26 Jun 2019


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Dave_Raggett, Michael_Koster, Taki_Kamiya, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_Lagally, Takahisa_Suzuki, Zoltan_Kis, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Ege_Korkan, Toru_Kawaguchi, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Sebastian_Kaebisch
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<kaz> scribenick: zkis

Quick updates

McCool: TPAC reminder

<kaz> TPAC Registration site

<kaz> TPAC Accommodation page (online booking site tentatively unavailable)

McCool: other events coming up, Connexus and IETF hackathon

Matthias: also participating on the hackathon, including semantic model translation
... no confirmation from OCF data model people

<mjkoster> here is a link to the OMA + WISHI meeting on Friday July 19th in Montreal, before IETF105

<mjkoster> https://github.com/t2trg/2019-07-oma

Spec status - comments from TAG and PING

McCool: finalizing the spec
... we got a comment from David Baron of Mozilla

June-26 TAG minutes

McCool: waiting for TAG's official feedback on June 27, and also from Privacy group
... on the TD call (11pm-1d PDT, 2am EDT, 8am CEST, 3pm JST) we could address the feedback
... about the security task force, some minor issues to be addressed
... some things to coordinate with Mozilla; on the F2F met and agreed about how to go on
... first propose on the email list, then discuss

Lagally: maybe the priority of that has moved, we should check again with them

McCool: will meet Ben again and then decide

Lagally: why not involve Kathy as well?

McCool: hope that Ben briefed David about the agreements done on the F2F
... will propose to Dan to involve the key people in this conversation and resolve the issues

Kaz: we should include Yves Lafon (TAG Team Contact) and Dan Appelquist (TAG Chair) into the discussion, shouldn't we?

McCool: perhaps we should let Mozilla talk first
... so let's check with David and Ben first

Kaz: we need to wrap up the TAG discussion before Proposed REC transition
... and should consider David's comment as part of the TAG work
... note that the TAG is discussing David's comment now and will let us know about their official conclusion
... so I'd suggest we continue another discussion with the TAG as a whole in addition to the discussion with Mozilla guys separately

McCool: yes, but we need to understand Mozilla's position first
... let's get Ben, Kathy and David together and clarify things

Lagally: just wanted to note there is no architecture call tomorrow

wrapping up the current charter

McCool: we missed the time in this charter
... Jeff Jaffe suggested extension
... first we should do small editorial changes, then handle PING and TAG
... we need 2 months extension, which might be short because summer holidays
... then it overlaps with TPAC where we discuss the next charter

Sebastian: 2 months is a bit too long

McCool: we have a lot of stuff: edits, resolutions, etc

Sebastian: the new charter discussion is moved to... [when]?

McCool: we need to recharter the IG anyway, but we need to extend the WG charter

Kaz: if we can get the 2 months extension, we don't need to wait until the end of that

(note: PING means W3C Privacy Interest Group)

McCool: any objections to the extension?

Sebastian: so we ask W3C management about the extension and they're expected to approve it?

McCool: yes, that is the process

Sebastian: IMO 2 months looks a bit long, but I am OK with it

Lagally: do we have to ask the extension right now or assess the TAG and PING impact first?

McCool: yes, we need it now
... we are bound by the W3C management meeting date
... OK, so we apply for WG charter extension

<McCool> proposal: Ask W3M for a two-month WG extension.

Kaz: note that (as I mentioned during the WoT Chairs call and during this WoT main call) I've already sent a request to W3M mentioning we may need 2-month extension. Regarding the actual extension period, we need to negotiate with W3M.

McCool: so we take what they give us

RESOLUTION: the WG asks for 2 months charter extension from W3M

Security reviews

McCool: we got review from Terri Oda but only for the security guidelines
... we need to ask the TAG if we need external review
... for instance from Oliver Pfaff
... will ping Terri Oda again for additional security review

Sebastian: I can ask Oliver to join the security meeting on next Monday

McCool: we need a visible evidence of external review in github

Sebastian: if there is an issue, we should have a link to share with Oliver

McCool: if he finds an issue, needs to raise an issue in github, or otherwise have written evidence of a review

Kaz: we agree on the review process
... expected privacy review is not done yet by PING
... we need to wrap up the outstanding discussions, and if we don't get those by tomorrow, I will ping them and will talk with W3M about how to proceed

McCool: need to move on

Binding Templates spec

Koster: some issues raised by Matthias, need to resolve them
... didn't have time to update the doc because got involved with supervising all data modeling

McCool: can we publish the current document?

