Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

10 Apr 2019


janina, Joanmarie_Diggs, Matthew_Atkinson
Becky, Michael, Jonny, Chris, Irfan, Gottfried
Matthew_Atkinson, janina


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Agenda Review & Announcements

Michael: announcements from AC meeting: work done on memorandum of understanding with the WHAT working group. To be made public after the meeting (hasn’t been yet). Will cover potential joint work/deliverables.
... Evergreen recommendation was also discussed; happening through process community group. Seems likely to be accepted. APA should look closely at it.
... whether a spec is evergreen would be at charter time.

Janina: Wondering about implications of evergreen for Sliver.

Michael: Accessibility came up a lot at the meeting. Horizontal review seen as important, along with security and privacy.
... There is an influx of accessibility-focused member organisations.

Josh: Good to hear about the focus on accessibility.

Janina: wondering if ARIA may go evergreen.

Joanie: [not in official capacity] Potential the accessibility API mappings are a candidate for becoming evergreen.

Michael: Registries may be natural candidates for becoming evergreen; perhaps it is less clear with accessibility API mappings.

Joanie: release cycles for WGs are relevant to the matter of going evergreen, or not, too.

TPAC 2019

Janina: APA session will be requested soon.

Task Force Updates

<janina> scribe: janina

matthew: Had conversation with Workshop organizer, Francois
... More coming, also working on a position paper

mathew: Looking to expand the participation in creating position paper
... May be more than one paper
... Reminds us that we have open issue on managing the paper presentation on behalf of APA

janina: Asks timeline

mathew: 27 & 28 June is Workshop

mathew Registration is early May

mathew: Already have a paper draft, just going to hoops on sharing widely because of multiple authors
... hoping for late this week
... Asking what a typical W3C paper looks like?
... more to stimulate conversation?
... notion that people will read in advance

michael: We have support from W3C leadership as well

josh: Yes to your understanding
... It's informal, not the academic formality at all

mathew: Decision on who's going is 24 May, but hoping to welcome many

CAPTCHA Note Update


<Matthew_Atkinson> Janina: above URL is the latest draft. Latest tweaks include wording to indicate that validating whether someone is a human or robot is different to logging in.

<Matthew_Atkinson> Janina: Some concerns are around if the use of CAPTCHAs is going to grow.

<Matthew_Atkinson> Janina: Issue 25: reCAPTCHA appears to have stopped offering audio CAPTCHAs as existing automated tools can be used to answer them.

new on TR http://www.w3.org/TR/tr-status-drafts.html

<Matthew_Atkinson> Michael: CSS Transforms Module Level 1 - APA to complete its review.

<Matthew_Atkinson> Michael: User Timing Level 3 - looked at it a month ago; were unsure if there were fingerprinting issues. Suggest making it an agenda item.

<Matthew_Atkinson> Janina: will add agenda item


<Matthew_Atkinson> Michael: WebVTT - has been republished as CR to identify certain features are at risk. The question for APA is: do those at-risk features impact accessibility?

<Matthew_Atkinson> Michael: There are three at-risk features (detailed in the message linked above)

<Matthew_Atkinson> Janina: will ask John Foliot

Actions Checkin (Specs) https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/products/8

Other Business

<Matthew_Atkinson> Janina: We should schedule a conversation soon about the idea of revisiting verticals. How is APA going to get ready in advance for work that might happen in W3C. The idea of a wishlist is raised.

<Matthew_Atkinson> Janina: examples may include new charters, existing verticals and emerging projects. Suggest Josh be involved.

<Matthew_Atkinson> Josh: Agree; suggest polling the group about the verticals and use-cases such as WebRTT.

<Matthew_Atkinson> *WebRTC

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Summary of Resolutions

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