26 October 2020


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Meeting minutes

Title: Web Components


<zcorpan> Simon Pieters, Bocoup

ryosuke: any topic to discusss at this meeting?

<jensimmons> Jen Simmons, Apple

brian: can we do them in reverse order?

ryosuke: sure

Mason: also, we can talk is #45

<bkardell> https://‌docs.google.com/‌document/‌d/‌1tWvWBuPtQiJFhOEEfMiLtPZuxag1CV_tbTJHE187B_g/‌edit#heading=h.9ut5sja3keva

<leobalter> https://‌docs.google.com/‌document/‌d/‌1tWvWBuPtQiJFhOEEfMiLtPZuxag1CV_tbTJHE187B_g/‌edit#

<leobalter> You've got my by the hair, bkardell

SVG unknown element

Brian: SVG and MathML are both in HTML spec under embedded content

[Brian Kardell, Igalia]

Brian: they lack basic IDL definition until recently
… SVG has the concept of SVGUnknownElement
… Igalia would like to do the same for MathML
… both of those are interested in taking advantages of custom elements and ShadowDOM

Justin: this is related to do custom svg element in the future
… we've been working on a polyfill
… SVGUnknownElement is spec'ed out in SVG 2.0
… make it behave like a g element
… would be prefer to custom elements
… but nobody working on SVG anymore, and no implementation for SVG 2
… so I wanted to check in
… and if anybody knows what's going on

Tess: I agree with Justin. SVG is not high priority for implementers

Tess: SVG has 2 kinds
… SVG document as an XML doc
… and inline in HTML
… in the XML, it's obvious
… in the HTML, less obvious
… wouldn't you get HTMLUnknownElement?
… are you proposing to change the HTML parser?

Simon: when you have an SVG start tag
… so any unknown elements get the SVG namespace

Tess: so the only would be in the SVG space.

Simon: it would appear in the DOM inteface

Alex: wouldn't be a breaking change?

Simon: not aware of any

Brian: I agree it's not making changes to the parser
… worked for our prototype in MathML
… would be the same for SVG
… we are interested in SVG and are actively implementing
… so it's about going through custom elements and shadowDOM

Anne: Wouldn’t there be a change to the parser given that it introduces script execution at those points?

Simon: script execution doesn't really match what browser implementers
… we'd need to update the spec anyway to match implementation
… for the DOM interface, it's not a material change to the HTML parser
… script eexcution would need to change

Olli: list of possibilities or problems? like IDref?

Justin: there are several SVG issues in the webcomponents repo
… should we readjust them and/or open new ones?

Olli: having the big picture would be useful

Brian: is there any interest to do that?

Justin: it seems a big downside to the world at the moment. blocking use cases

<slightlyoff> +1 to making this possible

<Westbrook> +1 to making this possible

<bkardell> +1 to moving on - I thought it would actually be quicker than that :)

Ryosuke: let's move next topic. maybe best to open issues and track them

Justin: there are some issues open already

Ryosuke: have an umbrella issue

Scoped custom element registries

(Justin presents slides)

Justin: idea to create a registry, associate with shadowroot
… shadowdom is scoped to a registry or not

Justin: seems good consensus on the MVP
… some open question
… #895
… Upgrade Ordering

Justin: would be nice not have to walk the entire document but just a subtree

Rob: status on how this would interact with declarative shadowDOM?

Justin: still open question
… [quoting Ryosuke]

Ryosuke: what about constructors?
… not making constructors would be ok?
… there are some ways when we couldn't make it to work

Caridy: that case would be tricky, ie refactor hassle
… we focused on MVP
… there are some ideas for the future
… we wouldn't add more features unless people ask for them

?: if you register a constructor in the registry, what do you get if we're not supporting constructors?

Justin: you get the same constructor you passed to it
… in order to preserve backward compatibility, constructors are assumed to only work if they are in the global registry
… in the future, if we want it to work, it would have to be a different API call
… we want some kind of consistent behavior here

Caridy: yes, many holes there.

Ryosuke: in terms of solving this problem later.
… each constructor can only be register with at most one registry
… if we don't do that, we would forever close a path
… one way to have a proxy

Ryosuke: if we allow same object with multiple registration, I'm afraid of having an API that would prevent future solutions

Brian: so prevent the same constructor to be registered in different scope?

Ryosuke: right
… we could have a proxy or prevent multiple registrations

Brian: agreed

<caridy> Brian->Caridy

Justin: s/Brian:/Caridy/

Justin: image you have a class that is not registering in the global registry. if it gets used in an other package, the registry could fail

?: it feels like adopting Ryosuke doesn't prevent from changing in the future
… we can continue to work on this problem

Justin: the multi-actor hazard might be an issue
… this solves the constructor problem however
… I'm inclined to say that, with this solution, we would get callable constructor

?: I'm happy with that. we need to agree on the definition of MVP. is it small enough to try it out?

Ryosuke: let's wait on what to do until we get more feedback?

Justin: fine with this. newable constructor aren't that important. most things are created by createElement
… I'm fine with this restriction for now

Proposal: registration only accepts constructors that haven't been registered yet?

Justin: we should be able to merge my PR

<Rob> I don't think this combination of constraints is going to work.

Justin: and we can track that one decision separately

<Rob> I'

<Rob> I'd like to get a word in real quick.

Rob: if we have a situation with no inheritance and single registry, you'll have problems when you can't use the component
… eg a button

?: you would subclass the button

?: or proxy

<Westbrook> This means that is any of the code in your page uses scope then likely ALL code in your page needs to do this, which feels really forceful.

Justin: without subclassing, we don't have a way to introduce a constructor in a particular scope
… I'll open an issue on this

Ryosuke: can we agreement on restricting the registry?

Justin: fine with me

Next meeting

RyosukeL CSS script modules will be discussed in a different session

Caridi: what about the ordering issue?

Ryosuke: let's take it offline

Justin: I'll open separate issues
… after we merge the PR

<Rob> We need to keep discussing this issue of ctors in multiple registries.

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