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Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference

10 Jan 2020




Lewis, Laura, Brent, Shadi, Mark, Estella, Shawn, Helen, Sylvie, Howard, Sharron, Eric
Hidde, Daniel
Lewis, Sharron


CSUN face 2 face

Brent: CSUN is one of the f2f on the 2020 list - plan is to meet Monday and Tuesday, March 9 & 10
... Arrangement for where to meet is still being planned
... Possibly in another close hotel. Will also try to coordinate with the Silver group.
... hopefully have the details soon

Evaluation Videos

Shadi: Thanks for surveys. Last comments now please
... videos 1, 2,and 3 mostly in place. Still some additional editorial comments, but nothing large
... Video 4 about comprehensive evaluation has some larger issues.
... comments about the bar that grows. Initially it moved in multiple axis, but the movement is still concerning to some. There is a suggestion of using an arrow instead.
... currently bar with WCAG at top with the column grows a little bit and fills in.
... either simplify the bar static and just fills up as the text is spoken, or use a curved arrow pointing up rather than the bar. than a
... choice, simplified animation or change to an arrow

Helen: It relies on color, but could have a bar with numbers (50%, 60% etc.)

<markpalmer> +1 to Helen's point

Shadi: good point that it relies on color

Brent: What does the graphic try to convey? Is it that you are trying to show that the more evaluation you are doing that you are getting more completed?

Shadi: More a visual gimic. Bar is representing how well you are meeting WCAG.

<eoncins> +1 to Helen, would it make sense to add Level A, AA, AAA instead of percentages?

Shadi: you want to have this high bar and will only know where you are the more you do conformance evaluation.
... think it is more relevant between arrow and not arrow.

<Brent> I too think the tick marks would help

Eric: Now that it is being explained like that it makes more sense. Maybe have ticks on one side and checkmarks when you go up.

<Howard> agree on the tick marks

Shadi: your suggestion is another indication beyond color alone.

Estella: what Helen said makes sense. But the people using conformance evaluation will want to know which level they are reaching more than the percentage. You can be at 100% of A, but not reach AA.

Shadi: I agree percentages represent one thing and levels represent something else.

Shawn: The bar didn't mean anything to me. If it only grew in one direction isn't a problem. An arrow means something different, like growth.

<Brent> +1 to Shawn, arrow meaning "growth"

Shawn: we also use it in other places. Like sales. First reaction of A, AA, AAA is some people won't know it. Could use 3 bars labeled A, AA, AAA. But is eye candy anyway, so maybe OK if not a problem if it's simple.

Shadi: Hearing some support for not going towards an arrow, nervous at trying something new since this is our last shot. Improve what we have rather than a new concept.

Howard: Additional labeling may be helpful. Top and bottom status in any case ID'd so that the animation makes sense. Some tick marks may indicate progress as well.
... the color does not convey info as long as the contrast is good so I do not see that as an issue.

Shadi: I hesitate to add too much tagging, lables, arrows etc at the risk of distraction, but htese are good consdierations.

Eric: A question - the grey square things that grows is meant to represent progress toward a goal, is that correct?

Shadi: Yes WCAG conformance

Eric: I think if the grey bar grows from the bottom to the top there may need to be a finish line or somwthing to designate goal acheivement. A checkered flag or something at the bottom.
... introducing the levels could make it too complex, don't want to communicate a changing target.

<Howard> +1 to Eric's comment on A AA AAA

Shadi: You raise a good point in that the acheivement of the gol is unclear, and levels could introduce unecessary complexity. What would be accomplished by the racetrack or finish line beyond this?

Eric: The metaphore of what we are saying.

Shadi: Do we want to symbolize that we want to acheive full conformance but we also want to evaluate where we are on the scale. Not so much the achievement as the understanding of where you are in the process.
... In summary, we will retain the column and minimize the animation so that there are fewer dimensions and color changes going on. Simpler bar and a column filling up (maybe an arrow and tick marks) with some indication of a specific target.

<Helen> +1 to Shadi's summary

<yatil> +1 to same concept, but simpler

<Lewis> +1

<Laura> +1

<eoncins> +1

Shadi: In video #4, atound 50 seconds, there are icons to represent different functions that segue into the rocket ship to symbolize starting the process. Eric suggested that the four icons are loaded into the rocket before launch.
... any reactions?

Shawn: It is a clever idea but it does not sync with the text. You don't actually do all four of these things before you get started.

