WoT PlugFest/Testing

26 Aug 2020


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Kunihiko_Toumura, Tomoaki_Mizushima
Sebastian, Daniel


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Previous minutes

<kaz> Aug-19

McCool: any objection to publish the minutes?
... ok approved

TPAC breakout

McCool: we have a general WoT video, the question is what to display in the Breakout
... we may have more time there ~1h
... we need a clear explanation and show case. we can submit a long video with contributions from a bunch of people
... we can relay on the plug fest to collect those contributions
... to go forward I think it is better to create an issue in the marketing repo

Cristiano: what will be the content of those videos?

McCool: typically, people show what they are working on. Voiceover may be fine if you are working on something abstract. For example a directory service

Cristiano: the challenge here is consistency. people will provide different video types and style

McCool: we can deal with it using regulations like time limits, one single voice over etc.

Kaz: also we can create basic guidelines

McCool: like for example use WoT template slide

Kaz: we can split the video into different parts. Usually, during our physical PlugFests, we have different tables where people talk about their demos
... we may group them for some specific use case

McCool: we can make individual pieces and then make a logical sequence between those.

Kaz: I suggest we make an introduction section (by McCool and/or Sebastian).
... also a conclusion section

McCool: they probably overlap heavily with the 3 minute video that we already have.
... I'm referring to the explainer video.

Kaz: explainer video should be renamed introduction video

McCool: right
... I'll create a folder to jumpstart the contributions.

Kaz: I've been working with a video editor application called "Shotcut". Maybe we can use that kind of video editing software for this purpose. (am happy to help :)

McCool: please check also the rights of background music if you use it

Kaz: maybe we can try to create a WoT song ourselves :)


<kaz> Issue 47

McCool: issue 47 we have some feedback from Koster
... we should have a SPARQL capable directory
... we can define a geolocation rdf file
... also I'd like to improve node-red integration with the ability to group objects by their capabilities
... the first problem is to create the annotated TDs
... they should be ready before the PlugFest
... we can reuse what we already have
... however the codebase is pretty old
... In general we do not have a large amount of TDs

<kaz> TDs for PlugFest in June, 2020

Cristiano: can we create a script to convert old TDs?

McCool: they are not many we can probably to it manually.
... the point is that we need to start collecting TDs as early as possible
... also they should be associated with a working system
... however for semantic search we can probably get away with TDs that are not online
... I can create an issue about collecting TDs

Cristiano: it might be nice to have an automated action to check if a PR contains a not valid TD

McCool: I have a script. I plan to use it offline (i.e. not from Github)

<kaz> https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing/tree/master/events/plugfest

Kaz: next step should be asking people to volunteer

McCool: yes, if you have TDs you are welcomed to fill a PR

Kaz: it would be nice if we could reuse the old TDs for the latest spec


McCool: any news about VPN?

Tomoura: the server is working

McCool: ok so everything it working as before
... there still a bunch of things that I have to fill to make it works better
... Toumura did you test the client also?

Toumura: yes, I tested one client

McCool: next step is to connect a second client and see if they communicate
... in the next Discovery call I plan to talk more about SPARQL scenarios
... ok, we are done

<kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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