16 Sep 2020


scott_h, nicolocarp, joconnor, SteveNoble


<scott_h> chair: Scott_h

<scott_h> Clear agenda

<scott_h> chair: scott_h

<scribe> scribe: joconnor

Accessibility of Remote Meetings wiki https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/task-forces/research-questions/wiki/Accessibility_of_Remote_Meetings

Scott Hollier introduction as co-facilitator

SH: Anyone else on call?

SN: I'm here

and Nicolo

SH: I've taken over as co-facilitator in Jasons absence.

JS: Jasons situation is hopeful

<describes situation>

SH: That would be great if he is back soon.

XAUR publication update

JS: The news on XAUR is that we are waiting on Michael.

JOC: Notes Geek week

JS: Notes, JBs timeline lapsed.

JB: Michael is under pressure right now.

I've also two major funding things on the go.

JS: Josh has it queued up well

JOC: Just to update you that the live sessions on this are starting today


JS: I may duck in and out.

I am intersted in that predigested presentations, that we should have multimedia resources ourselves

We could post Lisa and Nicolos presentation to RQTF space.

SH: +1 to that.

JB: What steps Janina?

JS: We need to mint URLS.
... I will touch base with Michael.

JB: W3C resources should be under the persistence principle.

So check with Dom - URLs should be

JB: May be a question for Josh

Thanks for link to COGA presentation


JB: What are the goals?

JOC: </gives update on his thinking on ML>

JB: We need this in the majority of areas of WAIs work.
... Am most keen about supporting automation of evaluation and generation of accessible content.

But there is scope of ML to advance A11y

JS: +1 to Judy this would be very useful for evaluation (Funtional Outcomes and Methods etc)

If we can do that better using ML that would move things forward.

SH: Anything else on this?

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to express a long term WCAG hope for ML

JB: Invites people to look at the part of the doc that is least settled

JS: I did read it..

top to bottom - there are things that can be fixed in RAUR for example

There are other things that would be good for EO

I think this is an EO doc.

A multimedia one would be great.

SH: DO you mean seperate the user needs stuff off to RAUR.. and the informational stuff to EO?

JS: Yes.

JB: EO may not be keen on this.

JS: My argument is that it could be worked in, and that need is not going away.

Virtual meetings are not going away

Airlines are slammed till 2028!

JB: My understanding is to shift to hybrid mode.

Apart from moving some stuff to RAUR and some to EO..

there are other bits such as conversations with vid conferencing vendors etc

We need to approach this gently.

SH: It comes down to working out how to progress this.

There is interest in remote meetings.

There are education, work and other opportunities for PwDs

A path could be to pull the doc apart and find homes for them.

We can try to extract and provide cohesive guidance

JB: We all agree but do people want to use this meeting as a work session?

JS: Don't mind, but there is the point on media synchronisation

JB: Wasnt expecting this today

+1 to doing it another day

SH: Lets wait for a couple of weeks

JS: I have nothing to report other than a ticking clock

SH: I found little more than what Steve N has shared

SN: I sent something, links IIRC

SH: Its a good list.

SN: All Media Sync IIRC

Don' think a lot of the research has a disability angle.

I can look in the faculty DB

SN: <Gives overview of issues outside a certain range of time>

I need to include these in our wiki

JS: Two questions - that list, can we share this with Timed Text?

And say we are looking at this..

We found that this a mainstream issue.

We are looking if there are different hints etc..

We will want to have a view of what they need to support in what gets standardised

SN: Some items have a direct connection..

<gives examples - some Human Factors are referenced>

<some deal with print disabled users etc>

SN: Will look more.

JS: This would be an exploratory meeting.

So we can figure out what is possible.

SH: You have notes to share?

JS: Yes, around meeting acceptance.

SH: I can help Steve - great progress made.

JB: is surprised there is not more research on this.

SN: There is a tree with related items

JB: we need to make sure we are using the correct terms.

SH: Yes, agreed. I was surprised also.

JB: I will make some queries.

SH: Anything else?

JS: I'll find a link.

<janina> https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/htmlembed?src=c_0qf6nepl12m1b0r8qlgtgdaqog@group.calendar.google.com&amp;ctz=America/New_York

JS: This is the APA TPAC calendar

<Judy> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/task-forces/research-questions/wiki/Accessibility_of_Remote_Meetings#only_partially_integrated_so_far

SH: Moves agenda..

JB: PLease look at first bullet..

Pin - being able to add a static view of speaker who is doing ASL etc that is agnostic to either gallery or screen share views.

Some content may need to be viewed in a larger window.

You may need a captioning video also..

These may be multiple ones - that can be pinned.

It can be hard to find the clients controls - so poor usability often

The point of regard shouldn't vary too much.

We need to refine the guidance

Could be a need for techniques etc

Issues with host control, user awareness - and messaging.

SH: There is a related one - for deaf and hearing impaired users..

Not being able to record meeting with a view of this

JOC: That sounds like an RTC RAUR thing

JS: I suggest we work Judys first example with i18n

Probably more common in EU.

JS: We could talk with them at TPAC?

Theres an issue of prioritisation.

JS: We dont want to work at cross purposes

JOC: Just to add +1 to Scotts issue on pinning recorded views as a new use case in RAUR

trackbot, end meeting

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