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30 Jan 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Taki_Kamiya, Tomoaki_Mizushima
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<scribe> Scribe: TK

<kaz> scribenick: taki

Wikipedia article

McCool: Wikipedia status?

Ege: My update was rejected.
... We need qualifying references.
... Not sure how many we need.
... We need "reliable" references.

<ege> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Thing_Description

Ege is showing Reviewer comments ...

McCool is seeing "reliable" definition...

Ege: Now I have lots of resources.
... I have no idea what I am missing.
... I put papers from victor, siemens and mozilla. Also Youtube video.

McCool: Peer-reviewed papers are also good.
... Siemens papers involves Sebastian.
... Not sure how videos are useful.

Ege: I need suggestions.

McCool: Let's keep adding references.

Ege: JSON-LD has the same amount of references.

Sebastian: Is there a question link?

Ege: I asked them for opinions. Did not get anything back.

McCool: "Either reliable or in-depth".
... reliability. They do not think resources from Mozilla are reliable?

Kaz: We should ask the reviewers for clarification
... also we should ask them for suggestions.
... and if needed, we can/should collect resources from outside w3c.

<ege> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON-LD

McCool: We can ask by saying "we added some more, what are the problems?"

Sebastian: JSON-LD page, it was created in 2015. The guideline could be different at that time.

McCool: It contains a better reference.
... such as conference proceedings.

Ege: I used Google to find references.

McCool: We can try to find archivable resources instead of online resources.
... Marketing document or blog may not be so important.
... Thanks Ege.

Issue #18

McCool: History of standardization.
... There is some material.
... such as explainer.
... There is also an old document at the top directory in GitHub.

Ege: Documening all F2F may not be necessary.

McCool: We can document who gave what kind of talks.

McCool is showing what taki did so far.

McCool: Initial thing, F2F, etc.
... When Oracle joined, etc.
... We should capture and document all events.
... We should create PR based on this.

Sebastian: Where do we want to put this in?

McCool: It is not secret or anything.
... We can put it in marketing repo at the top level.
... What is the relevance of history when people first visit out side? It is not the top prioprity.
... Detailed history vs. summary.
... Details are in this file.
... We should first capture all information, then summarize.

Sebastian: I would be interested in history of standardization, in general.

Ege: When we suggest others to join, it is good to have hisotory to show.

McCool: When we start, what were major milestone, etc.
... Summary can be one paragraph.

Ege: Wikipedia can also mention history as well.

McCool: Collect data, validate. We should do this first.

McCool is showing TD wikipedia page...

Ege: It has some history section.

Sebastian: I found a presentation in Sapporo or Sunnyvale about the model of TD. I am not sure if we need to mention this in Wikipedia.

McCool: We need to it in context. Also Mozilla's stuff, we need to put it in context.
... Let's collect information, from event logs.
... Let's create PR based on what TK started.
... Summary can be at the top of the history document.
... Ege's history content in Wikipedia also can contribute to summary.

Sebastian: We can start with very short description of W3C WoT, and start growing after it is approved.

Ege: That's what I did in Wikipedia.

Press Release

Kaz: Marcomm team started working on it. Also, each company, please start working on quotes and testimonials.
... Initial draft should be provided first.
... Group's input is important for Marcomm.
... I provided talking points already.
... There are three things. Structure and basic messages. We need group participants input (e.g. testimonials)

McCool: Can Siemens provide quotes soon?

Sebastian: We are working on it. I started the work.

Kaz: Members input should be provided very soon.
... WoT is important especially from industry's point of view.

McCool: I can talk to David Ezell.
... We can talk with people in Singapore next week.

New web page

McCool: Getting started guide should be the first item.
... it is part of developer journey.
... Journey also includes testing and deployment.
... There are at least those 3 steps. Maybe more in between.

Kaz: I talked to Mike Smith. He suggested we should clarify what "testing" means.

McCool: It is conformance WoT Testing of implementations, as well as interoperability with others.
... Developer guide should be followed by testing.

Daniel: Programming language is also relevant.
... Language-independent testing service is nice.

McCool: Basic concepts of TD. which is language-independent.

<sebastian> http://www.thingweb.io/hands-on-intro-raspberry.html

McCool: We can mention OSS implementation, Node WoT.

