DXWG DCAT subgroup teleconference 9 January 2019 21:00 UTC

09 January 2019

Meeting minutes

Draft agenda: https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌wiki/‌Meetings:DCAT-Telecon2019.01.09

draft agenda

DaveBrowning: anything from yesterday's plenary?

alejandra: 1. we need to decide today if we will do another PWD

2. need to send link to ED to group, and public list, to solicit feedback

... esp. dcat:hadRole and qualified relations


<DaveBrowning> +1

<PWinstanley> +1

Action: alejandra to draft note to the list drawing attention to significant changes in ED

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<alejandra> s/significatn/significant

minutes of last meeting


PWinstanley: will be briefing statistics group on DCAT next week - Stat-DCAT-AP relevance

<alejandra> Peter - is there a link to the meeting?

PWinstanley: requests inputs if available

<PWinstanley> https://‌ec.europa.eu/‌eurostat/‌cros/‌content/‌workshop-london-14-15-january-2019-linked-open-statistical-data-european-union-register-20-december_en

<DaveBrowning> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2018/‌12/‌19-dxwgdcat-minutes

<alejandra> +1


<DaveBrowning> +1

<alejandra> (I chaired but seems that I forgot to put present+)

<AndreaPerego> 0 - was not there

<PWinstanley> https://‌ec.europa.eu/‌eurostat/‌cros/‌content/‌linked-open-statistical-data-european-union_en

Resolved: approve minutes of last meeting

Outstanding actions

<DaveBrowning> open actions: https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌track/‌actions/‌open

<AndreaPerego> Mine are yet to be done - with maybe the exception of https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌track/‌actions/‌270

<alejandra> yes, good to keep track what we have left

DaveBrowning: everyone look at actions against name to check if still relevant
… close actions that are no longer live

PWinstanley: my actions need to stay on list
… continuous and rate

<AndreaPerego> I have to review mine but they are likely to stay on the list as well.

PWinstanley: action with danbri is nice-to-have, but not important

alejandra: must prioritize responses to comments on public list

responses to comments

<AndreaPerego> +1 from me to SimonCox mail

draft response here https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌track/‌actions/‌267

<alejandra> I created the action raised before: https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌track/‌actions/‌275

Action: SimonCox to send response to Clemens and the public list (pending any last minute comments from alejandra )

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DaveBrowning: is there any further followup on Luca's mail

AndreaPerego: had action to follow up. Sent mail in December

<alejandra> I've read Simon's response to Clemens and I'm also in agreement that should be sent - thanks SimonCox

<AndreaPerego> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2018/‌12/‌19-dxwgdcat-minutes#x06

AndreaPerego: was partially discussed in previous meeting
… trying to find mail ... Luca responded on 2018-12-10
… in some cases no action needed
… for others, need to figure out which are the relevant use-cases
… Luca mentioned they are using Hydra vocab for service-descriptions
… should add a futher example showing use of hydra

<alejandra> archives: https://‌lists.w3.org/‌Archives/‌Public/‌public-dxwg-wg/‌2018Dec/‌author.html

<alejandra> these are Andrea's comments: https://‌lists.w3.org/‌Archives/‌Public/‌public-dxwg-wg/‌2018Dec/‌0185.html

AndreaPerego: Luca indicates scope of their catalogues includes additional resource types
… do our ucs cover their requirements, or do they need to complement?

<PWinstanley> SimonCox: there is overlap with the draft I wrote to Clemens where I wrote (last para)

<PWinstanley> ... that the new DCAT vocab is unlikely to add new classes, but profiles can add new ones

<PWinstanley> ... Do we need to add some text around clarifying this point - by having the abstract class dcat:Resource people can use this as an extension point

<PWinstanley> ... but in DCAT we limit to datasets and data services

<PWinstanley> ... We provide the extension point, but will not be doing the extensions

<PWinstanley> ... So, do we need to be explicit

<AndreaPerego> +1 from me to having comments + possibly caveat about broadening too much the scope of DCAT

