WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

23 Oct 2019


janina, CharlesL, shawn, MichaelC, Brent, George, Judy, jeanne, Kim
Joanie, James, Kathy, Katie


<scribe> scribe: jeanne



Scribe, rrsagent, agenda, next meeting date

JB: Next meeting: I will not be available on 6 November.
... there are not a lot of agenda items
... propose that next meeting be 20 November

George: Accessing Higher Ground interferes

Charles: at AHG

<Judy> regrets if we meet on Nov 20: GK, CLP, SH, JS,

Jeanne: at AHG

Shawn: not available

JB: Next meeting will be 20 November, but I will check on other's availability


Upcoming daylight saving time out-of-sync reminders to your groups

JB: Bi-annual reminder for all groups that out-of-sync weeks for meetings with attendees who are out of North America.
... make sure you use the time clock for the week and include that in your meeting announcements

SLH: When is the change?

<Judy> https://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst/events.html

Janina: Week of the 27th for meetings on Boston based time

JB: I pasted in a link (above) for daylight savings time changes
... recommend using data-backed announcements

Upcoming announcements & publications

JB: I know there is a big one coming up from AGWG for Accessibility Testing Rules Format

MC: Shadi is drafting the press release and blog post.

JB: He is also looking for supporting quotes

GK: Epub Community Group - would those be fair game for announcements?

JB: We don't usually, but there is no reason why we can't/

GK: We are working on a ROadmap and a re-chartering of the Working Group
... I don't see it going to REC track now
... it will be in the CG for a while yet

JB: That sounds like a good thing to let people know about
... Shawn, what are some avenues of communicating out? Do we want to bring more people to the work?

SLH: Probably not blog post, but the other avenues of messaging are open

JB: What are the goals of the announcement

GK: Getting the word out. THere are over 250 people in the community group
... getting the word out to Higher Ed and other publishing arenes
... and anyone who produces publications
... Not in the next two weeks, but in the next couple months

Updated resources to support announcements

<shawn> e-mail https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-cc/2019Oct/0004.html

<shawn> main page: www.w3.org/wiki/WAI/announcements

<shawn> draft announcements: https://www.w3.org/WAI/cc/wiki/WAI_Announcement_Drafts

SLH: Email sent (linked above). Team has done the announcements in the past, but this group is now taking on more responsibility for announcements. This gives guidance for announcements.
... foundational help crafting messaging
... tips on subject line and signatures
... Shawn is here to help! Not a lot of time, though.
... Any questions, improvements or items that might be missing?

JB: I'm getting a login

SLH: The first link is for anyone with a W3C login
... the second link is restricted to WAI-CC login
... so we can do early drafts without them being public.

JB: Can other people check and see if they can get in?

Charles: I can't

Jeanne: I can access it

Janina: Worked for me, but not for my Amazon ID, which is exactly how it should be.

Shawn: I can look at the list of who can access.
... I can tell who is in and who isn't.

[Shawn adds names to the list]

SLH: Send me an email if you don't have access and I'll add you to the list
... We want to make it easy

Updates: digital publishing; knowledge domains; horizontal review coordination; other

JB: THere were items deferred from last meeting
... Knowledge Domain work was a prominent issue last years TPAC. Not so much this year, but that may be because the work is moving ahead.
... some people are seeking funding for the work.

Janina: I havne't put much attention to it, regretfully.

George: We have the CHemistry Community Group going. THere are three chairs, but I need to drive it.

JB: Would you say that it doesn't have self-sustaining momentum on the technical work?

GK: I would say it is nacsent in the community developement.
... I think it needs funding
... and all the knowledge domain work needs funding

JB: Are there funding efforts?

GK: Some in the group are approaching the National Science Foundation
... I have been looking at funding at Benetech for the Chemistry side

JB: Is this a place for stepping stone funding to get the work off the ground? Or does it need sustained funding?
... if it has a high bar of large amounts of funding, then it needs some preliminary work on goals

GK: I think stepping stone funding could satisfy immediate objectives and then pursue major funding for longer term objectives

JB: Right now, it is in a Community Group, and W3C doesn't usually assign staff resources, but there are exceptions..
... if there was 5% staff time assigned, would that help?

