Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

18 Dec 2019


janina, Matthew_Atkinson, Irfan, Becka11y
becka11y, Irfan


<Becka11y> scribe: becka11y

Agenda Review & Announcements

Janina: standard agenda; continue with community groups; last meeting for the year

End of year hiatus

Janina: no meetings for next two weeks - Dec. 25 and 1/1; Next call is January 8

Task Force Updates

Irfan: pronounciation is on track to finish gap analisys and use cases

Janina: Pronounciation seems to be on a good path; would be good to get it completed before next version of WCAG
... we are combining 2 docs that have gone through FPWD - gap analysis and use cases - into one document

Michael: best to combine into one of exisiting documents and retire the other document

Janina: concerned about gap analysis

Michael: no enforcement to maintain exisiting title

Janina: personalization is moving forward; expect publication review requests from APA task forces

New Charter Review https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22Horizontal+review+requested%22

Michael: Web assembly being rechartered
... audio working group has added a liason to APA WG
... GPU - filed in horizontal review repo

Janina: Matthew is reviewing GPU

new on TR http://www.w3.org/TR/tr-status-drafts.html

Michael: Web RTC 1.0 has just gone to CR; we have a comment that was not sent

Janina: we negotiated language with them; think comment was sent as last review of a11y consideration section seemed to need only a minor tweak
... think it was handled via RQTF
... group was very cooperative

Michael: reminder: make sure to cc Michael when sending comments to other groups
... Verifiable credentials and Web of Things are still open - we still have comments to send

Janina: we wanted to provide graphic description of WoT

Michael: Verifiable credentials - according to github comments were processed, we need to double check

<MichaelC> Pointer Events Level 3

Michael: pointer events level 3 - pointer events level 2 we looked at in 2017 and we didn’t look at

Janina: this gets into details of how mouse works, seems we can skip;

<MichaelC> Web Share API

Michael: defines an api for sharing events/links between different entities - Web Share API
... suspect we don’t need to review

Janina; agreed by group

Michael: share doesn’t have implications for A11y - UI for invoking does but that is a different spec

Community Groups Tracking Review https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Community_Groups

<Irfan> Becky: ACT Rules

<Irfan> Functional Knowledge Graph?

<Irfan> Janina: we dont need to track

<Irfan> anyone disgree?

<Irfan> non

<Irfan> Becky: Chemistry for the Web and Publishing. focus on moving beyond simply providing images of Chemistry content on the web and in published materials to a semantically rich form that will work for everybody, including persons with disabilities.

<Irfan> mc: we need to track this

<Irfan> we need to be aware of this. we may revisit it later

<Irfan> becky: EVM: improve the specification of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, extend it, and promote its adoption for use cases including public & private blockchains and sidechains, trusted computing, and enterprise usag

<Irfan> Graph Standardization- take the output from the recent W3C Graph Data Workshop and develop a strategy for how the work should move ahead. Use cases, business needs, tech. work needed within W3C

<Irfan> mc: it is under the cover

<Irfan> RTF people uses the word graphs and they should use different term.

<Irfan> Becky: Entity Reconciliation- developing a web API that data providers can expose, which eases the reconciliation of third-party data to their own identifiers. OpenRefine's reconciliation API is used as a starting point.

<Irfan> I will try to remember it in January and relook into it then.

<Irfan> becky: it more on AI side which makes me think of personalization.

<Irfan> mc: dont think individual group like this we should worry about

<Irfan> becky: Semantic Industries- Researchers are interested in understanding the actual needs of industrial partners, gathering use cases and example data, and clarifying the challenges that further research can help address, as well as refining the methodologies for developing semantic based solutions. Syncing that with industry and developers

<Irfan> janina: dont know how do they do it. don't think there is any direct interest.

<Irfan> becky: Digital Identity- mission is to identify and resolve real world identity issues, to explore and build a more secure trusted digital identity ecosystem on internet for people, organizations and things fully controlling, protecting and expressing their identity.

<Irfan> mc: that one is critical for us

<Irfan> becky: zot protocol- To standardize the Zot protocol currently used in Hubzilla and Zap, and to push its adoption for social web. (Zot The novel JSON-based protocol for implementing secure decentralised communications and services. It differs from many other communication protocols by building communications on top of a decentralised identity and authentication framework. The authentication component is similar to OpenID conceptually but is insulated from DNS-based

<Irfan> janina: this is not something we care about

<Irfan> mc: we might care about implementation

<Irfan> becky: Design Tokens- The Design Tokens Community Group's goal is to provide standards upon which products and design tools can rely for sharing stylistic pieces of a design system at scale.

<Irfan> Web Certificate API - The goal of Web Certificate API Community Group is to provide a JavaScript API for certificate related operations in web applications, such as retrieving a list of certificates, obtaining a public key and a private key associated with a certificate.

<Irfan> would say no need to track

<Irfan> janina: I agree

<Irfan> becky: for audio we need to have an explainer

<Irfan> janina: we will come back to it in January

<Irfan> scribe: Irfan

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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