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25 Aug 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Daniel_Peintner, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool, Cristiano_Aguzzi


<kaz> scribenick: cris

Previous minutes

<kaz> Jul-30

McCool: any news from Coralie?

Kaz: we need to wait

McCool: should be publish the minutes?
... ok minutes approved

TPAC vF2F video

McCool: we have already an explainer video, we could use that one (maybe a little bit edited)

Kaz: ok, seems reasonable

Daniel: is the explainer video ready for September 21st?

McCool: well we have set the deadline for the middle of September, we can do it
... another option is to create a PowerPoint presentation and do a voice over

Kaz: we can also have a brief tutorial on WoT using zoom or webex

McCool: I think the propose here is to explain what WoT is
... rather than a tutorial

Kaz: Explainer video might be sufficient but if not, recording a brief description on WoT using zoom is a possible fallback.

Explainer video

Animator's comments (Member-only)

McCool: the animator answered with a bunch of points
... the animator is suggesting to change winemaker to a fruit/vegetable producer
... is anybody have any objection?
... ok
... another point is to make scene 4 less specific
... i.e. remove the address
... on scene 6 is not going to do pronunciation specification
... do we have the source files of the logos in scene 6?

Daniel: maybe they were made by Christian

McCool: the source it is useful so that we can spare some money then we have to check licensing problems

Kaz: we should think more about the accessibility

McCool: we already talk about this with the animator
... i.e. he will use another color scheme
... we will send the slides to the animator and in the worst case we'll ask him to draw them
... I already sent the new logo
... in scene 7 we need some code
... we need an example of node-wot
... better if it is related to agriculture
... also we need a TD
... can someone provide it? daniel?

Daniel: if I have a TD I may create a simple code snippet that use it

McCool: let's see which TDs we have in the wot-testing repo
... can you create something from scratch?
... we will have a fake ui with just a graph showing some temperature samples

Cristiano: I can help here

Daniel: sure I'll share the first draft to you and then we can improve it

McCool: when you have finished please ping directly the animator
... can you also send the powerpoint?

Daniel: I have to first talk with christian, but then sure

McCool: in scene 10 the animator said that they are going to read the sentence instead of staying silent
... I think it is ok
... do we agree to use this version of the logo (showing the new logo)?

Cristiano: ok for me

McCool: I also add Sebastian to the animator's answer
... I put the answer on Github

<Zakim> kaz, you wanted to suggest we add the W3C logo in the WoT welcome page

Kaz: I wanted to talk about the W3C logo mainly for the WoT Welcome page, but probably we should include the W3C logo into the explainer video as well.

<dape> https://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/logo-usage-20000308

McCool: ok we'll use also the w3c logo and after that we'll show the WoT logo

<McCool> McCool's summarize responses to the animator

<McCool> Animator's questions

McCool: ok we are done here
... I am sending the answer to the animator
... any objection?

<inserted> (no objections)

McCool: ok, sent

Tutorials and videos

McCool: part of the video shows the developer looking for WoT tutorials and videos

<dape> http://www.thingweb.io/videos.html

<dape> http://www.thingweb.io/hands-on.html

McCool: I know we have some node-wot stuff
... we also have a node-red video
... any update about this?

<dape> https://w3c.github.io/wot-marketing/developers/

Cristiano: I started working on wam video

McCool: I think consistency would help a lot
... for example ending with the same slide
... and also it is better to follow the template

Daniel: we have a developers page on the WoT site
... there is some links to the material we have collected

McCool: I'd like to see a list of tutorials
... it might be better to have a dedicated section about tutorials

Daniel: I think it is better to add this to the site and not to Github

McCool: we can use Github as a staging/planning area then we can add things to the site itself

Kaz: Toumura-san made some video about node-red and node-gen

Toumura: actually it was mainly for node-gen

<kaz> Toumura-san's video

McCool: I think it is better to focus on node-red (in the title)
... is it ok?

Toumura: ok

McCool: about thing description, daniel maybe you can create a tutorial
... I have same material too
... it does not be complicated a voice over with powerpoint slide should be fine

Cristiano: what is the working process?

McCool: this is a staging area where we collect raw material and then it can be refined
... we should also add a dedicated page on the site. I propose to rename developers tools to developer resources
... and add a tutorial section
... tutorial should be the first thing
... also I'd use the word tutorials in the short description

<dape> https://danielpeintner.github.io/wot-marketing/developers/

McCool: do we need to create an issue?

Daniel: we are already working on that page, we may add this feedback

McCool: again tutorials should be the first thing

Daniel: yeah I agree

McCool: I'd also change the Getting Started page to Documentation
... I am creating an issue with this feedback

<McCool> https://github.com/w3c/wot-marketing/issues/79

McCool: Ok let's close the meeting

Kaz: the w3c logo is missing in some places, should I create an issue about this?

McCool: please go ahead

McCool: the presentation template should also has the W3C logo

<kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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