Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

21 Nov 2019


JohnRochford, Rachael, johnkirkwood, Roy, Jennie, LisaSeemanKest


<Rachael> Finish user stories discussion https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xmmQkuZLEG014zDRVkgr3QLyINb7BNvWxqL7POn6Ei8/edit

Attendance Next Week

<johnkirkwood> rochelle:

<johnkirkwood> rochelle: who is able to attend next week?


<johnkirkwood> -1

<JohnRochford> -1

<johnkirkwood> rochelle: sounds like we should cancel next

Planning and Actions https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/PlanningPage

<johnkirkwood> rsolution: cancel next week

RESOLUTION: cancel next week

<johnkirkwood> rochelle: we have been working on use cases

<johnkirkwood> ... can we talk about WCAG 2.2 and how its going?

I have no i[dates at this time.

<johnkirkwood> JohnRochford: last in knew about athentification Alistar was working on it

<johnkirkwood> Rochelle: will email him and cc you

<johnkirkwood> Jennie: no updates at this time

<johnkirkwood> Jennit: next time before AG group is december

<scribe> scribe: Jennie

Rachael: any other updates or support needs?
... Essential controls will be discussed next week.
... the coming back was not on the schedule, and this took me by surprise. I will touch base with Alastair.
... the editor meeting - Lisa?

Lisa: timeline: we are behind.

<Rachael> Timeline is at https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/PlanningPage#updated_time_line_-April_2020

Lisa: the summaries of the user needs will make this improved
... I made a timeline - it is at the bottom of the planning page.
... the idea is to make an interation before CSUN so we can tell people about it at CSUN.
... end of this month: finish with new user needs and do mapping to any personas and patterns.
... we need to add missing patterns and personas in December.
... We also need to finish reviewing the mental health paper.
... in January we can put in any gaps in the mental health paper.
... then we can be looking at Content Usable.
... then in February we can respond and close any issues, then publish the next iteration.
... the next iteration would be Glossary, the Way Finding paper, and 2nd round of editing and improving the other sections.
... hopefully this will let us publish a wide review iteration in August.
... then we can get a lot of feedback, and in August publish it as a note.
... how do people feel about this?

Rachael: this is aggressive, but doable.
... this means we look at the User Needs, then by Monday have completed a final check and say you are comfortable with them.
... then we will work on the mapping.
... any thoughts?

EA: I started reading through Lisa's document, and realized I can try and read the whole thing through. It feels like there are different types of writing.
... some of the sentences have a lot of different terms. So I stopped after page 1.
... it is about a day's work to make this feel like a consistent document.
... It needs to flow better between the different sections. And I mean this only in terms of it needing an editor's review.

Rachael: And you are talking about user stories?

EA: let me find it.
... Complete User Stories with Abi's wording at the beginning.

Lisa: It is not meant to be read through, only the summary bits.
... we agree it needs a good consistent edit.
... Rachael has offered to pull out all the summaries into a different document.
... then it will be much easier to edit and see where it isn't consistent.
... then we can edit it.

EA: fantastic.

Lisa: so who will do that edit?

Rachael: I can do the first pass, and do this in the next 2 hours.
... can anyone take the next pass by Monday.

EA: I can try.

Rachael: Is everyone else comfortable reviewing the new revised version by Monday?

<johnkirkwood> +1

EA: can we say by US time?

Rachael: or should we have people review between Tuesday and Thursday? Is that ok Lisa?

Lisa: I think it is too late, because when will we do the mappings?

Rachael: in that case, can we ask people to comment while EA and I do the editorial?

Lisa: Nobody should comment on the current document, but when we make the new document, yes.

EA: Did you want it yesterday?
... Rachael - what about Saturday for edits?

Rachael: ok, then Lisa you can use it on Sunday.

<JohnRochford> E.A. is a Super Hero.


Lisa: now we need to conform to the template.

Rachael: I will make those updates after the meeting.
... other thoughts?

Lisa: if I do mapping to personas, and we find we have stuff missing...
... then we have aphasia, ADHD, and we need to see what the challenges are - well documented...
... then we are having someone mapping to the user patterns, next week from Sunday
... the week after we will need volunteers to write extra challenges or extra patterns.
... I know we don't have a meeting but we will need people to start writing extra patterns.

Rachael: I signed up to do the Content Usable mapping on Sunday. Is anyone willing to take a pattern?

Lisa: I think we need to do both patterns: find what patterns are missing, and personas are missing.
... I can take a first stab at them.

EA: I am concerned - you mentioned Aphasia - what has not been done?

Lisa: that was Abi's feedback.

EA: Ok the persona for those 3 things.
... I'm sure there was an aphasia one on WCAG itself.
... and the speech language one. We gave you an AAC user one.

Lisa: it didn't get merged in.
... Steve and Abi had them.

EA: it is creative commons. I will get the link to him.

Lisa: I'm not sure when he will be back, so if you can send it to the list.

EA: I'm not sure they were in the right format.
... you can let me know.

Lisa: I need them in before I map the challenges.
... I need to look at them while I'm doing the mapping.
... then I can see what challenges are missing.

<EA_> personas from MOOCAP https://moocap.gpii.eu/?page_id=33

Rachael: So we need volunteers to step up and make the new personas consistent.
... we need people to step up and take a pattern each.

EA: if it is the aphasia one, I will have to find one.
... the AAC one, I can adapt to the template.
... if it is ADHD...

Lisa: there is also the DEX ones that I sent someone

<Rachael> This was the draft template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17Z-e3oc54rIc12OeRx-_-SAGrbUbjco4RKuPTMLjm1Y/edit

EA: probably went to Abi

Lisa: I don't remember.
... maybe Steve?
... let me look at them. Either way they don't have the challenges.

