Accessibility Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) Teleconference

25 Sep 2020


Laura, brentb, Sharron, eoncins, Kevin, Mark, KrisAnne, Estella, Jason, Hidde, Kenzo, Shadi, shawn, Daniel
Andrew, Greta, Vicki


<scribe> Scribe: Sharron

Icon set revisited

Brent: Links in the agenda and survey results

Shawn: General agreement on the main ones. A comment on the ear, will save for last. A comment also that the speech icon is stronger now

<shawn9> https://www.w3.org/WAI/teach-advocate/accessibility-icon-set#all

Shawn: the x and y were well supported with x a bit more so. My propsoals is to go with ear X

RESOLUTION: The group accepts ear X as the final choice

<kevin> +1 to Ear X

Sharron: +1

<MarkPalmer> +1

<eoncins> +1

<shawn9> +1

<brentb> +1

<hdv> +1

<Laura> +1

Shawn: great thanks, another minor comment is that the speech one was too strong compared to the others. Any suggestions Kenzo?

Sharron: What does that mean?

Shawn: The lines may be wider, etc

Kenzo: I did change the lines to be less wide and have created a new version. I have some concerns for when they are dispalyed in a very minimized format.
... Shares screen, shows all icons fit within 13 pixel radius. Beneath it, slightly smaller versions with the lines slightly thicker. When even smaller as they maight be inlien with text, they become much harder to discern. Suggestion is to create another batch with the icons filled in at least somewhat to make them easier to see.

Kevin: I think these are really good, not quite convincd about the filling in since it may not work for all of them
... But the larger ones are very good and greatly improved with the modifications to the speech one.

Shawn: Kenzo, I agree that the changes to the line were good for the speech icons.

Resoluton: Group accepts these as is for the regular size.

<MarkPalmer> +1

<shawn9> +1

<Laura> +1

<brentb> +1

<shadi> +1

<eoncins> +1

<kevin> +1

<krisannekinney> +1

Brent: Anything else on the icons?

ARIA Authoring Practices Guide

<brentb> https://www.w3.org/wiki/WAI/ARIA_APG_Redesign/

Brent: Let's review this page and consdier that we are working directly with the ARIA WG. Can open the TR style document that tis there now.
... we want to support them as they redesign it to make it more usable by the developers that it was intended for.
... will meet at TPAC and agree on a project plan and come away from the meeting with a work plan for moving forward. Today we are looking for acceptance of the intent to move forward on the collaboration.
... please review this to read though the Problem Statement and the Objectives. We can take a quick reading break.

<JasonMcKee> finished

<Laura> done

<eoncins> done

<krisannekinney> done

Brent: I will liaise with the group but not being a developer, I won't provide much technical input. Wanted to extend an invitation to participate in the Task Force as it forms.

<Daniel> +1 to Hidde's suggestion

Hidde: I am very interested as someone who advises developers and who develops training for them. Since the first rule of ARIA is not to use it unless absolutely necessary, can we think about renaming it to an Accessible Authoring Guide rather than ARIA in the title?

Shadi: I think the intention is in here for that. Matt's approach is pragmatic.

Brent: On October 15, we will discuss scope and approach and this can be added to that conversation.

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to mention first rule of ARIA maybe in sidebar

Shawn: We have to be reasonable at a phased approach and what we can and can't get done. Can point to other resources and/or put a note in the side bar.

Kevin: If you think about it as design patterns with ARIA being one approach, it is more useful.

<shadi> qq+

Brent: If the name changes slightly and doesn't talk about ARIA, developer may not look for it in the same way or may not choose it if they don't have ARIA in the name.

Kevin: Developers I know don't really know enough about it to be searching for it.

KrisAnne: Need to be able to find it in a million different ways and get the right information.

Daniel: I understand the need for a specific resource about ARIA bt this is our opportunity to chang the conversation, introduce underlying concepts, expose many different ways to solve accessibilty problems. It will be important to desgin a good roadmap, Make sure to point developers to more useful resource.

Laura: I agree with Hidde and to address Brents concerns we can use metadata to get people to this resource.

