16 Sep 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Daniel_Peintner, Taki_Kamiya, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Michael_Koster, Victor_Charpenay, Michael_McCool
sebastian, kaz


<kaz> scribenick: sebastian


overview TPAC, check PRs, etc.

Prev minutes

<kaz> Sep-9

objection bring minutes from Sep-9 to public mailing list?

no objection


Sebastian: good to meet with JSON-LD WG

<kaz> Issues related to JSON-LD

got response from the JSON-LD group that they are open for a joint meeting

ask Kaz to setup a doodle poll for find a good time slot for the joint meeting

<scribe> ACTION: Kaz will setup a doodle poll for JSON-LD

shall we meet other groups?

Kaz: how about LBD Group?

Sebastian: we can possibly invite them to our usual calls or could invite them to TPAC too

Kaz: the agenda for TPAC already quite full

Maybe we should invite them after TPAC

Daniel: there is also Spatial Data on the Web IG

are the active?

Kaz: yes

<dape> https://www.w3.org/2017/sdwig/

is this the group that defined SSN?

Daniel: yes

Kaz: to be strict, the SSN spec was generated by the former WG, and now they're working on the SSN best practices
... note their charter gets expiered end of Sept, need to get extended

<kaz> Spatial Data on the Web IG Charter

Collect topics for the vf2f

so far: dynamic TD, Thing Model, component approach for TD

Ege: I like to talk about the System Description

System Description provides opportunity to define the order and logic which action as example has to executed

Ege: there are simple and complex versions

Kaz: is this similar to SCXML which handles state transition with time synchronization?

<inserted> SCXML standard

Ege: is quite similar to SCXML, but the System Description can provide more dependencies

<Ege> https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/9191677

Ege: similar what Victor has presented

<Ege> https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/8524065

<Ege> For the second one, the publicly available pdf: http://egekorkan.com/assets/pdfs/2018-FDL-SequentialBehavioralModelingforScalableIoTDevicesandSystems.pdf

are there more topics?

lets talk this again next week

PR checks

PR 951

PR cannot merged since McCool should check the changes

PR 914

is merged

<kaz> PR 924

<inserted> scribenick: kaz

Sebastian: would like to wait a bit and ask Victor to see the possible impacts

PR 937

<McCool> (note: I will join second half of TD call, and I hope we can look again at the oauth-flow PR)

(Victor joins)

PR 937 revisited

PR 937

Issue 915

Victor: will add necessary updates directly to the branch of PR 937

PR 945

Sebastian: mentions PR 945 within PR 937

PR 951 revisited

PR 951

McCool: OK with merging this PR but probably need some more updates

Victor: would like McCool to review this PR again...

McCool: can review it but swamped today, so maybe tomorrow
... another related point is OAuth
... index.html has much content on OAuth updates

Victor: think that is the only possible conflict from my viewpoint

Sebastian: McCool, please review this PR 951 again then

McCool: ok
... if no problem, I myself can merge this PR

Sebastian: ok
... any objections?


PR 961

PR 961

Sebastian: how to handle geolocation metadata?
... adding several resources by this PR

McCool: here you're saying the name itself is defined by schema.org?
... this example doesn't really capture the need by the use cases

Victor: might be make sense to think about a Note?

Sebastian: would propose restructuring the sementic annotation section

McCool: what semantic search good for is the question
... have discussion during the PlugFest calls as well
... collecting use cases and examples is needed
... we need to look into some concrete examples

Kaz: +1

McCool: and then clarify some guidelines

Victor: when would be the upcoming PlugFest?

McCool: during the week of September 28

Sebastian: note that this was originally from Michael Lagally
... for location-based services
... would suggest we wait until the PlugFest is done

McCool: OK with merging this PR itself but need to continue the discussion

Kaz: also OK with multiple iterations for this point
... so we can merge this PR itself but we need to continue the discussion based on some concrete examples based on some concrete use cases

Victor: thought there was some example

Sebastian: would merge this PR 961 itself and add an Editor's note

Ege: need some example on the interaction level
... also position level

<McCool> +1

Ege: IoT longitude, etc.

Cristiano: +1
... also agree with Michael to have some good use case

<victor> untile I describe the dataset further on the PlugFest's readme, here is a link to it: https://www.vcharpenay.link/talks/td-sem-interop.html

Sebastian: adding some property to get geolocation information

Kaz: and we should continue the discussion on that kind of detail based on some concrete use case :)

Sebastian: (summarizes the points within a comment for PR 961)

Sebastian's comment

PR 960

PR 960

Daniel: (explains)
... add unsubscribeevent to the default list and notes

Cristiano: added a comment

Cristiano's comment

Cristiano: An implementation might infer that to unobserveproperty it needs to unsubscribe from mqtt://wot.example.com/levelevent topic.
... example of MQTT there

Koster: only information needed is location here

Cristiano: yes

Koster: this is sort of simplification
... if you have multiple forms for subscibe, would be more complicated
... need to see the use cases

Kaz: yeah, we need some concrete use case about that
... might want to have a smarter mechanism to handle system integration like Ege's mentioned System Description

Daniel: any possible impacts?
... not sure if this is a breaking change

Cristiano: the note it self is ok but need to think about the detail

Sebastian: should postpone till next week?

Daniel: ok

Cristiano: ok

Remaining security PRs

Sebastian: depending on the rendering PR (951)?

McCool: yes

Sebastian: should postpone till next week then?

McCool: yes

PR 938

PR 938

Sebastian: examples are already using this...
... "Thing Template" is used within the TD spec

TD spec

McCool: have you fixed all the "TD Template" to "TD Model"?

Sebastian: this is the REC version
... and this PR updates all the "TD Template" within the Editor's draft
... we might want to think about the possibility of making the "Thing Model" as a separate spec in the long term

McCool: would object at least in short term
... would use the same content type as TD?

Sebastian: not sure at the moment
... what framework would we use?
... it's still unclear

McCool: possibly similar to link type?

Sebastian: would everybody to review this PR 938
... maybe we can make a decision next week


Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Kaz will setup a doodle poll for JSON-LD

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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