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10 Sep 2019



Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Lagally, Hiroki_Endo, Masaya_Ikeo, Kunihiko_Toumura, Takahisa_Suzuki, Michael_McCool, Ege_Korkan, Christian_Glomb, Verena_Schlott, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Daniel_Peintner


<scribe> scribenick: kaz


Lagally: (goes through the agenda at: https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/PlugFest_WebConf#Agenda_10.09.2019)
... which devices, test cases to prioritize?
... simple communication test

McCool: (points out some problem with the online-plugfest.md file)


Lagally: and then we should discuss F2F/PlugFest logistics
... including demo/breakout setting
... anything else for today?

McCool: need to leave around 5:30pm

Round table: which devices, test cases to prioritized?

Lagally: let's see the TDs

(Ege joins)

Ege: would invite one of the students to this call

Lagally: ok

Fujitsu's TDs

Suzuki: remote devices and local devices

Fujitsu's remote devices

<mlagally> Fujitsu: Fujitsu-WiFiSensor-3C71BF4253EC.jsonld, Fujitsu-Buzzerjsonld, Mozilla-LED.jsonld

Lagally: how to check if the device works?
... are you on hangout?

Suzuki: I'm on Panasonic hangout

Kaz: is the information available to everybody?

Lagally: yes

Suzuki: (shows Fujitsu's devices on hangout)

Kaz: just to make sure
... does the cloud.md table include the information of devices on the local.md?

Suzuki: Fujitsu's devices are connected to both the local proxy and the remote proxy
... that's why there is the same information on the local devices on both the pages

Kaz: got it

Intel's TDs

McCool: web cam and speech interface
... longpoll grabs the image every 10 sec

Lagally: which of the entries works?

McCool: all of them work

Lagally: do people have credentials for this?

McCool: on the README.md
... links to the Member archived credentials
... also links to concrete TDs
... you have to post for speech

Lagally: we should use the basic credential

Ege: where is the information?

McCool: there is links on README.md
... will add clarification on the basic authentication

Kaz: JPEG image is broken

McCool: will fix

Kaz: and relationship between JSON and JSON-LD for speech?

McCool: just update the device IP address
... please use the JSON version

Oracle's TDs

Lagally: (show the animation of the Oracle IoT digital twin simulator)
... very simple model of the pump
... please let me know if you need another one
... (goes through the list of TDs)
... you can log in and use the devices

<Zakim> kaz, you wanted to ask about the relationship between intel-speak.json and intel-speak.jsonld

Suzuki: tried to use the TD this morning
... problem with href URL

Lagally: sorry
... need to update the TD

Kaz: what is the difference among all the Blue_Pump_*?

Lagally: specific instance for each vendor

Panasonic's TDs

Lagally: Toru-san is not available yet

Kaz: what about NHK, Siemens and TUM?

Christian: not prepared yet
... planning to provide electric charger simulator

Kaz: hardware-based or software-based?

Christian: software-based one

Kaz: tx

Christian: today, I'm mainly observing
... already got interesting information

Kaz: do you think you can join the demo prep on Sunday?

Christian: not available but will be there on Tuesday

McCool: Intel and Siemens want to work on Tuesday at the W3C Team room

Kaz: will double check with Naomi about that

Lagally: what about TUM?
... Ege or Verena?
... what kind of TDs are you planning to provide?

vs: we'll provide just clients

Ege: can't access the devices at TUM from Fukuoka this time...

Lagally: what about NHK?

Endo: we don't provide TDs

<ege> Just for correction, I will be bringing the physically with me to Fukuoka

Endo: only application client on TV

Lagally: which devices/TDs are you planning to use?

Kaz: are you planning to get connected with Fujitsu and Panasonic?

Endo: Panasonic gateway and Fujitsu proxy

Kaz: and what is your target devices?

Endo: Panasonic's robot cleaner

Lagally: ok

Client applications

Lagally: regarding clients, how many applications do we have?
... TUM, Hitachi, NHK, ...
... three client applications?
... application developers can check the connectivity of their using devices/TDs
... Endo-san, can you check Fujitsu's device? or Panasonic one?

Endo: Panasonic robot cleaner
... can show the video using hangout
... our application runs/synchronizes with TV

(Endo-san prepares for his demo)

Kaz: question for Ege
... will you provide your TDs later?

Ege: will do

Connection test

Lagally: need to fix Oracle's TDs
... it seems there are two kinds of hangouts...
... one on the README and another by Panasonic
... we should use Panasonic's one given they're not here and can't change the setting

(15-min break)

<mlagally> @toumura-san: Please try wot/plugfest/2019-tpac-fukuoka/TDs/Oracle/Blue_Pump_Hitachi.jsonld

Toumura: tried the updated TD
... but there is some authentication problem
... the error code is returned to the server
... could you please check what's happening?

