Silver Community Group Teleconference

19 Nov 2019


jeanne, bruce_bailey, janina, Makoto
Peter, Angela, Chuck, Jennifer


<scribe> scribe: jeanne

Challenge document

Janina: we got good feedback from AGWG today, with several suggestions that we needed to follow
... we will go back to them on the 3rd
... we got a new branch of Silver research
... and many additional success criteria from Detlev
... we are going to merge the document and clean up some of the language

Bruce: The readable version hasn't been regenerated. Has that been fixed.

Janina: I don't see the problem.
... I will send email to the chairs in the morning if it wasn't fixed.

Jeanne: Check the Travis bot. That may be hanging up the update.
... I sent Janina the data for the Silver research and the final report from the Design Sprint.

Janina: We want to look at what isn't working well after 20 years of WCAG.

<janina> Think I dropped! brb

High level summary for FPWD


Joe: We say that templates solve it, and it helps, if people have access to them and are using them correctly, but I don't think we can make that assumptions.

Janina: In the banking industry there has been a lot of success, but for example, it hasn't always extended to the options trading business.

Jeanne: We would also allow people to declare what part of the website/product/project they are declaring conformance for.

Janina: We should include that in the FPWD so we get feedback on it.

Jeanne: We should include the language that Makoto gave us on how that is handled in Japan.
... VPAT is what most people use for claiming conformance.

<Makoto> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SVDWemejSSBPPqJl4t_KBGeXWsFNWjHv0JW1y6RWgdg/edit?usp=sharing

Makoto: Japanese translation of WCAG 2.0 as an ISO standard.

<bruce_bailey> Here is one WCAG 2.1 requirement for conformance claims:

<bruce_bailey> A concise description of the Web pages, such as a list of URIs for which the claim is made, including whether subdomains are included in the claim.

<bruce_bailey> https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG21/#conformance-required

Makoto: we wanted to encourage companies to claim conformance for their website.
... we allowed them to sample 40 pages and test them

<bruce_bailey> ITI VPAT 2 page: https://www.itic.org/policy/accessibility/vpat

Makoto: they should be random samples

<bruce_bailey> mentions wcag and EN 301 549

Makoto: Then they can claim conformance for that moment in time based on the tests for those sample pages

Joe: Are they random or prioritized by customer usage?

Makoto: There are 25 random and 15 selected

Jeanne: I think the sampling is a problem that we know how to solve and we just need to work out the proposal.

Bruce: I think we should lean on people that have done this.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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