Do we need to clarify the scope of DCAT - datasets and data-services, but dcat:Resource provides an extension point for other types

... but these will not be part of the DCAT vocabulary

alejandra: yes - we should say this in more than one place: in the overview and also in the description of dcat:Resource

DaveBrowning: we should not steal the profiling methodology's thunder

<Zakim> AndreaPerego, you wanted to comment on proposed comment ;)

AndreaPerego: try to raise caveats about extending the scope of DCAT too much

<alejandra> let's create a github issue about this clarification

AndreaPerego: 1. extension point is provided
… 2. other type systems already available - e.g. DataCite

<Zakim> AndreaPerego, you wanted to comment about dctype

also overlap with pointers from dct:type usage

<alejandra> https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌issues/‌64

Action: SimonCox to create GH issue to add text for scope of DCAT and dcat:Resource as extension point

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alejandra: should this be in Milestone #14

<alejandra> https://‌github.com/‌w3c/‌dxwg/‌milestone/‌14

<PWinstanley> s/shoudl/should/


Milestone 14

(i.e. 3PWD)

DaveBrowning: do we put a time target on 3PWD and move unfinished issues to next milestone
… or do we try to complete all issues in milestone before 3PWD?

<AndreaPerego> +1 to option #1

PWinstanley: data quality could be wrapped up?

DaveBrowning: AndreaPerego suggested moving some of Riccardo's material up
… though DaveBrowning moved material around a bit already

PWinstanley: also need to bring in FAIR - DCAT should mention FAIR to reassure the scholarly audience that we are not behind the curve

alejandra: DQ stayed open because of comments on FAIR metrics
… links to FAIR - many of the issue are already (implicitly) addressed by DCAT-as-a-standard

<Zakim> AndreaPerego, you wanted to comment on FAIR and data quality

alejandra: we should mention FAIR but there is no substantive work required as DCAT conformant solutions are implicitly FAIR

<alejandra> I suggest to add some clairification on how the vocabulary covers the FAIRness elements (e.g. conformance to standards that is required for interoperability)

AndreaPerego: Riccardo's examples - one example claims conformance wrt INSPIRE
… this is probably best avoided - '50% conformant' is non-verifiable claim
… INSPIRE sensitivities - concerns will be raised about any quantitative claims in documents that are not normative in EC
… propose that examples refer to FAIR in place of INSPIRE
… will provide guidance to people whose focus is FAIR

<PWinstanley> +1

<alejandra> +1

<DaveBrowning> +1

Action: AndreaPerego to replace INSPIRE DQ examples with FAIR

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alejandra: re closing #248 we are missing dct:accessRights and dct:rights for dcat:Resource
… and also dcat:Distribution
… need to add these properties as 'recommended for use' in the context of these classes.
… also odrl:hasPolicy

DaveBrowning: is this part of the editorial cleanup?

<DaveBrowning> ackale

<PWinstanley> +1 to alejandra , but we need to prioritise the issues

alejandra: we have short time to completion - lets focus on closing issues rather than the tax related to issuing new PWDs!

PWinstanley: in profile guidance meeting timing was discussed. Likely that an extension will be requested.
… so there will likely be more time
… but agree that issues take priority over PWDs

<Zakim> AndreaPerego, you wanted to propose to go through the milestones issue next call

<alejandra> it'd be great to have an extension

<DaveBrowning> +1 to a little more time...

AndreaPerego: support proposal from alejandra (don't get much value from PWDs)
… also we should close easy issues (even if not priority)
… too many open issues too much fog!

PWinstanley: need kanban view

Summary of action items

  1. alejandra to draft note to the list drawing attention to significant changes in ED
  2. SimonCox to send response to Clemens and the public list (pending any last minute comments from alejandra )
  3. SimonCox to create GH issue to add text for scope of DCAT and dcat:Resource as extension point
  4. AndreaPerego to replace INSPIRE DQ examples with FAIR

Summary of resolutions

  1. approve minutes of last meeting
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