DXWG CNEG subgroup meeting

04 July 2019


LarsG, ncar, roba

Meeting minutes

Hello Lars?

* oh, ok. I just re-issued the WebEx invite since the previous one expired at the start of this month (new Financial Year)

* you shoudl have a new WebEx invite now that works

<roba> can you put link here

* https://‌csiro.webex.com/‌csiro/‌j.php?MTID=m024017e55536334cf73ae2c56bdfe245

Confirm agenda

<LarsG> +1


<roba> +1

Resolved: Agenda confirmed

Approve minutes from last meeting

<LarsG> PROPOSED: Approve minutes from last meeting

list attendees

<LarsG> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2019/‌06/‌20-dxwgcneg-minutes


<LarsG> +1

Resolved: Approve minutes from last meeting

<roba> +1

List of open action items

<LarsG> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌track/‌products/‌4

<LarsG> action-193?

<trackbot> action-193: Rob Atkinson to Move jmeter test suite to within w3c systems -- due 2018-09-05 -- OPEN

this will work: http://‌linked.data.gov.au/‌dataset/‌gnaf/‌address/‌GAACT714845933?_view=alternates

So will this: linked.data.gov.au/dataset/gnaf/address/GAACT714845933?_view=alternates?_view=gnaf

s#linked.data.gov.au/dataset/gnaf/address/GAACT714845933?_view=alternates?_view=gnaf#http: //linked.data.gov.au/dataset/gnaf/address/GAACT714845933?_view=gnaf/

<LarsG> ncar: we need some kind of function to let clients know what keywords are available

<LarsG> ... sort of GetCapabilities

Action: ncar to update QSA documentation with an equivalent to GetCapabilities

<trackbot> Created ACTION-343 - Update qsa documentation with an equivalent to getcapabilities [on Nicholas Car - due 2019-07-11].

<LarsG> ncar: this relates to a GH issue <trying to find which one>

relevant issue: https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌issues/‌904

ignore last, that is not a "relevant issue"

<LarsG> ... #538 https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌issues/‌538

<LarsG> action-328?

<trackbot> action-328: Rob Atkinson to Draft replies to tom's email in a new gh issue -- due 2019-05-23 -- PENDINGREVIEW

<LarsG> ncar: we have a reply. nick has reviewed

<LarsG> ... the reply is not in GH but in a GoogleDoc

<LarsG> LarsG: I'll review if someone sends me the link to the GoogleDoc

<LarsG> roba: don't think it's a conneg problem any more

<LarsG> ncar: even from a conneg view of the ontology

<LarsG> ... it's at the most annotation changes

<LarsG> ... no substantial changes to the structure

<LarsG> ... more guidance and use

<LarsG> roba: the problem is that the DC people write profiles that are different things

<LarsG> ... that's fine, we just need to accept that it's different

<LarsG> ... and that there are several things in one document

<roba> * https://‌docs.google.com/‌document/‌d/‌1yokqcM5UkGwKIAqJimDq4o7Bd4I6QWO7ZbzQZOwRvmM/‌edit

<LarsG> close action-328

<trackbot> Closed action-328.

<LarsG> action-329

<trackbot> action-329: Peter Winstanley to Check if an announcement has been made to public comments list -- due 2019-05-28 -- OPEN

<LarsG> LarsG: has this been addressed in the plenary?

<LarsG> roba: Peter has done a blog post on the W3C blog

<LarsG> ... so we should be able to close

W3C blog post about DXWG progress: https://‌www.w3.org/‌blog/‌2019/‌06/‌dataset-exchange-working-group-is-making-progress/

<LarsG> close action-329

<trackbot> Closed action-329.

<LarsG> action-330?

<trackbot> action-330: Peter Winstanley to Formally notify these cgs with plh_ -style request -- due 2019-05-28 -- OPEN

<LarsG> ncar: note says that action has been superseded

<LarsG> close action-330

<trackbot> Closed action-330.

<LarsG> action-337?

<trackbot> action-337: Rob Atkinson to Contact plh about web architecture issues arising from #603 -- due 2019-06-06 -- OPEN

<LarsG> roba: the request has been passed to plh who passed it on and there is no response until now

<LarsG> ... will ask again

<LarsG> action-340?

<trackbot> action-340: Lars G. Svensson to Respond to query re ietf process -- due 2019-06-27 -- PENDINGREVIEW

<LarsG> LarsG: email has been sent and Ruben has agreed

<LarsG> close action-340

<trackbot> Closed action-340.

<LarsG> action-341?

<trackbot> action-341: Lars G. Svensson to To final review and reply to tom formally -- due 2019-06-27 -- OPEN

<LarsG> LarsG: shall deal with this one after the meeting

Status check of 3PWD Issues

<LarsG> https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌milestone/‌18

<roba> https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌milestone/‌20

<LarsG> ncar: looking at #287, we only need to add guidance of how to indicate two profiles

<LarsG> ... this would apply to QSA, too

<LarsG> ... will take care of that

<LarsG> ... #380 No comments on this one except for the original text

<LarsG> ... we cannot address this until the IETF doc is ready

<LarsG> ... will remove it from the milestone since we don't know when we can handle it

<LarsG> ... #384 (think we've done that)

<LarsG> ... no we haven't, leave it open.

<LarsG> RRSAgent: please make logs public

<LarsG> RRSAgent: please draft minutes v2

<LarsG> RRSAgent: please draft minutes v2

Summary of action items

  1. ncar to update QSA documentation with an equivalent to GetCapabilities

Summary of resolutions

  1. Agenda confirmed
  2. Approve minutes from last meeting
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Maybe present: s#linked.data.gov.au/dataset/gnaf/address/GAACT714845933?_view=alternates?_view=gnaf#http