Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

09 Sep 2020


paul_grenier, Irfan, Roy, SteveNoble_, NeilS, mhakkinen


<paul_grenier> zakim clean agenda

<scribe> scribe: Irfan

Agenda Review & Announcements

<paul_grenier> TPAC registration https://www.w3.org/2020/10/TPAC/registration.html

<paul_grenier> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/wiki/Timeline

pg: announcement for T-Pac registration. we have some work to do before tpac. also, we need to work on the timeline which was up this morning.

Updating the Explainer

pg: Peter Ramsdell offered to provide some examples. Anyone else can also provide if any?

Irfan will followup with Peter offline to get that info.

<paul_grenier> https://github.com/diagram-codesprint/SSMLinHTMLproposal

Neil: examples for benatech sprint could be useful.

you could use content from any site and select the content.

pg: need examples from Peter for demo.

Peter: I will get it done this week by Friday.

<mhakkinen> +q

janina: dont need to be too long. choosing the right span of stuff. we do not need whole chapter.

PG: few paragraphs should work.

mh: several years ago, at CSUN, I put some chemistry examples with Cary supalo. going to put them in github.

could we create a folder in github to add all the examples

some of the real world examples from our organization would be helpful. I can put these examples and you can setup a index page with all these examples

peter: we have some ditor running with pause and other properties, can put it.

mh: adding a video of shoring how it could be authored will be helpful.

janina: personalization taskforce has some useful examples as well that can be added.

we have add immense success with that. we can wrap it up into 2-3 video using alexa skills which could be extremely helpful to layout the plan. Videos are very persuasive.

Mapping the Accessibility APIs


pg: we have explainer and gap-analysis. but demo should be shared with various groups. perhaps a video demo.

looking for volunteers who could help

Janina: Josh O'conner happens to be trained audio engineer. he also does basic video and agreed to work with us. we all get on in zom call with him and share screen. he gets the stuff and create the end product with script which will introduce the script. we propose two candidate approaches. summarize why it is requied and wrap it up.

mh: will be happy to work on the script. whats the length of the video

janina: 3 minutes

we can use it for all the demo purpose. we can refer it from our wiki.

it remains a resource.

Mapping the Accessibility APIs

pg: one of the technical bit with two different approach. what is going to be process in terms of bridging the gap with a11y mapping.

irfan: we can wait to discuss it until tpac. we can talk about it when we finalize our approach

pg: if anyone knows if voicepack needs to updated?

mh: on macOS platform we have native voices which supports subset but not ssml.
... there are additional voices such is ivona which natively supports ssml. its up to AT vendors to look at this requirement to support ssml.

that is something worth putting down in writing in explainer document. I will add this info in epxlainer.

mh: I will that in github

janina: what about google tts

ar: I have done that with no good experience

janina: this may be additional conversation at tpac.

mh: its a virtual meeting and need to find someone from google to talk about it.

ar: I am down with browser support of ssml. I am pro with that approach

eventually all the browsers will support it.

mh: all the browsers are chromium except safari

Other Business

hear none

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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