MiniApp Virtual Meeting 2020, July 30 - 31

🌱 A virtual event with pre-recorded talks and interactive sessions

🌱 Meeting Minutes are available online [1][2].

Pre-recorded talks

Attendees need to view this content before the live sessions on 30 and 31 July, and may submit questions via GitHub in advance of the live discussion.

Captions in English and Chinese are available on the videos (click '[cc]').

See Project Fugu online document.


See miniapp-videos for a few demo videos.


MiniApp is gaining more and more popularities in Asian countries such as China. To enhance the interoperability between different MiniApp platforms (AKA the super application or host application), main stream MiniApp vendors has been working together in W3C Chinese Web Interest Group since May 2019 and published MiniApp Standardization White Paper in September 2019 as the initial standardization exploration for MiniApp technologies.

As more global companies get interested in joining the MiniApp related discussion, the MiniApp Ecosystem Community Group (MiniApps CG) was launched during TPAC2019 so that global Web community can join the discussion.

The MiniApps CG has already incubated the following proposals for MiniApp features:

Along with the progressive discussion in MiniApps CG, the group participants recently reached a consensus of driving a corresponding Working Group to produce REC-track specifications that facilitate the development of interoperable and robust MiniApps. A draft charter for a new MiniApps Working Group is currently under development.

See the MiniApps FAQ for a list of frequently asked questions.

What is W3C?

W3C is a voluntary standards consortium that convenes organizations and communities to help structure productive discussions around existing and emerging technologies, and offers a Royalty-Free patent framework for Web Recommendations. W3C develops work based on the priorities of our members and our community.