolling issue?

paul_grenier: take care of that

<janina> NOTE: Our meeting with developers was last July 29 recorded here:

<janina> https://www.w3.org/2020/07/29-pronunciation-minutes.html

paul_grenier: if you are not comfortable providing PR or adding it to the document, pls send an email to group since everyone is not watching the github. Look for a final review before publishing it.

<JF> +1 to Janina

janina: make sure that everyone is reading the same content before CFC. CFC is snapshot which will be final document.

paul_grenier: my first pass included the sample code. there is still room for improvement. if anyone wants to take additional lok, please do so now.

Additional examples https://w3c.github.io/pronunciation/samples/index.html

paul_grenier: we talked about it. Mark is talking about including any additional example. Mark wont including any current implementation to this page

mhakkinen: on our wiki page, we have a section to be headed for implementation. I will add those references including TextHelp and Pearson

paul_grenier: is it good idea to invite people to open the issues directly on wiki page?

mhakkinen: yes

Other Business

irfan: will send the format to update the CFC documents. Janina will review and then Shawn can take it forward.

paul_grenier: any other announcement?

janina: I'll note that we're closing on this we have a call with Judy this afternoon where one of the stock coordination items is upcoming publications, so I think we're close enough to be discussed there.

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