Silver Task Force & Community Group

23 February 2021


bruce_bailey, Chuck, Crispy, Fazio, jeanne, Jemma, JF, joconnor, JustineP, KimD, kirkwood, Laura_Carlson, Lauriat, Makoto, mgarrish, mikecrabb, Rachael, sajkaj, sarahhorton, Sheri_B-H, Shri, SuzanneTaylor, ToddLibby, Wilco
jeanne, Shawn

Meeting minutes

<Chuck> for demonstration....

Responding to Github Issues by group consensus

Jeaanne: only editors, and subgroup leaders should respond to WCAG 3Github issues to give group responses. Be gracious

<Zakim> sajkaj, you wanted to clarify process

Jeanne: comments should havee group consensus

Jeanne: avoid offending commenters to encourage more feedback

Chuck: some comments don't reflect appropriate W3C image

JF: how do we coordinate group responses outside Github?

Jeanne: individual responses should be clearly stated as an individual opinion

Wilco: identify official responses for clarification

<JF> +1 to Wilco

<JustineP> +1 to Wilco as well

Michael: don't discourage commenting in Github

<Wilco> +1 good process

<JF> +1 to Michael

Weekly Issues report

<SuzanneTaylor> +1 on including link to subgroup

<jeanne> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/Issue_Processing_Report

DF: Put in note on Github explaining official responses will be stated as such

75 open issues, 11 closed, 3 email, 43 triageed

10 editorial issus

11 issues referred to subgroups

12 issues referred to editors

report from Makoto presentation on WCAG3

<Makoto> Quick Summary of attendees survey at Japanese webinar (Feb. 19, 2021) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kX6DnXftI9VSrK9wgTTOqlkFp9KE4OCGxQqgDiAUcTc/edit?usp=sharing

Makoto: survey - majority of respondents say WCAG 3 is easier in Japan

Makoto: Japan doesn't have l;egal obligations. Bronze = AA = higher standard for Japan, since many companies aiom for WCAG 2 A

Makoto: Because WCAG 3 is a higher standard for Japan, not having legal obligation, it may not be used

Makoto, as a result, we should think about countries with no legal obligations

Thx Makoto!

<Jemma> Are we planning to do this survey gloabally?

Janina: was Japan survey using English version of WCAG 3

Makoto: no, Google Chrome translation... Means WCAG 3 is written in more plain language

Makoto: Japanese translation of WCAG 2 since 2010 is very difficult to understand

Makoto: survey attendees - 39 webmasters, 50% small design agencies

Makoto: no public sector attendees

Makoto: Japanese comments coming in on Github

<jeanne> +1 for having a broader survey

I can get Latin America Caribbean Telecommunications Unions

Jemma: culture differences are important. South Korea debating WCAG 3 or K WCAG 3 because of adaptation problems

Jemma: S Korea technologies make WCAG 2 difficult

Makoto: checked new visual contrast algorithm with Japanese characters, similar to other asian and middle east languages

David Dikter might

<bruce_bailey> @Jemma, i don't think WCAG3 will make things any easier for South Korean adoption as compared to WCAG2

<sajkaj> Wondering whether what we need is i18n test pages for visual contrast

<Zakim> bruce_bailey, you wanted to say I have been pleasantly surprised by reception with feds

<JF> s/W4A conference in ST/W4A conference in San Francisco

Jemma: S Korea challenge is measuring accessibility of whole site, not just page by paage

Shawn: Government stakeholder feedbaack important

<Rachael> Does the conformance subgroup have a whole site use case?

<Jemma> +1 Sheri

Sheri: ITI communicates with government org's. Maybe collaboration there

<Lauriat> +1

<JF> The effect of typeface and font size on reading text on a tablet computer for older and younger people: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3315002.3317568

<bruce_bailey> @Sheri, i think think ITI dialogs have been mostly about getting the ACRs from VPAT2 to be more consistent

Suzanne: any suggestions from Japan about lowering the minimum standard?

Makoto: 1 attendee assked for 2 lower levels = WCAG 2 A

Makoto: challenge in Japan to encourage WCAG compliance because of no legal obligation

<bruce_bailey> +1 to "wood metals"

continue discussion of Bronze, Silver, Gold options

<Rachael> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BjH_9iEr_JL8d7sE7BoQckmkpaDksKZiH7Q-RdDide4/edit#heading=h.r8n8wkp3rutl

<Chuck> +1 pre-populate option

<Zakim> JF, you wanted to ask about Option 5

This is what I mean by a process Maturity Model

<Zakim> Chuck, you wanted to ask that this will be an interesting conversation on Friday.

<kirkwood> 2nd that

<kirkwood> 3rd that ;)

<Wilco> +1000

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