Browser Testing and Tools WG @ TPAC - Day 2

27 October 2020


(jodvarko in the invite), AutomatedTester, brwalder, cb, drousso, jgraham, jimevans, shengfa, simonstewart, whimboo
AutomatedTester, David Burns

Meeting minutes

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BiDi Bootstrap scripts


jgraham: before we start on that it might be worth noting that I raised an issue from yesterdays discussion issue 63

<jgraham> GitHub Topic: https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌webdriver-bidi/‌issues/‌65

brwalder: Bootstrap scripts execute as the first thing that is executed in a realm as it is created. It allows them to introspect the realm or setup the page for the items needed for testing
… in a bidi world it would be a good have a mechanism for bootstrapping scripts and send it back to local end
… there is a proposal that allows us to bootstrap a script assigned to a url pattern and when a pattern is matched it would inject the script on that realm
… and if we needed to inject it was on a realm ID it would create a race condition that we would like to avoid
… The script would allow you work on newly created realms
… [describing how a JS port and JS works in this context]
… the scenarios that this enables is listening for events on a page and send them from the bootstrap script to the local end
… and allows us to support items without having to specifically support items
… and we can have a scenario for handling JS errors and cause a test to end quicker

jgraham: Overall this is a good idea, and it's a powerful idea. I have had cases where webdriver has not be able to do this.
… there are a number of open questions and these are partly script execution and this feature
… is this only for scripts associated with documents only
… e.g. worklets could be very difficult
… The other item to wonder about is this executes before the page has loaded. DO we need to have guarantees around the shape of the document/DOM
… and are scripts sandboxed?
… A precedence for here are extensions
… The final thing is around the value communication issue. The message ports is ok but that only works with certain values
… and we should maybe model it like a DOM API?

brwalder: Should this work in a document or all realms? The proposal doesn't mention this just yet
… and this touches slightly on the discussion yesterday on how script execution works
… so yes we need to have more expressive pattern matching
… re: sandboxing there are cases where we want to be limited to the sandbox and sometimes we don't
… the proposal already handles this
… re: message port... if we are using message porting as specified won't work here. I think we need to have a way to do the serialisation better

simonstewart: I second the proposal on the serialization
… is the message port is just a 1-way comms?

brwalder: I missed mentioning this earlier, there would be a specific command for this

simonstewart: with worklets... they are supposed to be high performance... how will this impact this performance here?

jgraham: my thought is that we start by making this on JS Realms that are part of a Window global and then go to realms as the use cases present themselves

simonstewart: I can see people wanting workers and we can add as the need but worklets less likely
… though we can see about extensions in later versions of the specification

jgraham: yes, we can easily do that.
… so the question to implementors, are there any concerns in this area?
… and hopefully it will be like extensions

brwalder: this is certainly possibly... CDP has the bootstrapping but its for ALL realms
… and is possible

brrian: and in webkit it is possible

Resolution: brwalder to create a formal PR for this area.

jgraham: we want to make sure that this works with general script execution
… the open issues on general script execution are :
… a) how will this work on sandboxing
… b) what the API for comms will look like? Message Ports? DOM API?

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<jgraham> GitHub Bot: https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌webdriver-bidi/‌issues/‌43

Github topic: https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌webdriver-bidi/‌issues/‌43

jgraham: the point of this topic, is how should navigation in the bidi topic
… [reads from the comment in the issue]

simonstewart: From the comments in the issue, when the navigation starts it returns automatically and then people will need to listen for events
… I think that it would be good to have webdriver http reformulated to work ontop of bidi here.

brwalder: From reading the comments, I imagine this a command that doesnt return instantly and then listening for events
… so people want to use this then use the original page load strategies from webdriver http
… as doing it as instant return and listening for events is making things very complex for what should be thought of by users as simple
… and I agree with simonstewart here

simonstewart: I like the ability passing in the page load strategy

<mathiasbynens> +1 global state (setting a default page load strategy) is evil

jgraham: global state is evil and we should avoid it

brwalder: I wasn't thinkking of a global state but the client would be sending this per commande

jimevans: is there mileage in leveraging the DOM events, like puppeteer?
… It would be relatively easy for a client library to descript it's page load strategy based on DOM Events
… WebDriver HTTP kinda does this for it's page load strategy
… would allow clients to become opinionated in this way

simonstewart: brwalder highlighted that if you wanted to avoid the dance of setting things up correctly
… and that it would be a lot of work for clients

jgraham: my initial take is page load strategy does things simply
… and as whimboo will attest, navigation is full of edge cases
… [describes a use case]
… and we need to make sure that the load event matches where you're expecting
… and what does navigate return?
… in CDP you get a loader event
… I dont know if this is described in the platform

shengfa: I would like to comment on how CHromedriver does it
… there are loads of edge cases here
… we try keep track of all the frames
… and we look at frame start/stop loading events
… and checking readyState
… I don't know if we need to specify things better in bidi
… so do we want to expose the page loading strategy or all the events
… for exposing the events, we can specify the webdriver events
… or expose the events we think are relevant to the client
… and regarding the workflow, the navigation events would just ack and then listening for events
… and the navigation is just a "subscribe to these events" type call

brrian: from safari there are lot of junk in this area
… and people do want events
… and the happy path should look nicely to them
… and I don't want to be exposing the loaders to the clients
… and we should make sure that we solve the correct use cases

brwalder: It sounds like there are 2 legitimate paths for end users
… a happy path -> THe page just is loaded
… and the more exotic usecases and allow people to do more "advanced"
… and we can accept the page load strategy and we do "best case"
… and then provide an escape hatch and allow immediate return and listen for events
… and I think we should support both

jgraham: there is definitely a concensus on making sure th
… what WEbdriver http already does and then for what ee

