14 Nov 2018


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Dave_Raggett, Ege_Korkan, Federico_Sismondi, Kunihiko_Toumura, Matthias_Kovatsch, Takeshi_Yamada, Toru_Kawaguchi, Michael_Lagally, Michael_Koster


<scribe> scribenick: kaz


<McCool> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/PlugFest_WebConf#Agenda_14.11.2018

McCool: Agenda above
... (goes through the agenda)
... any comments? input?


Update on TD Test

<McCool> https://github.com/mmccool/wot-thing-description/blob/updated-test-results/testing/results/template.csv

McCool: scanned the TD spec HTML
... and extracted assertions
... also unique ID
... for the actual report
... a set of implementations
... Pass/Fail/Not Implemented
... assumption of test suite

Draft Implementation Report (rendered version)

McCool: appendices
... about test specification
... first thing is
... what is the implementation?
... I have my system myself
... single implementation
... but how to count?
... and created a template here (at section 6. System)
... simple HTML template
... every company provides testimonial
... and description on your implementation
... maybe my system includes 3 separate implementations
... will create a concrete template next week
... and test spec

Testspec document (rendered version)

McCool: CSV stuff
... can be easily merged
... implementation described
... updated with header information, e.g., ID, Pass, Fail, ...
... we can add more information
... test1.csv
... test2.csv
... as 2 example inputs
... to be merged
... we need this "Pass" column to be more than 1

Ege: in this case
... TD generator
... not TD itself
... test implementation is done through TDs

McCool: any behavioral assertions
... coordinate with TDs

Kaz: we can provide typical example TDs
... as part of test suite

McCool: providing TD is not enough
... TD itself should be part of implementations
... we can/should update leading text at "6. Systems" a bit
... "This section contains testimonials..."
... TD is provided by the server side
... constrained behavior of clients

Ege: what kind of?

McCool: to be decided
... we should go through the implementations
... and see corresponding assertions
... possibly have a separate table
... test cases against them
... will work on the template for the report at "6. Systems"
... and CSV files to include header
... and create appropriate data

Ege: these assertions are of different types
... maybe better to have different sub sections?

McCool: maybe correct
... originally tried to group them
... but kind of awkward
... would like to see categorization later

Lagally: possible to have spec chapter numbers?

McCool: came from not only one section
... can list related section numbers, though

Lagally: interesting

McCool: will fix the hyperlinks and make them correct
... HTML bashing
... capturing section number here
... also we don't really have the "sub constraint" structure

Dave: we should have client-side tests

McCool: we should draft what kind of exercise we need

Matthias: assertions still missing
... about what the clients should do
... we should define the meaning
... how the client must behave

McCool: agree we need client constraint
... but what should be the process?

Kaz: when to start concrete review?
... still need help to generate the initial assertion list?

McCool: can generate some additional assertions using a separate color, e.g., based on the plugfest results
... and see corresponding features within the TD spec

Matthias: ok
... but you don't have to do that by yourself
... e.g., Editors should also do it

McCool: right
... we can go through the plugfest reports and pick up possible assertions
... e.g., about client behavior
... will generate initial PR within 24H
... and talk with Sebastian

PlugFest reports

McCool: some questions about the format

Matthias: quick reviewed
... panasonic and hitachi started to use table

Lagally: can do another round to update the report with new template if needed

McCool: note each company may have multiple implementations
... let's give a unique identifier to each
... for interoperability test later

Lagally: we had a lot of simulators
... not sure how we should handle them

McCool: would count a simulator one implementation

Lagally: one implementation for one simulator?

Matthias: e.g., Oracle simulator is one implementation

Lagally: code-base is a clear definition

McCool: yes
... separate code-base

Kaz: make sense

McCool: panasonic, hitachi, want to walk through the reports?

Panasonic report


Yamada: 3 points here
... summary picture
... tables of confirmed implementations
... browser-based, nodeRED-based
... and use cases
... semantic integration scenarios
... first
... the diagram
... nodeRED connected with devices via proxies, wot servers

<mkovatsc> Need to clarify "NG" entry -- either "NO" or "NA"

Yamada: some field has "NG"
... with browser-based implementation
... and nodeRED-based one
... issue with OCF.json which had multiple entries

Kaz: do you expect only one TD entry within a TD file?

Yamada: right
... because TD playground expected so

McCool: maybe we need to have an exec summary?
... e.g., at the top of the document?

Lagally: have a summary section at the top of my report

Kaz: also Matthias pointed out we should clarify which NG means
... NO or NA

Toru: maybe we can update the table based on the legend

Hitachi report


Toumura: followed the style of Panasonic
... TDs linked from the table
... almost all the devices got connected
... no big problems with connection
... 4. Use cases
... use case scenario
... remote monitoring and multimodal alerting
... realtime control
... Rube Goldberg
... chain reaction
... intrusion detector

McCool: CORS mentioned in the report
... useful metadata?

Toumura: our implementation didn't handle CORS

Toru: one of the Panasonic implementations was browser-based
... some of the browsers could handle it
... but some couldn't

McCool: crate an issue?
... part of the security issues

<McCool> https://github.com/w3c/wot-security/issues/121

Assertion review call

McCool: a couple of hours during the 2nd week of Dec
... probably two meeting?
... two hours at least per one meeting

<scribe> ACTION: kaz to create a doodle for the assertion review call

Next steps

McCool: other plugfest reports to be provided based on the updated template (with a table)
... will updated the draft implementation report with assertions

Lagally: regarding the update for plugfest report
... based on the table from panasonic/hitachi reports?

Kaz: we can include an empty table based on Panasonic table
... also exec summary at the top of the template

McCool: we can ask Panasonic to copy the table to the template?

Lagally: can quickly skim Oracle report?


McCool: someone knows the template structure should update the template.md

Toru: Panasonic can do that

McCool: great

Lagally: thanks!


Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: kaz to create a doodle for the assertion review call

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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