GK: I don't think so. THe people have to be assigned this as part of their day job.

JB: Horizontal Review: At TPAC there was a breakout session to work on Horizontal Reviews, to notify, track, and followup on horizontal review
... that has moved to Github
... Mostly concerns Michael and Janina
... you may get more reviews, and there may be gaps

Janina: I'm looking forward to better tracking
... we are doing pretty well

JB: Charters and workshops may have to be handled differently
... any work in WAI groups may be subject to the same review process.
... the example of the CAPTCHA document received comments from Security and Privacy
... it's a two-way street in terms of horizontal review

Janina: We have a video question for horizontal review

JB: Accessibility in video streams for HTML

GK: We finshed the horizontal review of the publishing spec and the audio book spec
... moving to the next phase which will be CR. THat's coming

JB: Does that need announcements

GK: when we get to CR.

JB: in the announcements: we are working for more checklists for FAST and other checklists for privacy, security and internationalization

Community Groups check-in with APA

Building more accessibility accommodation information into registration forms

JB: When we have held WAI meetings, we have had requests for accessibility and also we check in with people
... for the Immersive Web workshop, we need that information earlier in the process. We are getting requests for captioning and ASL interpreted
... I'm working with Dom to get that included.
... We are looking for funding for accommodations
... we have done that in the past, and I want to make sure it is done in the future.
... I'm trying to get an accommodation module built into the registration form that goes beyond dietary requests
... real time accommodations may be harder to supply in some countries.
... what kind of accommodation needs have you heard of that we should have known in advance?
... what would you want to have on that list?
... for example, someone might need assisted listening support for TPAC.

BB: Are you asking how we should be asking or where we should be asking?

JB: I'm talking about F2F meetings with a registration form.

BB: We have a wiki page is with a list of attendees. We could ask for more info.

<Brent> What tool is used for the registration form?

Jeanne: Silver has an open-ending question for accommodations. We keep the answers private.
... I think it would be better to have a pick list so people know what is available. And it should have an Other.
... we shoudl also consider what common assistance needs would exist for people with cognitive disabilities

GK: I think we should be more inviting to the hearing impaired community
... ASL and captioning should be offered on a regular basis. IRC is not sufficient.

JB: IRC isn't even a legal accommodation
... we are getting more requests. I am trying to bring them more into W3C policy: no scent, no flash, quiet room, space for wheelchairs

<Zakim> jeanne, you wanted to ask Rachael about accommodations for COGA participants

Jeanne: WHat are accommodations to support people with cognitive disabilities? HOw can we be more inviting to people with cognitive disabilities?

Rachael: The quiet room is good. Scribing is hard. What do we ask participants to do.
... I would like to go back to COGA and ask them what is needed

JB: Tricky on correcting scribing, because we need to have a good record of the meeting

GK: IRC is very helpful for people with a second language

CL: My experience with the digital accessibility task force was that members may not be able to type

GK: Charles has used the automatic transcription feature of Zoom. We should be able to take advantage of that.

JB: I'm looking into that for W3C as a whole. It will take a while, but it is in process. I wish there were a completely reliable system. Zoom failed in a meeting this week.
... let people know they can opt out of scribing. There are many reasons they may not be able to scribe.

CL: Add that to the F2F registration meeting to opt out of scribing

KP: I use speech recogntition. SOmetimes it fails. It helps to have a backup scribe. Especially when the scribe wants to talk.

<janina> +1 to Kim on assigning a scribe backup up front

JB: a pre-designated scribe

+1 to Kim for scribe backup

<CharlesL> +1 :)

<George> The duration of scribing is also an issue. I find a whole hour to be too much.

Charles: At Microsoft, there was automatic live captioning of powerpoint presentations

JB: It's complicated. The hearing communities are not willing to accept the accuracy of automated captions
... If there are urgent community groups looking for participation

<janina> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Community_Groups

Community Groups check-in with APA

Janina: We have reorganized the Community Group accessibility monitoring page from APA.

JB: Please take that as a homework assignment

CSUN presentations

JB: Please share CSUN presentations accepted to the WAI-CC list.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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