Lagally: ok, thanks for your feedback

(2nd session starts)

Lagally: who here can show your applications today?

Ege: trying security devices
... need some debugging for now

Lagally: ok

Kaz: do you want to try today, Sunday or Tuesday?

Ege: good question
... can show node-wot testing today

Lagally: note tat we're test interoperability
... what about Toumura-san?

Toumura: can show simple demo
... can I share my screen?

Lagally: yes, please

Hitach application

Toumura: simple test connection for each device
... Fujitsu, Panasonic, Oracle, ...
... can get connected with devices in Kanazawa
... also USB buzzer light, rotary beacon, etc.
... but can't get connect with Mozilla yet due to a bug
... will fix it
... would create an application to show camera's video
... also the speech device works
... can get connected with Panasonic devices as well
... also some dashboard display
... and then working on Suzuki-san's industry scenario
... including Panasonic's bulletin board
... but some problem
... if Suzuki-san can generate a balloon, could be fixed
... currently there is no value change

Kaz: what do you mean by "balloon"?
... the plastic bag Matsukura-san brought?

Toumura: yes, that's the one

Kaz: Matsukura-san and Suzuki-san, do you think you can bring a plastic bag again?

Toumura: or another kick

Suzuki: not sure about the plastic bag but can we use another trigger?

Lagally: maybe we can use Oracle Siemens Festo simulator?

Toumura: I can use that as well
... just wondering which one to be used

Lagally: but basically you can access those devices except Mozilla gateway
... that is very good


Lagally: Endo-san, what about you?

Endo: I'll show a demonstration within a local network
... with Google hangout
... local network first
... and then run devices in Osaka
... (shows the demo on hangout)
... broadcast video on the TV

Kaz: would be better to watch the hangout video directly (rather than via webex :)

Lagally: let's do so

Kaz: is there any sound on the program?

Endo: no sound

Kaz: ok

(mccool rejoins)


Suzuki: can I show my application?
... (shares his screen)
... power consumption at a smart home
... the sensor, then air conditioner
... phase 3 includes Mozilla's light
... node-red dashboard shows energy management and solar panel
... some problem here
... then second scenario
... that is the industry scenario
... monitors for sensors
... z-axis acceleration, temperature, humidity and air pressure
... if there is any abnormal situation, the beacon turns
... that's it
... questions/comments?

Lagally: looks nice
... we've been seen two demos


Ege: managed to work with Intel
... so would show that

<mlagally> https://hangouts.google.com/call/Gbgym9gd5j4OUEppg5VJAEEE

<ege> Verena is the screenshare

Ege: (shows a dashboard software)
... you can control properties, actions, events here

NHK (revisited)

Lagally: anything to show now?

Endo: tx for waiting!

Lagally: can you please explain your demo?

Endo: (shows their demo)
... restarted the TV broadcasting demo
... Hybridcast TV can receive signals from broadcasting stations
... which includes a trigger
... and the application can control the robot cleaner, etc.
... also there are lights around the TV
... can be controlled based on the events

Lagally: embedding some trigger within the TV broadcasting content?

Endo: yes
... the TV program wants to use a device
... stop, change color, etc.

Lagally: video stream from IP?

ikeo: hybridcast handles both the broadcasting content and the IP video stream
... event trigger message is a so-called shot

diagram on the README.md

Kaz: maybe you can explain the mechanism by showing the diagram on the README.md file

Endo: (Hybridcast Connect Application Demo)
... tx
... it's combination of broadcasting content and IP content
... broadcasting content provides an event message as a trigger
... hybridcast application transfers that event to the hybridcast connect application (=a node.js application)
... the protocol between the hybidcast application and the hybridcast connect application is a proprietary one

Lagally: everything is controlled based on the event message included in the broadcast content
... how to control the devices then?
... the application can be interactive?

Endo: the user should be able to decide the scenario
... in this scenario, we make a demo to make the story simple

Kaz: provides some explanation about the basic mechanism of Hybridcast

Next steps

Lagally: we got nice demos
... and we got some actions

McCool: maybe we should clarify who to get together tomorrow during the usual PlugFest call

Lagally: good idea
... let's check what to be done

<mlagally> ACTION: Oracle to regenerate TDs

<mlagally> ACTION: Intel to fix digest auth, mark camera properties as read only

[Kaz's note: There are several remaining slots for preparation: (1) PF call on Sep. 11, (2) Demo prep day on Sep. 15 and (3) Tuesday on Sep. 17 at W3C Team room ]

Ege: has updated TUM's TDs

(some discussion on demo session; details to be discussed during the main call tomorrow)

ml anything else for today?



Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Intel to fix digest auth, mark camera properties as read only
[NEW] ACTION: Oracle to regenerate TDs

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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