Silver Community Group Teleconference

10 Dec 2019


CharlesHall, janina, jeanne, Chuck, Lauriat, Makoto, johnkirkwood, KimD, Jan


<CharlesHall> was going to mention that

<CharlesHall> https://24ways.org/2019/future-accessibility-guidelines/

Alan Dalton article on Silver

<jeanne> https://24ways.org/2019/future-accessibility-guidelines/

Jeanne: we had an article written about us
... he took information from welcome page, great article
... linked to other interesting articles
... i encourage others to look at article and look at lins

Group plans for writing tests, what resources do you need?


<CharlesHall> [previous] it is also a perfect follow up to his article last year, “accessibility guidelines for people who have not read them”

Shawn: i will do my best to support, on west coast

Jeanne: checking in with subgroups to see how to write tests and resource needs
... others in education area that are joining Silver. New people and resources coming in
... who is here from subgroups?
... have people signing up on resources page

<jeanne> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/People_Skills_and_Resources

Jeanne: Chuck and Makoto, Charles Hall

Chuck: met with Andy yesterday, he had sent a summary of math equations, there was a mix of proprietary content which discussed removing. Took some conversation but think we got to that point, Andy concerned about ownership of work. I would need some assitance for that point. well underwstood well documented well available math for this

Jeann: we cant put proprietary content, major organizations have methods to do that with W3C

Jeanne: sent him additional information have passed off to legal in past

Chuck: conversations that keeps recurring hopefully will see about that

Janina: want to clarify something, is the owner Andy himself

<jeanne> jeanne: W3C has robust resources for dealing with patents and intellectual property - https://www.w3.org/2003/12/22-pp-faq.html

Janina: run process. send on to Shawn and Jeanne
... ... talk to Jeanne and Chuck

Jeanne: sent a note to Jeff Witt, what do you think you need?

Chuck: don't know yet, take math and put into document much the way it exists for the test
... don't think will need additional assistance once i see math i will know more

Jeanne: I can ask Patrick Lauke who he currently maintains Color Contrast Analyzer tool to help with tests

Chuck: can apply to any platform
... will check with him

thank you

<Makoto> ALT Text - Latest document (10th December 2019) : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xI6ooDVxvNelVNJDSvbTJCvrJh92Df9wLXGyWs5f2-w/edit?usp=sharing

Jeanne: alt text color contrast

Makoto: put in url for documents, changing approach to content creation process document
... meet on thursday to discuss and find and write test and will share progress next week
... any questions?
... no significant changes from last call.
... part 3, copy and past addtional stuff

Jeanne: very good. patrt 2 link to gap analysis Todd did might be good

Makoto: right

Jeanne: valuable to us save work on updating technique either in part 2 or part 3
... do you think you are going to want to write any new tests?

Makoto: I think our tema has 4 persons, so we will be able to do it. but let me check with team members this week to see if need addtional help

<Makoto> Gap analysis by Todd: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TgOrTLdxBf_E_mDpoTYJOWn4-lfH_m1DdT8nc2u9PTM/edit?usp=sharing

Jeanne: rather go through process rather than do a new test. lets move alt text as is and put editors notes and after february do new approach

<Lauriat> +1 that sounds good.

Makoto: we will do that

Jeanne: great, leadership appreciated
... can report for clear words, met last friday and last monday did overall rubric for clear words. things should look for with clear words, 3 ways to evaluate, 1 used and editror, 2 nd style guide, 3rd rubric
... rubric struggling with middle ground and describe accurately could use some help from an editor
... i will look for an editor as an action

<jeanne> Jeanne will ask Kim Patch to help with writing tests

Jeanne: i am keeping as a to do list. the action item tracker is going away
... as a group need better action tracking

Janina: we all need it

Jeanne: Jan had a lot more brain cells working on call last night
... if Jan you can chime in

Charles: nothing to report availability hasn't kicked in yet

Jeanne: are things that can be put in for writing test

Charles: closer to holiday an introcuction would be good


Jeanne: anybody else?

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to ask about the IP?

Content writing process, Develop Tests

Jeanne: talking about tests and people are referencing what to do, like to look at process document and look at test section. see if suggestions for improvement

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gfYAiV2Z-FA_kEHYlLV32J8ClNEGPxRgSIohu3gUHEA/edit#heading=h.2sf1t1ha25ip

Jeanne: link on developing tests like to review what we have
... to write test, to solution, important one. to identify user needs one asking people to capture list and really get through process before writing new material
... guidelines on one side, and methods on other
... guidelines general tech neutral
... techniques on specifc site. tests go in methods
... in part 2 methods process
... conditions we want to meet user need
... there is types for writing tests. technology specific. alt text will be. keep it simple
... heres the step by step process

<KimD> 1. List the known solutions to the user needs identified in Part 1 and how they are tested. Solutions are a bullet list of short, high level descriptions of what the author needs to do to meet the user need of people with disabilities.

<KimD> 2. List a common example, preferably a technology neutral example of the problem and simple solution.

<KimD> 3.

Jeanne: process pasting into irc above

<KimD> Identify known exceptions. Exceptions will generally be listed in the WCAG success criteria, although they will occasionally be found in the other documents. .

Jeanne: alt text comes to mind. as people became more experienced alt text writing has improved over the years
... recommend keep with W3C documents

<KimD> 4. List any user needs identified in Part 1 that do not have a solution or exception. If there is a solution that could be addressed by a new test proposal, list it, and plan to write it. If there are user needs that do not have solutions or cannot be tested in current technology, enter that user need to document that the gap exists and should be addressed in future SIlver work.

Jeanne: thats what we will be doing next year of what needs to be done and work on that
... if migrating a SC lets try not to expand to a new territory
... move what we have and note any gaps

<KimD> 5. Current Tests: Copy existing WCAG Techniques that apply to the Silver guideline. You can get a list of the applicable WCAG Techniques from How to Meet WCAG. If there are a large number of Techniques, just make a note.

<KimD> 5a. Review the WCAG Understanding & Techniques links from the applicable success criteria in How to Meet WCAG.

Jeanne: step 5 can get from WCAG do a search and copy url and paste into silver

<KimD> 5b. Review the applicable Web Accessibility Tutorials.

Jeanne: document. please review tutorials

<KimD> 5c. Review the Easy Checks to see if the tests are there.

Jeanne: review easy checks

<KimD> 5d. Check the ACT tests for additional tests.

Jeanne: check ACT test for anything addtionsl

<KimD> 5e. Some accessibility tools test for conditions that are not part of WCAG. You can link to or reference these tests by tool if they apply.

Jeanne: if that applies we can talk about wether should be included

<KimD> 5f. Existing tests or techniques can simply be linked to. Don’t copy all the text into this document.

Jeanne: no need to copy all into document for existing tech
... any thoughts corrections?
... start writing new tests on another day

<Lauriat> Sure, sounds good! Only a few minutes left.

Intro & getting started updates

Jeanne: report back took an action item to update homepage and clean it. welcome to silver document.

<jeanne> Welcome: https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/Welcome_to_Silver#What_we_are_currently_working_on

Jeanne: also have a list to what currently working on
... there is also a reading list at the end that sends you to all majory summaries we have worked on to date.
... take a look at what we are currently working on. haven't finished. currently migrating six and will link back to main page. will update
... appreciate comments suggestions edit to Welcome to Silver document
... doesn't have participating with meetings. i should add

<janina> Color issue update in github overnight here:

<janina> https://github.com/w3c/wcag/issues/757

Janina: just realized somebody updated 757 relating to color contrast, it is interesting
... might want to take a look

Jeanne: those working on conformance see you this evening
... everyone else on friday

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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