DXWG Plenary

02 April 2019

Meeting minutes

Peter: people happy with agenda? minutes of last meeting?

<PWinstanley> proposed: accept minutes https://‌www.w3.org/‌2019/‌03/‌26-dxwg-minutes

<DavidBrowning> +1

<riccardoAlbertoni> +0 ( i was not there)

<PWinstanley> +1

<ncar> +1

Resolved: accept minutes https://‌www.w3.org/‌2019/‌03/‌26-dxwg-minutes

Resolved: Accept minutes

Time of telecons - Australia will change next weekend

Whether to have F2F in Fukuoka - colleagues please respond to poll.

Now including in agenda two tables: 1) PRs, 2) Issues "marked for closing"

Peter: will help us keep overview even if we are not attending DCAT meetings.

<riccardoAlbertoni> yes

Peter: they will be closed.

Open action items

Peter: almost all of which are for subgroups
… proposing meeting times (done)
… proposal for referencing PRs
… Closing #319 and #320
… Dave, can we chip away at issues over next few days? #173, 174

Dave: Will put on agenda for DCAT subgroup meeting. We have been busy.

Pete: Github ?? needs to be done. Talk with Philippe?
… Nick, things w.r.t. test suite - goes back six months

Nick: We did mention at least conneg subgroup meeting.

Peter: Our attn is split btw what we have on this system (zakim and ACTIONs) and Github -
… we need to pay attn and tidy up.

Nick: Lars is very good at checking ACTION items.

Peter: If they are still live, they stay there. But if timed out or closed, must get rid.
… Need to push into subgroup meetings
… We have spreadsheet of comments coming in from public list.
… w.r.t. Profiles Vocab, if we get things coming in w.r.t. publn today, need to log in spreadsheet.

Nick: We expect to get comments on second.

Peter: But we do not expect to do anything about that until may.
… checking team availability over next four weeks.

Dave: Several people are on holiday.
… however, fast approaching point where we will have something close to Proposed Recommendation.
… before tomorrow, may not have complete list.
… At that point, will be important to get eyeballs on doc before PR - target: before Easter.
… so a few weeks to close off remaining issues.
… Sunday, 21st - potential PR by then
… if we do that, would be important to have widest possible WG review before offering to wider audience
… agrees no major defects and happy to move on in process
… that would give us a week at end of month - for debugging spec - would give us a PR towards end of month
… obviously, if significant issues arise... but alot of work has been done, so reasonably comfortable

Peter: The Google Doc covers things that are absolutely mandatory...?

Dave: Except some things that haven't been done
… Need to update w.r.t. critical things not yet done - especially versioning
… but not as complete as we had intended when we discussed last year

<PWinstanley> https://‌docs.google.com/‌spreadsheets/‌d/‌17Du2hZzIxejX7MT6MlmZOIdMKFonrLRUUAn1v5XJwt4/‌edit#gid=0

Peter: Jaro was doing alot on versioning side

Dave: We have two-thirds complete.

Peter: It was becoming extremely complicated.

Dave: Versioning thing is main casualty of timeboxing.
… Triage.

Peter: One of the most obvious things: for DCAT3 work - we need right form of words when offering to people for comment
… So they do not immediately home in on absence of versioning.
… Issue 42?

Dave: Not a clue.

Peter: Questions?


Peter: Nick, can we create a cut-off?

Nick: We have been ready for 2nd PWD. Hoping to have in this meeting to proceed with 2nd PWD release.

Peter: Can take a vote, then send out poll.

Nick: Need to link-check.

Peter: If you and Lars can email me. We put poll out requesting. Will be good enough for W3C.

Nick: Hopefully 2nd PWD next week.

Nick: Lot of issues that will be coming thru on 3rd PWD.

Peter: If everyone content, want to move on to other issues...
… I started, and Karen found others
… some high-volume issues.
… Are these going anywhere? Or do we park? Not resolvable in near term?
… Some in older issues - discussed and not closed.
… I am looking for guidance on what we can do with these
… Not necessarily resolve, but park them to keep discussion available?
… Is there anything people want to say about these?
… Or revive on email or upcoming meetings?

Riccardo: Noting that #317 - will be moved into backlog of future issues to be considered for next round.

Peter: Fine - "irrelevant for the list". Dave?

Dave: +1 Riccardo. Not sure it makes sense to try to cull these.
… Some of these will be addressed by work we are doing.
… Either moved into future work or be addressed.
… A few we will not touch.

...Basically: Might be better to leave them to be discussed in time.

Peter: Karen and I did this because we saw huge number of issues going way back and wondered about their status.
… DCAT 70 pending + 6-7 active.

Dave: Some of these will move into future work.
… Text of document implies we did TTL file - but unsure.

Peter: Karen and I tabled in order to dredge them up and bring back to radar.
… Do you want us to take these off the agenda - or leave them there to be picked off?

Dave: Before next meeting, will try to have a go.

Peter: Jaro will not be around for April for UCR work.
… brings us to an early end of meeting.
… Thanks Tom for scribing.
… Same time next week.

Summary of resolutions

  1. accept minutes https://‌www.w3.org/‌2019/‌03/‌26-dxwg-minutes
  2. Accept minutes
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