28 Feb 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Taki_Kamiya, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Ege_Korkan, Daniel_Peintner


<kaz> scribenick: taki

Ac review for Proposed Recommendation Review

Kaz: Ac review for Proposed Recommendation of WoT Thing Description has ended.
... 17 supports and 2 abstains.
... 17 is a good number, I think.
... Thank you for you all and your AC reps!

Last week's telecon minutes

<kaz> Feb-21 minutes

Minutes approved.

<kaz> (note: the date of the minutes was wrong, so Kaz has just fixed the date to 21)

Online F2F

Online F2F wiki

Time slot for TD discussion: 6am PST / 9am EST / 2pm CET / 3pm EET / 10pm JST; 2h

Taki: We can discuss agenda items again next week.

PR #880

<kaz> PR 880

Ege: Subprotocol fix in JSON-Schema's fix in index.html is included in this PR.

Daniel: We can kick off rendering process automatically.
... It is something we can look into.
... I had to switch to Linux after I edited on Windows.

Kaz: Who and when?

Daniel: I can create an issue.

Kaz: Please create an issue with lower priority.

Taki: section 6.4 still contains experimental number 65100.

<kaz> Changes

Taki: My PR #881 removes experimental numner 65100
... I suggest we merge #881 first then #880 after that.

PR #880 and #881 were merged...

<kaz> PR 881

<kaz> PR 880

Issue #851

<kaz> Issue 851

Ege: We can update the report for the next version.
... Implementation report linked from static TD spec should also be static.
... Implementation report should be specific to a specific TD version.

Daniel: We could create a new URI.

Kaz: McCool was interested in adding various features in next version. There should be a drastic changes. We can create a separate sub-folder (or even a separate GitHub repo) for new implementation report with new URI.

Ege: Implementation report was created by WG.

Kaz: We can improve implementation report any time.
... McCool and Ege can be editors of this document, and people contributed to testing can be described in acknowledgement.

<kaz> fyi, verifiable credentials data model implementation report

Taki: Ege, can you create an issue to fix this point?

Ege: OK

Kaz: We can use "contributor" word in addition to authors and editors in implementation report.

Issue #851 was closed.


<kaz> Issue 848

Ege: We can close this issue.
... In some protocol we can describe this, but for MQTT, we cannot do this.
... A sort of specification bug.
... How do we do this in node wot?

Daniel: you send a list of names.

Ege: it is not a good practice. It can be URI variables.

Daniel: list of names in node wot.

Ege: problem is when you map into protocol.
... consumer has to provide array for read operation.
... payload should not be used in HTML get

Daniel: It is shortcut of reading many property.

Ege: This operation needs input.

Daniel: read all - read all properties.
... multiple properties is similar.

Ege: How array is passed?

Daniel: It still iterates through all property.

Ege: TD spec says array should be sent.

Daniel: This feature was added later in Node wot.
... not sure how it should be mapped to protocol.

Taki: Let's keep this issue open for now.


<kaz> Issue 842

Kaz: I suggest to keep this issue open till we publish the Recommendation.

Daniel: The working branch still appears to present the issue. We need to fix index.template.html.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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