Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

23 Sep 2020


paul_grenier_, irfan, sajkaj, Joshue_, NeilS_, mhakkinen
Steve, Dee, Neil, Roy


<scribe> Scribe: Irfan

Agenda Review & Announcements

paul: no announcement


janina: Josh has joined the call who edited the video. Need to figure out how to wrap up this video

don't think Intro is correct. People may get confused about the info in intro. some samples are brilliant.

Markku: I did it in last segment. Its too long. I was hoping to show something like wikipedia page with some mis-pronunciation to make points.

and then using something like TextHelp to solve these problems

Janina: If we do one example in Intro, it will work.

Neil: I pulled a wikipedia chemistry page in one of the sprint with so many mis-pronunciation, which could be a great example

<paul_grenier_> https://github.com/diagram-codesprint/SSMLinHTMLproposal

Markku: Let me take that action item from diagram and wikipedia content. I will have demo using speech help that solves the problem

Janina: sounds good to me

Josh: stuff that Mark sent was good. It was really clear with some confusion for cure.

Janina: Its not just that we are getting little video clip from mark, we mey need some SSML on screen along with that

Neil: If you use tool, it will be right there within the tool

Mark: I am blocking some time this afternoon and you will have it tomorrow morning.

Peter: do we need to do all the examples such as reading..

Mark: we just need one example
... I want to pull alexa skills put-together to show some pronunciation issues and make it public.

SInce Peter has these examples and have gitHUb repo that Irfan and Neil did it in the past, Can we have it on our Task Force page?

Janina: Its a good idea

Paul: sounds like we need an example page on wiki

Janina: tools and example

Paul: I can take them on. People can send the examples to me and I will put them together

Github Issues


Paul: I will create an issue in our gitHub and link to this issue.

we can build our conversation around that

One of the goals is to close out some of the issues

we can take bottom to up approach


Paul: aria is no longer with our current proposal so we are closing it now


needed info adopted into docs, closing this issue


Paul: needed info adopted into docs, closing this issue as well


Paul: Is this something that we can close.

Janina: Its interesting but dont think we need to do anything specific on this.

Paul: closing it out.


Paul: addressing concerns and closing it out


I think we did something like this in explainer and addressed this issue.


we have already adjusted it.


already done


could be part of horizontal review

Is it something that we can hold on to specification date?

<paul_grenier_> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/issues/57

Markku: Let me take a look into it.

We can leave it open and I can leave a comment and tag makoto to ask some questions.


we have moved away from ruby implementation. We should just close it

Markku: no objection to close it.


Paul: this is general structure question that we already have addressed

Peter: https://demos.learnosity.com/partners/texthelp.php
Item 1 - emphasis
Item 2 - Brisbane
Item 4- bottom table acronyms for AU

Other Business

janina: making progress to schedule meetings with various groups.

some chairs are willing to meet us. those conversations are going on. will have updates by next week.

Markku: will have presentation working and update gitHub repo



Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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        <scribe> janina: Josh has joined the call who edited the video. Need to figure out how to wrap up this video

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