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XR Accessibility User Needs

Joshue O Connor - Emerging Web Technology/Accessibiity (W3C/WAI)

IRC Channel: #inclusive-xr

Intro on Me..

Topic discussion and Goals

Welcome to XAUR (XR User requirements) [DRAFT]

  • Mostly I work with Accessibile Platform Architectures Working Group (APA) and the Research Questions Task Force (RQTF).
  • We have drafted a user needs and requirements document for XR.
  • Taken a modular approach to user requirements as they relate to Navigation, Object Semantics, Interaction and more.
  • We have a draft checklist of 'things to do' - somewhat inspired by parts of the Game Accessibility Guidelines (which are great).
  • NOTE: APA aim to publish XAUR as a non-normative working group note.
  • What are some of the current technical challenges?

    How to address these challenges?

    Ok, great stuff - lets discuss.