Sebastian: Step-by-step hands on developer guide using Node WoT.
... As a kind of orientation. But I can also imagine we can start more abstract descriptions.
... Then we can be concrete e.g. to implement a Lamp.

McCool is showing Node WoT hands on introduction...

McCool: Introduction to ROS. Their introduction looks good.
... We can consider making description modular.

Sebastian: Can you show us ROS?

McCool is showing ROS tutorial...

McCool: There are bunch of modules.
... There are many language modules.
... It can be a good model for us.

<McCool> http://wiki.ros.org/ROS/Tutorials

McCool: Wikipedia is nice to organize a tutorial.
... Easy to edit and add content.
... How to create and update our guide? We should consider.

Content of new WoT page

Sebastian: We embedded W3C tweets.
... It addresses content obsoleteness issue. We can also add WoT tweets.

Ege: We need to setup WoT twitter accounts.

McCool: Ege made this integration.
... We need to have important "news" on the page.
... We need to add a link to tutorial.

Ege: We need to cater to business people as well.

McCool: Tutorials can be part of Developers section.

Ege: We can put tutorial later.

McCool: Is it ready if we publish today?
... We need to fill ellipses.
... Developer tools page looks good.

Ege: Are we sure we can publish?

Sebastian: We should have this page in marketing repo. Currently this is in Daniel's repo.

McCool: We should move to marketing repo as the first step, then get rid of ellipses.
... Then we can get it published in the final location.

Kaz: This is an alternative to WoT landing page.
... Where to publish it, that is a bit complicated.

McCool: We can take this content, and put into the current landing page. We can do this way as well.

Kaz: We should continue to work with the W3C Team side, e.g., the Marcomm Team.

McCool is showing main landing page...

McCool: It is too verbose right now.

<dape> https://w3c.github.io/wot-marketing/

McCool: We can replace the content with the new content.

<dape> https://w3c.github.io/wot-marketing/posts/

<kaz> W3C Website redesign - Request for Proposal

Daniel: We can setup forward from other pages.

Kaz: Official redesign project has already started.
... We should continue to work with the Marcomm Team.
... We need to collaborate, and we can make proposals to them if we want.

Sebastian: redesign and our content are completely different issue.
... Our proposal does not have any impact on W3C pages.

Kaz: I am talking about the WoT landing page.
... for that page, we should work with the Marcomm and Bizdev Teams.
... on the other hand, we can work on the WoT IG page and the WoT WG page ourselves.
... that's why I've already moved the actual content for the WoT WG page to the GitHub side, and we can already maintain/update the content ourselves.

McCool: Can we update the content? We can look at the design later.

Daniel: Redesign is not about a specific group.
... IG and WG page, we can start working them.

McCool: We have control on IG page. We can start working on it.

Sebastian: We have a proposal for three 3 years on marketing already.

Kaz: what do you mean by "marketing" here?

Ege: Sebastian means wot-marketing repo.

Sebastian: We want to move Daniel's pages into marketing repo.

Kaz: As I've been repeatedly mentioning, we can upate/improve the WoT IG page and the WoT WG page. However, we need to work with te Marcomm Team and the BusDev Team for the WoT landing page. That is my point.

McCool: IG page and WG page. Let's work on those. Main landing page. we can discuss it later.

Sebastian: But they are sub-pages, not main page.
... We need to make progress on the main page.

Kaz: I am not objecting to copying Daniel's generated content to the "wot-marketing" repo.
... However, we need to be careful about how to publish the page which would be an alternative of the WoT Landing page.

McCool: Copying to marketing repo, there are no problems.
... We can work in marketing repo.
... We cannot touch main landing page for now.

Kaz: We can work on our draft idea.
... We should work with Marcomm team on how to deal with the WoT Landing page.

McCool: We should focus on content for now.

<McCool> proposal: move daniel's web page draft to wot-marketing

Sebastian: At the moment, we have no basic information.

RESOLUTION: move daniel's web page draft to wot-marketing

Daniel: I will put into docs folder. I can work with Kaz.

Kaz: Please note that we should start with "requirements" to improve our Web pages rather than concrete design/resolution.
... We should concentrate on the content (=what kind of information is needed) and requirements on design (=what kind of design is needed, e.g., from accessibility viewpoint).

McCool: What we have is good. We can describe what led to our design.

Kaz: Please note that possible overlaps with the official redesign work is not good.

<kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. move daniel's web page draft to wot-marketing
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