Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

20 Mar 2019


janina, Joanmarie_Diggs, irfan, Matthew_Atkinson, Becka11y, MichaelC, irfan_ali, Gottfried, IanPouncey, JonnyJames


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Agenda Review & Announcements

Matthew: Update from Accessible games workshop
... In contact with Francois by email. Colleagues working on a funded project on accessible games. Will talk more next week.

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/2018/12/games-workshop/

Matthew: The workshop will be on June 27-28, in Redmond.

<janina> https://www.w3.org/2018/12/games-workshop/

Matthew is organizing accessibility-related materials for the workshop.

Janina: Position paper could be personal, but could also be from APA (this is an invitation)
... If from APA, Matthew should post the paper draft on the APA mailing list ahead of submission.
... If requested, we can make up agenda time in APA calls for this.

Meeting schedule this month

Janina: North America is currently on daylight time - Europe will catch up at the end of March. One more week in which the call is earlier for Europeans.
... We expect to meet every week as regular.

CSUN Reports

Michael: Session by BBC and a company. Special font designed for BBC website.
... Requirements included accessibility, in particular for people with dyslexia.
... Interesting to learn about the relationship between font design and dyslexia.
... Font is mainstream, and will be distributed by BBC.

Janina: Moving back in the direction of monospace fonts.

Michael: Yes, wider letter-spacing than for other fonts.
... Also, curves in the letters are shaped differently.
... One session on best practices for captioning. What should be captioned, and how?
... Second session on a study done by BBC on the size for captions.
... A certain size range was optimal. Found out by user studies.

Janina: Consistency in captioning is important too.

<IanPouncey> For anyone interested in some background on the new BBC font: https://www.bbc.co.uk/gel/articles/introducing-bbc-reith

Janina: How was the new venue?

Michael: Was about as functional as the old one.

Task Force Updates

Janina: We should touch on our comments on recent CSS drafts.

Ian: Transform module - last review brought up the idea of canceling a transform operation.
... I think that does not belong in the module itself - although i think it is worth considering.
... Should be a module in itself or a media feature.
... A way of reduced motion.
... Like an animated gif.

Janina: Animation control has the potential to be more globally applicable.
... May be more useful for other things as well.

Ian: There are different ways to create animation on the web. CSS is only one of them.
... Could be checked with JS before triggering animation.
... There may be support for this by browser settings.

Gottfried: We need to have media queries that reflect personal preferences, not only media settings.

Ian: Not necessarily, but browser manufacturers are now more interested in this. But there is not a standard method for this right now.

<Matthew_Atkinson> I like the idea of more global control over animations. Here's a WebExtension/bookmarklet/script that may provide some interesting background: https://togglific.io/

Ian: Difficult to get people talking about this. Will try though.

Janina: Could you keep this kind of conversation going?

Ian: The CSS an animiation specialist who could maybe help with this.

Janina: Candidates for conversation: Animation control, video/audio play, blink rate.
... We need a more functional web. But we need acceptance for this in the browser community.

Ian: I can see what we can do.

Matthew: Interesting article: https://togglific.io/. Covers a lot of types of animation.

Ian: We want to be able to do this, but in a browser-configuration way.

Janina: Also talking to the OS about its settings.

Ian: Yes, high-contrast, motion or not settings.

Janina: We had previously talked about this in the personalization tf. If you continue this conversation by email, please cc the personalization tf.

<IanPouncey> https://www.w3.org/TR/css-pseudo-4/

Ian: Amy looked at the CSS pseudo 4 module.
... Has a suggestion to add an a11y paragraph.

<IanPouncey> https://www.w3.org/TR/css-color-4/

Ian: Now with a hint to the WCAG 2.1 criteria for use of color.

Janina: Whenever a concept is evolving, Judy would be happy to distribute this to the wider W3C community.

Ian: We first need to get started with this.

Knowledge Domain CG https://www.w3.org/community/

Janina: I have not done enough to move this forward recently. Working on my action item list.
... Interesting publishing approach was coming up from a Benetec diagram, how to handle STEM content presentations.
... Text book for testing things in Math: onscreen graphics in SVG, and MathML going into HTML details element.
... I suspect the chemistry approach might be the same.
... It might also work for other use cases.

Actions Checkin (Specs) https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/products/8

Janina: My actions have focused on a lot of comments on CAPTCHA.
... We got a raft of comments on security privacy review. We realized we also need internationalization.

Michael: We might need to extend our timeline.

Janina: Yes. We have a lot of comments. Took up all time of rqtf this morning.
... We got a reponse from the lead developer from Google recaptcha.
... We need to improve the text on biometrics. Should be simpler.
... Will probably take another round.

Building an APA Wishlist

Actions Checkin (Specs) https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/products/8

Janina: New publications?

Michael: I think we are all set.

Building an APA Wishlist

Janina: Various W3C wg charters state that they need an a11y review.
... Do we need a wishlist?
... The idea is for us to have a repository of features that we could plug in when conversing with wgs.
... Recent example: Because we had a history in Math, we were prepared to have a good conversation with others on MathML.
... This could also happen in other knowledge domains. We should have things prepared when we have an opportunity (which is not controlled by us)

Michael: This came up on the security charter with Judy Brewer. She had the idea to have a spec on development.
... We often encounter a problem that we can plug in a technology. But it might be better to work with wgs on accessibility plugs that other wgs have.
... Good to have a set of features on repository that we can plug in.

Gottfried: We are short on time. Hard to work on things that we don't know if they will be taken up. We should rather be quick in responding to requests.

Janina: We worked hard on the MAUR on many years. We were highly successful on this - we got HTML markup for supporting captions and audio description.
... But some things are still missing: Best practice guidance on authoring, testing environments for testing user agents, how to put captions in effect for users.
... e.g. second screen, audio descriptions for a subset of listeners only.
... Had we written this up beforehand, we could have had more impact.
... Another issue: encrypted media consumption and how a11y is supported here.
... So we can follow up on things that we have left out in the past.

Gottfried: I support this.

Janina: Paradigm around Math; could work for chemistry as well.
... Could this also be done with a biological cell module? - Might be too difficult because of nesting.
... Should we start collecting things? Yet another Wiki?

Becky: Isn't that what the community group is supposed to be doing?

Janina: Yes. But not necessarily for the media access stuff.
... And maybe not for the module about media queries controlling animation.
... On the personalization tf there are relatively few people that have been thinking in this direction.

Becky: We were more focused on substition on cognitive.

Janina: Because we started with Lisa's doc and then added Charles'.
... In IndieUI, we did talk about this.

Gottfried: IndieUI was good on personalization, it is a pity we did not go further on this thread. Should add this topic to the wish list.

Janina: Yes, we were talking about personalization in the future in the IndieUI wg. We talked with CSS wg and they offered to include that in media queries.
... But then we lost the track.
... Ian, we hope you can take this up again.
... We will support you on this.
... We may have a useful functional list of things.

Gottfried: More motivated to work on wg notes. They are public and we can point others to them.

Janina: Judy is pushing to continue the MAUR.
... Adjourn. Thank you for participating.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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