Silver Task Force & Community Group

08 January 2021


AngelaAccessForAll, CharlesHall, Chuck, Francis_Storr, Jan, jeanne, Jemma, KimD, Lauriat, mgarrish, PeterKorn, Rachael, sajkaj, sarahhorton, shari, SuzanneT, SuzanneTaylor, uxjennifer
Bruce, David, Sukriti, Todd
jeanne, Shawn

Meeting minutes

<uxjennifer> +

update on publishing

<Chuck> https://github.com/w3c/transitions/issues/303

ca: Transition request for FPWD has been forwarded

ca: Track progress at above link

ca: Anticipating new issues emerging as a result of moving to FPWD; suggest time to discuss

Meeting schedule time changes for 2021

js: SSeveral requests to change time and day

js: Of course we eventually move to AGWG's Tuesday 11AM Bopston time

js: That puts Silver plus AGWG participants on the phone from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM Boston with a brief 30 minute break (perhaps)

js: But there's also the challenge of participation across North America, Europe, and Japan

js: Asking for discussion ... We will follow with a poll

<Jemma> It would be a good idea to have one meeting only.

js: So, for now, let's narrow down what's in the poll

<Chuck> janina: SInce we are heading to an 11am on tueday's in boston, how about same hour different day?

<PeterKorn> +1 to that idea

sj: Suggests 11AM Boston some other day of the week because we're going to that time on Tuesdays anyway

sl: Suggests a rotating time schedule

<Jan> Doesn't 11:00 a.m. Eastern put a burden on our Asia participants?

sl: Was original idea of two meetings at disparate times

<Zakim> Lauriat, you wanted to propose maybe a rotating time?

sl: Notes it could be a bit tricky to track what week

<Chuck> -0.0001

ca: Slight objection to rotating; perfers consistency

<Lauriat> +1 to not wanting to over-complicate things. :-)

ca: Prefers early in the day -- even though I'm Mountain Time!

<KimD> +1 I will not be able to meet at changing times.

rm: Suggests a non 11AM time to share the pain

<Jemma> It is 4:14am in Japan now.

sj: Notes a later day Boston time is problem for Europe

<CharlesHall> proposal: shorter meetings, more frequently, and distributed

js: Originally, we didn't have much Euro participation

<Lauriat> Note: we've also had periodic interest in Australia and I think India, so I don't want to completely discount other time zones, even if we focus on the current participants.

<Jan> It's 7:15 p.m in the UK right now.

js: Notes Friday Euro participation low for just that reason

<CharlesHall> and 4:15 in tokyo

pk: Given importance of Makoto's contribution suggesting 10AM Boston

<CharlesHall> additional proposal: take advantage of our W3C Slack community

Francis: Willing to do 6:30 Pacific to help with Makato

pk: 7AM would make biggish difference for me -- also have late meetings

ch: Shorter meetings, less frequently

ch: Suggests using slack

js: Please explain

ch: Allows nonsynchronous

js: How does that help as a substitute for a meeting?

ch: Not substitute, just another option

cl: Likes the idea of a recording one can audition asynchronously

sl: Sill not understanding what slack would contribute that we don't already have

<Zakim> Lauriat, you wanted to mention meeting minutes, resolutions, and summaries emailed out.

<KimD> +1 to SL - I think we're covered with email

ca: Also not opposed but don't understand the value add

<CharlesHall> we have that channel – #silver-wcag3

rm: A dedicated slack channel would aggregate text conversations; could keep audio recordings limited to participants

sj: asks about slack accessibility?

pk: disappointing

<CharlesHall> to that point, Slack is now owned by SalesForce

Jennifer: Suggests MS Teams ...

<CharlesHall> Slack has a dedicated accessibility team

js: Notes use of non sanctioned tools within W3C work is an issue

<CharlesHall> sorry, i have to drop :(

<Chuck> Janina: Issue is that there may not be much support difference with what Zoom provides.

sj: suggests similar to Zoom

pk: except that captioning is builtin; whereas on Zoom it's an add

<uxjennifer> Peter is correct. Zoom uses Otter.ai as the add-in to support captions & transcript

js: That could be a big advantage with hearing disabilities people

rm: Seeing better captioning and better screen reader integration in Teams

jennifer: Teams would be everything in one place; but con is everything on one platform

Jennifer: Would be willing to ask about Ms possibly donating for W3C use

<Jan> captioning abilities for zoom: https://www.washington.edu/accessibility/videos/zoom/

js: Suggests not just yet, but phps

js: We should simply check whether or not there's already conversation about Teams

kd: Likes much of the a11y support in Teams even though not usually an Ms fan

js: Let's get back to the when focus ...

js: There's also still the proposal to more times of shorter duration

<Chuck> janina: Issue with shorter meetings is setup and followup time that isn't helped by having a shorter meeting, and issues with meaty topics.

<Chuck> janina: And we didn't resolve the large topic.

<KimD> +1 - shorter meetings may be less effective

<shari> i agree with janina

sj: Notes setup and post actions aren't helped by more frequent shorter mtgs; and often we need time for discussion

dk: Rotating would not work for me; Keep Tuesday is best for me

dk: Really don't want to make it harder for Makoto

dk: Maybe a different day with the same Friday time might get more Euro participation

Susanne: +1 to same time as Friday and keeping Tuesday

<Chuck> janina: There's merrit to keeping tuesday and moving friday to another day, so that not eating into weekend.

<Chuck> janina: The only real choices are Thursday and Monday's, given that other days run into other calls.

<Jemma> just let you know that there are w3c ARIA and ARIA AT meetings on Thursdays.

<Jemma> mainly Thursday afternoon.

<KimD> +1 to Thursday at roughly this time (could be later too for me)

pk: More likely to have more conflict midday than at early 8AM Pacific

<PeterKorn> This time on another day is more likely to have periodic conflicts for me.

<PeterKorn> 8am PT / 11am ET or 9am PT / noon ET would be the best choice for me generally.

js: Looking at moving this meeting earlier; believe we have enough for a poll

<Jan> But - is the AGWG time out of bounds for Japan?

js: Please look for a link to the poll!

<PeterKorn> I need to drop now.

<PeterKorn> Thanks. Also Happy New Year.

<Chuck> not a lot from multiple people, but a huge amount from one person

Jennifer: Asks about our level of Asian participation? If not, would a friendlier time garner more participation?

js: It's always been an issue; mostly in support of Australia; but never a lot of additional participation

js: Makoto participates, even though it's 11:30PM for him

jennifer: wonders whether we tried for long enough?

js: for about a year

jennifer: OK

update on publishing

<Chuck> janina: Conformance group has added in scope out of scope and timeline data to the top of the wiki. That's captured in an email to the silver list and AGWG.

<Chuck> janina: I added a parenthetical to our scope statement.

<SuzanneTaylor> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XlT8IWlD9crki24ILyzbmQUjxZzl0Cv5jGa8m5gmQRo/edit?usp=sharing

susanne: Also did Errors; but currently in Google Doc

susanne: Expect something ready for hearbeat wd

js: Notes fpwd has more items covered, ie intellectual property, etc

js: updated working drafts are not the same level of attention

js: but always announced

js: Just not as many blogs and commentaries, etc

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