… [describes CDP implementation]
… we should look into the feasibility that if you subscribe events to a navigation so that we know that things are tied back to the initial command
… and we don't want people to have to guess that an event came from the command... hopefully

simonstewart: one thing we forgot so far... if this coming from a Selenium cloud providers
… and it would be good to make sure that we dont send too much data back for those clients as we have 2 internets in the way

Resolution: Specify navigation taking a page load strategy parameter to match WebDriver HTTP and investigate the page load life cycle events and exposing those

github-bot: end topic


jgraham: One of the value add module proposals is a logging module
… we know that Selenium have asked this as a priority
… so it would be good get requirements

github topic: https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌webdriver-bidi/‌issues/‌45
… is this a good enough or do we need to extend it?
… do we need to get browser internal logs? Intermediary logs?
… and for clarification network logging is not part of this proposal and we can add it to a newer API

AutomatedTester: I have a few questions around this around filtering of logging as cloud providers could DDoS clients and then how granular is the data?

jgraham: the 2nd question : we allow people in the spec currently to handle this in browser context or realm
… and for the first question for this we don't have a mechanism for this at the moment?
… and we dont have a precendent in this area to learn from

AutomatedTester: I was thinking of the difference between console.log vs console.error and only getting the latter

jimevans: At a high level here that I hear from selenium users is
… they want to get console.log between 2 time points
… and if there are unhandled JS errors, notify me

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jimevans: at a less frequency is I want to get the performance logging that I see in my devtools console
… at a bare minimum we need to do the console logs and unhandled exceptions
… and I agree that there are concerns around chattiness
… from my experience of using CDP, those 2 things are similar to me
… it would be good to find out from a driver to get what logging they support
… and we need to agree on the general shape of the log entries

jgraham: The performance is in scope for the spec but not high priority
… since perf is browser specific... it's important but not low hanging fruit
… the main issue that I am hearing is what type of filtering is there

cb: from my experience implementing perf tooling it would be hard for us to spec
… it would be good to have the log entry to be more generic in where it's cominf from

simonstewart: this is bikeshedding. Having a logging module shouldnt be there. It should be on a JavaScript or Console module

<simonstewart> Or a `Console` module

simonstewart: and happy to take this bikeshedding to the proposal later

drousso: as a friendly warning there are always new console messages... and filtering should be done via an event
… this is how webinspector works

jgraham: luckly this is what is in the proposal but thank you for the warning on new items being added

Resolution: Take proposal in issue and turn into spec prose

github-bot: end topic

Putative modules

<simonstewart> https://‌github.com/‌SeleniumHQ/‌selenium/‌blob/‌trunk/‌java/‌client/‌src/‌org/‌openqa/‌selenium/‌devtools/‌idealized/‌Domains.java

simonstewart: In the selenium project we need to multiple CDP implementations in each of the Chromium Drivers
… and I have put the link above that shows this "idealised" API
… jimevans has correctly described the naming isn't the best but we are homing in
… and we need to think of ways of naming the modules so that they don't clash with CDP or webinspector

jgraham: In terms of implementing this in gecko, we agree it's an issue.
… we partial implementation of CDP
… and we want to reuse as much as possible for webdriver Bidi
… and we want make sure that we dont have a case where we are dancing around names that are obvious to use but can't use for CDP using it
… and we dont want anything that will make migration is hard
… and we dont want to also be super careful about how we name things

<simonstewart> https://‌trac.webkit.org/‌browser/‌webkit/‌trunk/‌Source/‌JavaScriptCore/‌inspector/‌protocol

simonstewart: a lot of the conversation is around CDP and I have put a link to JSC protocol
… it doesn't have the sprawl that CDP has but doesn't have all the things
… jgraham have you found a way to not clash and reuse

jgraham: it's a question in the air, we are currently discussing
… we see this a real problem. We know we can't always use reuse code but want to where possible
… we can see where we get. I want to make sure we don't get to a place where we can't use Console where it is the best name
… and I think from a Firefox point of view is that you can opt into a specific protocol
… I can see where people would want to make sure that they can use both protocols because implementations are not complete
… we need to make sure it's not too hacky either

simonstewart: as a concrete proposal we don't constrain ourselves and we just namespace it. That way we can have the name we want and then they get mapped internally to the correct place

<drousso> +1, we should use good names for the sake of good naming, not because something else already uses it

<jgraham> Also +1

brwalder: I was going to say what simonstewart said
… if we keep propietrary and bidi on separate sockets then things will be simple
… we shouldnt reuse the same channel
… [describes how we could do extension commands

Navigation during commands for WebDriver HTTP

<jgraham> fission == site isolation

whimboo: The Mozilla Fission project (site isolation) when are doing there are some unknown issues
… so when there is a click or actions
… and in execute script
… and when these things like happen what should we doing

jgraham: for clarity fission is site isolation
… so we want to know what to do if there a long running task and the page loads then the state could all be lost
… so should we store in the parent process or abort

whimboo: executescript is the worst as we inject the whole script so we don't know where it was when the actor is "flipped"

simonstewart: it depends... some commands needs to survive a new page
… but with actions we never wanted to support it and it's legitimate to error out to the user
… we may want store state around mouse and keyboard
… in execute script we should error because people are probably not expecting it
… but I think we need to go through the commands and do it case by case which I am happy to at a later stage

jgraham: I think this makes sense and we need to update the spec text
… and we may want to see how other implementations handle this
… if people are not aware of use cases then we can go have a look

<jgraham> RRSAgent: stop

Summary of resolutions

  1. brwalder to create a formal PR for this area.
  2. Specify navigation taking a page load strategy parameter to match WebDriver HTTP and investigate the page load life cycle events and exposing those
  3. Take proposal in issue and turn into spec prose
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