EA: I have challenges that I use with students, so I have them as a Word document which I can send you.
... but they don't have an ADHD one, and another one
... the layout is different.
... is an AAC user ok for the speech and language one?

Lisa: yes.

Rachael: thank you EA

Lisa: yes we are missing ADHD.

Rachael: so we need someone to sign up for ADHD, and several people to take a pattern.

EA: I can sign up for the ADHD one, but I can't do the patterns at the same time.

Lisa: that's super. I'll start mapping things

Rachael: but the personas will not be finalized until December 5th.
... anyone else have time?

Lisa: it may be helpful once we know which ones are missing, and then we can email a list of them to everyone.
... we can also send the template, and people can add it in.
... it will be a Google doc.
... Does that sound reasonable? It will be after Thanksgiving.

<Rachael> +1

Lisa: it will become 1st come 1st serve.

Rachael: what do people think?

Lisa: we will ask everyone to take one on if they possibly can.

<LisaSeemanKest> +1

Rachael: I'm not getting much feedback on IRC

Lisa: maybe next week when we come back we have a working meeting, with everyone taking a pattern and work on them.

Rachael: how does everyone feel about that?

<Rachael> Jennie: It depends. I find it sometimes difficult to be on a call to work things through together. When a lot of people are talking or things are changing. I would prefer the first option but am concerned about the timeline.

Rachael: we have trouble getting people to the editor's call.
... what if we sent out a template, and sent this before the meeting, then people can finalize before the meeting.

<Rachael> Jennie: It is the timeline piece as well. WCAG 2.2 is taking time. Is that our priority?

<Rachael> Rachael: Our priority list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YH4YETBmAdhfL9p8FK5ATUiXDGibeJh66psQCSUAvLQ/edit#gid=0 has Content Usable as #1 and WCAG 2.2 as #2

Lisa: we went through the priority many times through the list and through calls. These are the agreed upon priorities.

<Rachael> Jennie: WCAG 2.2. seems like a higher priority since it effects a wider range of people.

Lisa: we can reopen it, but it would change things. This has been discussed at many point.
... it was always agreed upon.

<Rachael> Jennie: That is fine with me. At a time like this, its difficult to volunteer both for WCAG 2.2 and some of these other pieces. As long as everyone doesn't have to take a pattern, I am fine with the priority list.

Lisa: yes, ok, the taking of a pattern is not a requirement.
... it is something we would like people to do.

Rachael: is that covering what you had in the queue?

Lisa: I was suggesting a straw poll

Rachael: Put in +1 if you are ok with current priorities.

<LisaSeemanKest> +1 keep crrent priorities


<JohnRochford> 0

<Rachael> +1

<EA_> +1 but hard to help

Rachael: ok so based on that we understand that many people are tackling 2.2

<johnkirkwood> 0

Rachael: if you have time - it sounds like dedicating the next meeting to them is not necessarily a good way to handle them.
... if anyone still has time we definitely still want to move on them.

<EA_> +1

Rachael: we will email them out.

<LisaSeemanKest> ok

<JohnRochford> 0

Rachael: anything else on this topic before we go to the next topic?
... Ok I will make updates to the planning page.
... Both Lisa and I are available to meet at CSUN. Silver is already meeting Monday and Tuesday of CSUN. There are no rooms booked.
... would we like to meet at CSUN?

+1 to meet if group is there

<EA_> Sadly not going to CSUN

John R: I will most likely participate in the Silver meeting, but I would like to do a COGA face to face.

Rachael: do you think we need 1 day or 2?

John R: 1 day time committment wise would be a good thing.

Rachael: any other thoughts?

Lisa: Can we do it the week before? Like on Thursday or Friday?

-1: I would not get permission to do that

John R: that would be quite a big expense for people.

Rachael: I would not be able to do that.

<JohnRochford> +1 to evening meeting

Rachael: Silver usually goes during the day. How would people feel about an evening meeting either during CSUN or Monday or Tuesday

Lisa: that would not work well for me.
... it is too long a day.

What about Sunday?

<JohnRochford> +1 to Sunday

I would still need to ask about Sunday, but more likely to get permission for that

<JohnRochford> -1 to Sunday

Rachael: I will survey the list and see how many people could make the Sunday

<JohnRochford> Sorry for flip flop

Lisa: we would need about 8 people

Rachael: I will survey for Sunday, and an evening meeting

Can it be eveining MOnday or Tuesday?

<JohnRochford> +1

Face-to-Face at CSUN?

<Rachael> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xmmQkuZLEG014zDRVkgr3QLyINb7BNvWxqL7POn6Ei8/edit?pli=1#

Rachael: last item: summary for Item 8 on user stories
... Lisa and EA have been working through this one.

EA: do you talk about an impaired memory or a memory impairment?
... this is discussed differently in different countries?
... we need a consensus on what WCAG advises?

Lisa: I think we need to decide as a group

EA: there are too few of us to decide today

Rachael: I can add to the poll. Can someone send me the different phrases?

EA: W3 tells us we may develop impairments with age

<Rachael> EA: Vision impairement is a label.

<Rachael> Lisa: Impaired memory is less than typical memory. Memory impairment is more formal, official diagnosis. I was tempted to go to less formal to be more inclusive.

<johnkirkwood> thinking memory impairment is correct

<LisaSeemanKest> i have to go to a next meeting

<Rachael> EA: Memory impairment is more commonly used in WCAG. We need to tighten this up and be consistent. UK is adopting it.

<LisaSeemanKest> \but i think +1 memory impairment

<LisaSeemanKest> do we have an editors meeting later

<Rachael> no

<Rachael> Its only you and me. Everyone else was unable to make it. I'd personally prefer we focus on our assigned tasks. Is that OK?

<Rachael> trackbot end meeting

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. cancel next week
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