10 Feb 2020


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Elena_Reshetova, David_Ezell, Tomoaki_Mizushima


<kaz> scribenick: elena

Review previous minutes

<kaz> Jan-13 minutes

<kaz> Jan-20 minutes

<kaz> Feb-03 minutes

McCool showing the Jan 13 minutes

McCool looking into feb 3 minutes

<kaz> (typo: priory -> priority)

McCool: any objections to accept all 3 minutes?

no objections

all 3 meeting minutes are accepted


McCool: next topic - open PRs
... Oliver did a number of PRs, but he is not in the call today

<inserted> PR 155

McCool: looking into PR 155

this is testing PR, should be just closed

PR155 is closed

<inserted> PR 156

McCool: next PR 156
... wording change PR

Elena: no strong opinions

McCool: I am ok with this change, but small suggestion to improve
... this PR will wait until Oliver is back
... next PR 157 and 158
... changing names from HTTPS -> HTTP_over_TLS

<inserted> PR 158

McCool: PR 158 changes security_metadata doc, which is not used anymore

McCool is adding couple of comments for PR 158

McCool: some changes to PR 158 are needed. Comments are in PR
... we should consider if we need to delete security_metadata is even needed
... we will wait till Oliver joins the call to discuss

<inserted> PR 159

McCool: next PR 159
... adding some comments to PR - missing definition of "end-to-end", some typos, etc.
... we are not going to merge this PR yet
... looking into PR 150

this is work in progress PR, but it does address some issues

McCool: lifecycle is also in progress
... let's merge this PR and work on things in further PRs
... we need to add issues to describe approaches
... any objections to merge this PR?

no objections

PR merged


McCool is adding additional comments to referenced issues that more description is needed on Anima and SDO

<inserted> Issue 152

Elena, lets look into issue 152

Elena is explaining the summary she wrote for the issue today

McCool: do we need to send some feedback to the PING group?
... we can give feedback that threats 5 and 6 and more security threats and not privacy
... adding comments to issue on what feedback should be provided
... we should invite them for review of our S&P document

<McCool> ACTION: McCool to provide the feedback to PING

McCool: any last comments?
... any other business?
... DID (distributed identifiers) should be in agenda in this meeting soon

meeting finished

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: McCool to provide the feedback to PING

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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