06 Mar 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Taki_Kamiya, Michael_McCool, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Daniel_Peintner, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Zoltan_Kis


<scribe> scribenick: kaz


Sebastian: (goes through the agenda)
... prev minutes, online f2f
... PRs, Issues
... anything else?
... Ege and Koster are not available, so no binding topics

McCool: quickly check the draft press release?

Sebastian: ok
... let's start with that

Draft press release

McCool: we're getting testimonials
... myself forwarded Intel's one

Sebastian: cool

<sebastian> https://github.com/w3c/wot-marketing/pulls

Sebastian: (go through the PRs)

PR 33

Sebastian: can merge it
... and merged

McCool: just modified caption and TD logo

PR 34

Sebastian: my PR
... still working on it
... not really happy with the current draft
... a bit confusing to just mention cloud use cases

McCool: agree
... edge computing, etc., should be also mentioned

Sebastian: would remove the cloud part once

McCool: well, we can talk about both here

Sebastian: yeah
... but we should have some generic text before that

McCool: that's fine
... interconnectivity issue, etc.
... also ecosystems


McCool: would suggest to say "IoT ecosystem" here
... will do the final grammar check later
... so let's concentrate on the text content

Sebastian: ok
... and then
... would fix:

The WoT Thing Description provides a standard way for the metadata of a Thing to be provided, including network API, semantics, and data models.

Sebastian: would say:

The WoT Thing Description provides a common, machine-readable data format for describing Thing's metadata and its capabilities including used data model, protocol and security setup.

McCool: guess we're doing metadata
... btw, it would be better to break the lines rather than a long line
... so that we can see the text easily on GitHub

Sebastian: ok
... next:

The specifications are based upon rich metadata that describes the data and interaction models exposed to applications, and the communications and security requirements for platforms to communicate effectively.
During the course of the Web of Things standardization activities, several other informative documents were also created.

Sebastian: the above is a bit redundant

McCool: in general agree with you
... you can merge the PR after checking with Lagally

Sebastian: ok

McCool: can also ping him

Daniel: McCool mentioned the figure
... good to do that

McCool: already done that
... in the legend

updated draft

Sebastian: Toumura-san's PR for Hitachi's testimonial

PR 35

Sebastian: merged

PR 36

Sebastian: and Fujitsu
... (some conflict there and cant merget PR36)
... (fixes the conflict)

Mizushima: btw, I also have submitted our testimonial

Sebastian: can you generate a PR?

McCool: can include IRI's one in my PR for Intel

Sebastian: PR 36 merged

updated draft press release

Sebastian: some error with indentation
... (fix the typo)
... (also fix the order of the testimonials)

McCool: would suggest you (Sebastian) adds the testimonials to avoid conflicts

Kaz: how to deal with our expectation for the 2nd-gen WoT?

McCool: some text at "What's Next?" section
... if you have some suggestion, please make a PR

Sebastian: regarding the "Objectives" section and the "Deliverables" section, maybe we should remove them?

McCool: they're put there based on our talking points and very important
... maybe merge it with the top section
... should ask Lagally's opinion as well
... anyway, let's not remove the content itself but have some more discussion

Kaz: agree

McCool: should think about better location for the content, though

Sebastian: ok, we can improve the text

(McCool leaves)

Online F2F agenda

<sebastian> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting,_16-19_March_2020,_Online

Sebastian: (goes through the agenda)
... TD template, eventing, ...

Issue 817

Sebastian: Efficient formats for TD
... and the other issues for v2
... are those ok?
... anything else to discuss?

Kaz: any collaborative discussion with the other TF?
... like discovery, scripting, ...

Sebastian: would encourage all to join all the discussios :)
... any concrete idea about joint discussion?

Kaz: maybe discovery and scripting?

McCool: OAuth2?
... what kind of relation type to be handled
... what relation type we should look into
... maybe pre-existing IANA entry
... component of another thing relevant as well

Sebastian: will you talk about that during the Security session?

McCool: this point is not depending on security
... should be discussed during the TD session
... for next TD, not for maintenance
... will you handle maintenance topics as well?

Taki: that's something we discussed in a TD telecon a couple of weeks ago

McCool: technically related type can be handled today
... it's backward compatibility issue
... features must be fixed should have priority

Sebastian: tx for your input
... anything else?

Daniel: timing of DST?
... why Monday starts at noon but Tuesday starts at 1pm?

<Zakim> dape, you wanted to daylight savings

McCool: good time slot is limited
... moving the slot later would be not good

<zkis> Europe can adapt for Scripting meeting time. :)

McCool: so earlier time is assigned for Architecture on Tuesday

Daniel: ok

Sebastian: any other comments?

McCool: the purpose is presenting the current status
... and get feedback/input from all

Sebastian: yeah, so more f2f meeting-ish


Taki: talked about implementation issues

Issue 882

Taki: created a PR for this
... the editors are McCool and Ege

PR 884

McCool: need to change the template and process it to get report?

Taki: right. will do so

Sebastian: regarding Ege, his main affiliation for this spec should be "Siemens"
... can mention "TUM", though
... can we merge this PR now?

(no objections)

Taki: merged

Issue 560

Sebastian: mediatype already got registered with IANA
... so can close this

<scribe> ... closed

Issue 883

Daniel: some fix by Ege
... but not run the rendering script yet
... ideally would be better to use automatic script running mechanism
... wondering if why we didn't do that

Sebastian: usually check the draft locally on my PC first
... do you have time to see the feasibility?

Daniel: can look into that
... but not pressing issue

Issue 878

Sebastian: Ege's issue on initial connection
... he proposes to have some kind of container
... getting comments from Ben as well
... they use "links" for container
... and [["rel" : " alternate"]]
... to apply "webthing" as "subprotocol~
... added a comment to suggest we consider extending the 'base', which also allows to be a JSON object containing vocabulary terms
... comments?

Kaz: if we go for Ben's suggested "links" approach, would it make our compatibility better?

Sebastian: maybe a bit better
... but links vs base is one of our long-term discussion points
... would use the same term within TD for our own compatibility

Issue 302

Sebastian: got response from Ben for this as well
... (goes through the discussions)
... my proposal is that we should provide some hint in TD
... so that the client can identify the name-urlValue pair
... example code here

example code

Sebastian: that is just an idea, though

Kaz: started to wonder if we want to invite Ben to the virtual f2f in 2 weeks

Sebastian: good point

Zoltan: could we have him as Invited Expert or guest with non-substantial contribution?

Kaz: this time we can invite him as an invited guest

Sebastian: but good to have him

Kaz: can ask Ben about his interest/availability

Sebastian: ok
... that's it for today. aob?



Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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