Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

25 Mar 2020


Irfan, paul_grenier, mhakkinen, janina, Sam, Roy_


janina: MIT has acquired an educational license for Zoom, which W3C will also be using. We can stay in Webex, but most every other group is moving to Zoom. It is an option for us? Should we migrate?

<paul_grenier> I vote zoom

<Christine> yes

<Irfan> +1

janina: Zoom is significantly more accessible than Webex. Any comments?

+1 to moving to Zoom

<paulbohman> I like zoom

<Sam> +1

janina: hearing nothing to the contrary, we will move to Zoom. Michael Cooper will set up for our next meeting.

irfan: publication announcement was on march 10 on w3.org

<Roy_> https://www.w3.org/WAI/

roy: announcement on WAI website is still pending. Roy will check with her. Roy will also make a presentation to the W3C publication team.

irfan: roy will handle this.

janina: need to talk to wicg about it.

correction from Janina, WICG (not WCAG).

<Irfan> scribe: Mark

janina: message to WICG is that we attempted to design this for mainstream applications. Unique emphasis for WICG is that we are doing this for accessibility but it is like a curb cut with mainstream application.
... this would also mean that we would be participating in the WICG conversations on this topic.

irfan: as Leonie is not here, we can't take up the CSS topic.

janina: From APA meeting Leonie thought there would be room for two specs, and different uses cases. Also the move of CSS Speech to Note status was a mistake.
... important to understand what the different use cases are.

irfan: there will be a separate coordination call to discuss CSS Speech tomorrow

roy: harmonize CSS speech and our work. Michael and Janina will talk about this

janina: reasonable question is to ask who is driving the CSS Speech work.

paul: if we do end up with a css group and our group, with parallel and overlapping work?

<Irfan> janina- we probably need an elevator version.

<Irfan> Mark: what I see is that combining two efforts are interesting. identifying what is missing in css could be challenging. surely can look the synergy between both the teams

<Irfan> paulG: it more apparent that SSML has all our cases covered, css not.

paulG: ssml has all over requirements covered, and css does not. SSML has broad adoption by voice assistants, and TTS engines.
... there isn;t complete access to CSS from javascript. No clear CSS Object model access from scripting. More work for the developer... technically more difficult.

paulb: if css had this capability, would it be a good place to put it?

paulg: reuse of speech properties would be a great feature to add.

Irfan: should we go ahead with this work?

janina: Yes, we should.

irfan: we have a draft, any volunteers for editors?

request from AT vendors to have standalone code samples to evaluate

paulg: i can help. we need a quick brown fox sample.

irfan: after coordination, talk about inviting Leonie for next week.

janina: put together questions for Leonie, such as who we should talk to if not Leonie.

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