Koster: it's not quite appropriate right now
... we need to restructure the document, add MQTT vocabulary and add as appendix etc

Kaz: Victor also started some work on vocabulary including MQTT
... could add a link to that work

Koster: yes, and we could use HTTP examples for binding for now
... we don't need to publish that appendix with the Bindings Template document

Sebastian: there is no binding for MQTT or CoAP defined yet

McCool: we need to clean up the document and get it published as a Note ASAP
... since M.Koster is busy, we need a volunteer for this
... because the close links to TD, could Sebastian or Victor take this?

Sebastian: will discuss internally and will decide

Scripting API and Security Guidelines

McCool: we have drafts for publication
... even though Scripting is optional, we need a consensus and a version published
... any objection against publishing these two documents?

No objections noted.

McCool: there will be some small changes to the Security doc

<zkis> Scripting API draft (HTML rendered version)

<McCool> Security and Privacy Guidelines (HTML on the GitHub repository)

<kaz> Security and Privacy Guidelines (HTML rendered version)

Zoltan: the PR has been merged, now will clean up the issues

McCool: since no objections, we will publish Scripting API and Security Guidelines

RESOLUTION: the WG will publish the Scripting API (as an updated WD) and the Security Guidelines document (as an updated group Note).

Minutes from the workshop and F2F

<kaz> scribenick: kaz

McCool: Kaz is working on the minutes.

<kaz> scribenick: zkis

Next WG charter

McCool: Matthias made a proposal, M.Lagally sent feedback; more feedback needed
... we should finalize this topic in the next call

TPAC demo logistics

McCool: will have a small demo to showcase what we are doing, as a starting point for discussions
... the one hour breakout isn't terrible
... there are several options for preparation and testing
... one room is available for setting up on Monday and Tuesday

(Sebastian leaves)

Kaz: will prepare a table on the f2f wiki

(Zoltan leaves)

<kaz> scribenick: kaz

McCool: any questions/comments?


McCool: another option is Fujitsu's facility for preparation

Kaz: it's part of option b which we've already discussed

Options of the locations for WoT demo preparation:
option a: at the W3C Team staff room with restricted time on Mon/Tue
option b: somewhere else at the Member companies during weekend
option c: lobby

Next WG Charter (contd.)

Matthias' slides

McCool: (shows the slides)
... people here joined the discussion during the f2f
... we had long brainstorming discussion there
... Matthias is still organizing these slides
... [WG Charter]
... one of the main goals is making Mozilla onboard
... got a comment from David Baron on "plug&play"
... the basic idea here is profile for plug&play
... (at 1.1 Well-known)
... 4 columns here
... 1.1 Maintenance
... clean up basically
... TD security schemes like OAuth2
... kind of modular extension
... straightforward for testing
... then TD Link relation types
... TD hierarchies and IANA?
... almost informational
... not adding new features
... then TD vocabulary
... producer, full/partial JSON schema, TD default values
... then general Refactoring
... need to look at usability issues
... that's 1.1 Maintenance
... and next
... "1.1 Well-known"
... profile for plug&play
... implementation view spec
... next set complex interactions
... including hypermedia responses
... no standard way to cancel actions
... the other thing, observe defaults for get, set properties
... and protocol vocabulary
... the goal here is update and publishing RECs
... then bunch of stuff for 1.1-2.0
... discovery, protocol binding
... [IG/CG activities]
... p3 is IG/CG activities

Lagally: we need to clarify which to come first and which for next

Lagally's diagram

Kaz: we should look into the details including the dependency diagram by Lagally and continue the discussion

McCool: Lagally can send the diagram to Matthias and merge it with the slide deck
... let's get feedback for the slides
... (goes through the IG/CG topics again)
... (also the WG topics)
... good to finalize the topics for rechartering
... that's it for today
... let's continue the discussion next week
... any other business?



Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. the WG asks for 2 months charter extension from W3M
  2. the WG will publish the Scripting API (as an updated WD) and the Security Guidelines document (as an updated group Note).
[End of minutes]

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