Shadi: Good point but still a useful illustration.

Eric: Because this is starting like from the beginning, you get a quick start. I don't feel strongly either.

Shadi: Another thing in V4 atound minute 1:50 the audio is referring to open source WCAG tool helping to document and save results. Asked for another visual that is less paper-pencil and more computer related.

<Helen> +q

Shadi: comments?

Helen: When showing the download progress bar, it does not say 'download' to me.

Shadi: Yes the production team wase going to improve the visual tie in but you're right, maybe we should add more.

<yatil> [ or cloud with arrow down ]

Helen: Maybe use the recognized icon for download.

Shadi: A questions for the group is in second 1:30 there is a description of WCAG-EM process. while the process is being described and text box appears for each step with a different color for each. what does the group think about colors, are they helpful or confusing?

Brent: Typically red is an alert or something to be concerned about, may need another color.

Shadi: Good point although it may be difficult to avoid red.

<Brent> Just don't have it last maybe

Shawn: Yes, red generally means 'stop'. Maybe a gradient would be more appropriate?

Howard: I like the different colors and the move to the right.
... gives the sense that they are five distinct steps.

Shadi: So I am hearing there is a preference for visual indication of five distinct steps but to avoid red.

Shawn: Another idea is to have each box in a highlighted color when it is introduced and then must the previous colors as you move through them.

<Howard> Or you could have a check that checks each level from top to bottom in progression

Shadi: What contrast ratio do they need? Is it large text?

<Helen> 7:1

<markpalmer> 7:1

<Helen> +q

<shawn> ideally 7:1 for text, yet 4.5:1 acceptable (especially since just illustrating text and not essential info)

<shawn> +1 that some people will watch video in small window

Brent: People may watch the video on a small window so would not consdier it large text

Helen: And consider viewing it on a phone or table, smaller screen

Shadi: Sounds like people prefer 7 to 1 and a simpler color palette.
... These were main issues in V4. V5 is still pretty rough and we will do a wholesale revision. Starting with the script we will completely redo it.
... problem was the 40 seconds of the circulating text and icons with text in the middle, not engaging. Some of the concepts are difficult to visualize. So we will completely revise, it is a bit back to Sq 1 and will have something to share in the next couple of weeks.
... Eric you commented that you do not like the thin line icons, did not fully understand them.

Eric: Yes the comment was more about how the skinny line icons fit into the WAI design system, I think they are OK for the video but can't be applied elsewhere in the WAI site

Shadi: Does this raise other concerns for anyone else?

Shawn: Just want to not that we do need broad work on WAI imagery overall. We have been able to get some great images, and need overall consistency on visual design style and approach. It is on the list.

Shadi: We have the plan to change the endplate, will get a preview of that change soon. Jen's comment was that it was not centered. I measured and it actually is, it may be the way the logo is designed that it seems heavier on one side - any others noticed this?

<Howard> looks centered to me

<eoncins> to me also

<markpalmer> Looks centred to me as well

<Brent> Looks centered to me. just optical illusion due to logo

<markpalmer> If it's off then it's marginal at best

Shadi: While the narration talks about involving people around 09 second, early evaluation, blocks are moving around to designate that the design is still in development. It was suggested that some green checks and red x's are built in to symbolize evaluation during the process and then the final settled down screen.

Sharron: I like the idea, seems like a good symbol

<markpalmer> No opinion on that either

<yatil> -.2 because of added complexity...

<Laura> I don't feel strongly about it

<Howard> not sure on this one. Will go with consensus

<Helen> +q

Eric: This is already the 3rd round, not sure we want to introduce that now. They don't appear earlier, so people watching probably would not understand that complicated concept that is introduced.

Shadi: The expanation of the checks occur later on.

Helen: Rather than the complexity that I think should not be added, could we simply use the word draft or work in progress to indicate that.

Shadi: But the idea was really to tie the idea of design to the evaluation process as an iterative, integrated part of it.

Estella: I also have doubts, it may add complexity. On the other hand we are talking about evaluation and so a visual indication of the eval process would be helpful.

Shadi: Given that we are so far along, even though it was an interesting idea we may have missed the chance to explore that.
... Thank you all, those were my questions about your submitted comments. Will apply these decisions and send to the production compnay and please look for updates hopefully early next week.


Brent: We appreciate everyone's participation, happy new year, please keep watch on W4TW, there will be more surveys and another round of review for the video revisons.
... have a great weekend, see you next time.

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