<Zakim> shadi, you wanted to react to brentb

<shawn9> [ these are things we can discuss in the 15 October meeting with Matt and all ]

Shadi: This is trying to channel Matt, I am pretty sure this is aligned with his intent. Authoring Guide has a desing pattern section. The idea is to integrate the patterns with the tutorials. Wanted to soothe people's fears that it is something to be addressed.

<Laura> I'd be happy tp be involved too.

Kevin: The abuse of ARIA is something I see so often, it is everywhere. So this resource is one of my favorites and I point people here again and again, so glad we are updating and making this superb resource more widely avaialble. I would be happy to participate probably just a bit.

<shawn9> Sharron: the first conversation with Matt, was very much teh idea of make a place where developers can come and get all the resources (beyond ARIA)

<JasonMcKee> i need to jump on another call but it was great seeing you all this morning!

<shawn9> ... bring all developer resources into one place

Shawn: Think about what we are doing both in the long and short term. So phase 1 may be just to get the ARIA Authoring Guide into the WAI site in an easier to use format. Then that shouldn't have a broader name than ARIA. The broader name only once the content is broader.

Shadi: The phase 3 rebranding comes near the end so I agree Shawn.

Laura: I ma happy as well to participate.

Brent: Those of you who can contribute are welcome to attend the Oct 15 meeting where we will also talk about Scope, Audience, etc
... anything people want to introduce or other final comments on this?

Shadi: I think the AGWG should be listed as a stakeholder in this project. At least kept informed even though their plate is quite full now.

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to note everyone invited to 15 October meeting. who wants to be on the mailing list for this work?

Shawn: Will run it like the Curricula, a TF with a mailing list specific to that work. Anyone else want to be kept informed in that way?

<eoncins> I am also happy to keep an eye

<shawn9> mailing list: Kevin, Laura, Hidde, Shadi, Brent, Daniel, Kris Anne, Estella

Daniel: Not sure how much I can contribute, but would like to stay informed.

KrisAnne: You can add me to the mailing list

Mark: I will stay on the mailing list

Estella: On the mailing list as well

Shawn: EO will get periodic updates in any case, the TF mailing list will get more nitty gritty info

Brent: Great interest and engagement, thanks all

Work for this Week

Brent: Please plan time for an extensive curriculum review - Monkey Reiew is coming up.

Daniel: We will launch the survey early next week and it will be open for two weeks. There are 6 modules to review, in June we reveiwed the first 3 and have not yet seen the last 3, may want to start there.

Brent: Want to make sure that you provide plenty of time for that review. As well, we have a review of the requirements for the How PWD Use Web. That survey is open, please review and respond.

Current EO work

<brentb> https://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/EOWG_Current_Projects#Current_Work

Shawn: One of the things I need to do is review resources that we will be bringing for review. Wanted to introcude to those who were not famliar but don't see any of the new people here. So taking a quick look, there is nothing new to this group but if you have any questions about any of them, let us know.
... no need to review based on who is here

Brent: Shawn does such a good job keeping this current, it is a good place to revisit. Thanks you Shawn.
... anything to share?

Kevin: The September 23 date was the date at which all exisiting government web sites had to meet WCAG.

<scribe> ...new sites had to meet requirements last year.

Kevin: Scottich government said WAI resources were invaluable to educate people. The skills gap is massive. WAI reources lead people by the hand into better understanding.

Sharron: Yes and you have to be careful not to put people directly into the standards that make them cross their eyes and run screaming

Laura: I agree with Kevin. People think they know things that they really misunderstand. The WAI resources are so useful in addressing that.

<shawn9> [ Shawn is working on more translations of WAI resources! ]

Estella: How do I fix this? An issue is also linguistic since like the Scottish government we have issue with people understanding but they must understand in their own language. And there are cultural consdierations as well.

Daniel: When people approach accessibility issues in government, is it true that user journeys are becoming more important to planners and decision makers?

Kevin: Not os much since most are informational rather than transactional.
... they look at compliance.Trying to get them aware of user experince.

Mark: My experince is that there is now an appitite for it. We do Social Security benefits accessibility is much needed. But the appitite for it is not the same as the skills for it.

Shawn: Happy Birthday Shadi!!

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Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. The group accepts ear X as the final choice
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