24 Jan 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Taki_Kamiya, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Daniel_Peintner, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Ege_Korkan, Victor_Charpenay
Michael_Koster, Michael_Lagally


<taki> Scribe: TK

<taki> ScribeNick: taki


<inserted> Scribe list

Sebastian: starting time were 10 minutes after the telecon time.
... I want to change.
... I would like to start 5 minutes after the telecon time. Also for main call.
... last week's minutes
... any objections to make last week;s minutes public ?

<kaz> Jan-17 minutes

Sebastian: Kaz, please publish.

Proposed REC publication preparation

Sebastian: status of publication.
... Kaz created a static version.
... This is a clone of the latest master branch.
... Kaz also made diff against CR2.

Sebastian looking at diff.

<kaz> static HTML for publication

<kaz> diff from CR2

Sebastian: Kaz wonders why we have so many diffs.
... We removed at-risk features, typos, bugs in example, etc.
... I would like to go over diff.

<inserted> scribenick: sebastian_

taki did an analysis about the diffs

<inserted> Taki's analysis results

taki showing the result

Taki: some security section are removed

<inserted> (removed them due to features-at-risk - Status section and several sections)

Taki: some english fixes
... rename name of examples
... typo fix for securityDefinition
... english fix 'fetching'
... added a cross reference
... again a typo fix for 'operation'
... improve english for vocabulary definition
... another cross-reference
... at-risk features were removed in securityScheme section (there are no implementations)

<kaz> (several security scheme features were removed due to features-at-risk)

Taki: CertSecuritScheme was removed because of at-risk
... PublicSecurityScheme section was removed because of at-risk

<kaz> (section and as well)

Taki: in OAuth2Security the values for the flow vocabulary were removed due to at-risk
... SSE reference was changed to html (request from w3m)
... default assumptions table was updated because of the removed at-risk security
... example 15: updated because of the at-risk removement
... forms sections has a better clarification about writemultipleproperties etc
... 8.3.1 some english improvements
... table in 8.3.1 was updated since some values was forgotten (however, examples used them)
... IANA section was updated (IANA requested for that)
... example 34 was updated such as improve english

<ege> oh

Taki: JSON Schema in annex was updated

<ege> So to be quick:

<ege> Michael McCool had done some changes to adapt to the at risk items

<ege> But it broke some features so I have updated it again

Taki: reference changes such as sse (see above)

<kaz> (based on the change with HTML Living Standard)

Taki: some security references was removed (due to the at-risk items)
... XML reference is new

<kaz> 5.3.2 Data Schema Vocabulary Definitions - CR2

Taki: used in section 5.3.2.

<kaz> (non-normative explanation on "Data Schema" has been added)

<kaz> (and an informative reference to "xml" has been added)

Taki: came in when new text was added to improve explanation about protocol binding usage (only editorial)

<inserted> scribenick: taki

Sebastian: It clarified why we had those diffs.

Kaz: We made sure every change was non-normative changes.

<kaz> proposal: we've confirmed all the changes are non-normative and editorial, so we'll publish the current githubio version of the WoT Thing Description draft as a Propose Recommendation

Sebastian: Let's make a resolution.

<kaz> (no objections)

RESOLUTION: we've confirmed all the changes are non-normative and editorial, so we'll publish the current githubio version of the WoT Thing Description draft as a Propose Recommendation

Kaz: I continue to proceed with publication procedure.
... Next Thursday, hopefully will be published.

Sebastian: Thank you Kaz and Taki

Issue Clarification

<inserted> Issue 875

Sebastian: There is a new issue #875.
... Can Daniel and Zoltan explain?

Daniel: In script, to confirm write a value is the current value.
... Internal value may be slightly different.
... Write, then need to read currently.
... We do not want to introduce special in script.

Sebastian: Is it similar to echo?

Daniel: 1.2345 may round to 1.23. Rounded by Things.

Zoltan: Local policy or solution policy can cause this.

Daniel: Currently TD provides no mechanism to indicate this.

Sebastian: Is this a REST feature?
... It is more efficient? You can check by get.

Daniel: You can describe in TD, but no feature in TD now.

Zoltan: scripting can introduce in its own.

Ege: When you change name of light, returns success with new name.

Sebastian: Should we change "ExpectedResponse" ?
... If you have writable proprty, we could have ExpectedResponse in form.

Daniel: currently, expected response only have content type.

<ege> https://developers.meethue.com/develop/hue-api/lights-api/

Ege is showing an example...

Sebastian: This is an application protocol.

Zoltan: name and value are in return.

Ege: It is its own protocol.

Zoltan: Should we have application handle this? Or should we cover it in scripting?

Sebastian: We have many similar cases, e.g. existing systems.
... We should address this in TD.
... How to describe existing systems. I would like to address this.
... I will respond to this issue.

Daniel: We also need to take a look at IKEA example raised by Ege.


Sebastian: I made classification last time.
... I would like to give an overview.
... "Forms" label is for "forms"-related topics.

<inserted> Issue 800

Sebastian: #800 is for expend op with observeallproperties, etc.

<inserted> Issue 712

Sebastian: #712 is about method names.
... Can Daniel double check if this is still relevant?

<inserted> Issue 617

Sebastian: #617. response in form needs multiple response type.
... client can choose from multiple content types.

<inserted> Issue 303

Sebastian: #303. from Mozilla. About error conditions for form requests.
... Lagally also supports the idea.
... How to communicate action's success with client.
... Should it be application level?

Ege: There is a similar issue in scripting api.
... error names are available in a protocol-independent manner.

Zoltan: TD should be able to handle errors.

<ege> https://github.com/w3c/wot-scripting-api/issues/200

Sebastian: OpenAPI provides this, but at HTTP-level.
... Next about ActionAffordance.

<inserted> Issue 302

Sebastian: #302. How to cancel or query action requests.
... Status of actions.
... You can ask the status.
... Do we need such kind of feature in TD?
... I think this is runtime issue, and can use hyperlink.

Victor: we can define op type for cancel and updates.
... This way server is responsible for this.

Sebastian: Good idea.
... Can you comment in GitHub?

Victor: yes

<inserted> Issue 213

Sebastian: #213. semantics of actions.

Ege: Payload for cancel, we can say we do not have content.

Sebastian: we already invoked action. We can delete, cancel, etc.
... This is post-operation.

Ege: we need id for action.

Victor: You should advertise link.
... using JSON-LD or hyperschema.

Sebastian: We revisit this again.
... sync vs. async. I am not sure if we really need this.
... Next category "EventAffordance"

<inserted> Issue 817

Sebastian: #817. He claimed event is not very clear.
... We have to clarify.
... For event container, we are very open.
... We can use readOnly and writeOnly, but this is very complicated.

<inserted> Issue 812

Sebastian: #812. Content type for event message.
... we need to allow different content types.
... We also have JSON schema issues, TD templates issues, security related issues, optimization issues, etc.
... How do we want to proceed?
... if there is urgency, please let us (Sebastian or Taki) know.

Kaz: I agree with that basic policy.

AOB for TD discussion?

Kaz: and I have a proposal for "Any other business", specifically about Taki's proposal on sharing the scribe roles
... We can discuss in main call on how to improve policies.

Sebastian: Is it scribe roll?

Kaz: Yes, and there could be another discussion related to this.
... Probably we should think about some training course for scribing.
... We should discuss how to deal with that during the main call.
... TD discussion is kind of complicated and maybe tough to record for some of us.

Sebastian: and it is 2 hours call. we can split into one hour each.

Kaz: We can consider session by session, or even topic by topic.

Sebastian: Let's discuss in main call.

<kaz> Kaz: yes

Sebastian: So we pick major topics before Friday.
... Does it make sense for all?
... Ege, do you want to take over?

Binding Templates

Ege: For binding templates, we do not have big issues at the moment.
... We have issues of Protocols of interest, etc.
... OPC Foundation is one.

Sebastian: We should provide RDF representation for MQTT and CoAP.
... We need such official document.
... CoAP guys can also see RDF representation of protocols.
... OPC-UA people are also working on such representations.

Ege: any other interest in protocols?
... such as bluetooth?

Sebastian: New initiative called Connected Home over IP (CHIP)
... for smart home devices.

Ege: Modbus TCP/IP devices. How to handle URI schemes for them.
... Anyone else interested in other protocols?

Sebastian: ROS

Ege: If there is no further comments
... OK.

Sebastian: Thank you very much.
... Thank you kaz for preparing for publication.

<kaz> kaz: and thanks a lot for taking notes, Taki!

<kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. we've confirmed all the changes are non-normative and editorial, so we'll publish the current githubio version of the WoT Thing Description draft as a Propose Recommendation
[End of minutes]

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