Personalization Task Force Weekly Meeting

12 Nov 2018


clapierre, MichaelC, JF, janina, stevelee, Roy
lisa, becky


<Thaddeus> +present

<stevelee> I'm not able to join the meeting?

<clapierre> ScribeNick: Sharon

Welcome new W3C staff member

Steve: On board to help out with our work. A lot of common ground with Cognitive work.

Terence: Invited to see how he can help.

Review of Timeline and recording of Action items

<clapierre> We will postpone this until Lisa is here

Possibly change Meeting Day/Time

Charles: US time change causing problems. Proposing making our meeting time earlier. Are there any conflicts?

<Thaddeus> +1

Charles: will 2 hours earlier work?

<Thaddeus> 7am is fine with me

That time works for me

<stevelee> +1

<JF> I can make it work

Charles: We need to check with Lisa and Becky.
... Tentatively we will reschedule at 7:00 AM Pacific

Michael: will need a confirmation for teleconference change.

Charles: Will reach out to Lisa and Becky. Sam may have a potential conflict being on the West coast

Steve: Update day

TPAC Recap: https://www.w3.org/2018/10/22-apa-minutes.html#item01

Charles: One of the better TPAC, a lot of support for personalization. All willing to work with us to come up with the best possible solution. 3 great meetings. APA recap is in the link.

<janina> TPAC: (Prep) https://www.w3.org/2018/10/22-apa-minutes.html#item03

<janina> (Dpub) https://www.w3.org/2018/10/22-apa-minutes.html#item06

<janina> (WP) https://www.w3.org/2018/10/22-apa-minutes.html#item10

<janina> https://www.w3.org/2018/10/24-personalization-minutes.html

Janina: Links include related discussions with digital publishing as well as breakout sessions. Its worthy reading. Wednesday session was Web Platforms. Discussed looking at vocabulary they may be able to help us. Sense that they were interesting in something meaningful to move forward.

John: Next step moving forward, getting taxonomy, etc. Discussion with attributes possibly 3 new ones.
... Looking for one or more values that will support, but it was open to discussion for 3 classes of data.
... A fixed token or open data string, could possible use one. Need to understand the mechanics after we have the list.


https://www.w3.org/2018/10/24-personalization-minutes (Wednesday Open Session)

Charles: Wednesday Plenary presentation. A few people from digital publishing present. Yvonne Herman was in attendance. There were needs for digital publishing to include personalization, such as roles and attributes. Also personalization for low-vision users. UI personalization, such as font and color should be addressed.
... Wanted to broaden it wider then just cognitive disabilities.

John: Pointed our that aui- has already been used by another software package, we would want to use something else instead of aui-. Need to track it and keep an eye on it.

Charles: Original it was coga- and we didn't want to limit it to cognitive.

Janina: We probably will not stay with aui to avoid collisions and the Web platform will help us.

Charles: originally role= and then the aui-. Digitial publishing has .-, etc. aui was for accessibility user interface. Receptive to maybe adding a new term like purpose= rather then aui-

Janina: There was no conclusion, all options still on the table. They want to see the whole range of what we are trying to accomplish.

Next Steps : Get a single list of all values values (maybe in a wiki or auto included web-page)(Web Platforms requested this)

Charles: Create a wiki with all the values from each module. We may want to auto include so as we update the module it will automatically get updated. We would also have one place for that. Roy was going to look into it.

Roy: Is looking into it and has some guidelines. He will try to do it.

Charles: When its done we can review and confirm its complete and make changes as needed. We got our first working draft prior to TPAC!
... Once we have the page we can add it to our important pages and send it to Web Platform for comments.
... We also want to have a tag review of our explainer document.

Michael: Has an action item to update the explainer and then take it to the architecture team. I'll try to make it happen by the end of the year. People from tag will be involved.
... We should know by the end of December.

Charles: No action items for us until its done.
... The document Roy is doing will be a useful resource.
... Tag likes to see what other options we have explored and include a reference.

Michael: Not sure if we want to include it, but we would reference it for tag review.

3 Attributes (Text, Token, URI)

Charles: We discussed this a little earlier... this might come out after the new Web Platforms gets to see our list of values and tokens. It may be to early to discuss.

John: Yes, lets get the master list assembled. Going back to see them early in the new year would be the next step.

Janina: Going back to them earlier with deliverable in hand that they ask for. Roy do you have a sense of how much time the terms and vocabulary will take. Its better to do it that way unless it will take to long.

Charles: Roy needs time to understand the implementation. We can do both if we have to if it takes to long. Long term we should do referenced approach.
... We may want to include low-vision in there as well.

Janina: This was mentioned at TPAC. It also came up in Web coordination meetings with Judy Brewer. Yes, we tried to explain that low-vision will be part of personalization and the intent for a useful mechanism has not gone away. Needs someone to write technology in a way it will work. Media queries is a possibility. Need someone to help prototype that we can include.

Charles: Would like to be a part of that meeting.

Janina: Will include Charles. There may be someone from the AG working group, but finding staffing is what we need and Charles will not be left out.

Charles: With media queries is personalization at the gross level and other stuff is at the element level and we need to support both.

Janina: We need browsers to include settings. if media queries work it would be better. But we need someone to write technology.

trim down short list of what we ruled out (ie. RDFA, micro syntax etc.) and what we text, uri, tokens

Charles: For the matrix we need to figure out what we are left with after all of these are ruled out. We need to include Lisa on this.

set agenda for next meeting

Steve: When you go to preference and list the data set and value have you looked at the GPII has done in that area? They came up with a big set of preferences. Platform preferences not just web content.
... Idea is one could go to any device that is clouded based and it includes possible preferences.
... There is a Web site that you can look at the ontology and someone has done some of the work for preferences.

John: Mentioned that at some point we need to reach out to the other groups for a round table to avoid reinventing the wheel.
... Is CSUN a good place we might want to have a meeting of the minds.

Steve: Yes, that makes a lot of sense to get together face to face and avoid having to map.

John: We need to run our taxonomy against others. If there are others we may still be able to take a leading road on how we can get that in code.

Charles: For next week, what are issues we haven't taken up that need Lisa's involvement. One major item was time lines and actions. What has been ruled out of the list.
... Those will be the 2 main topics and then get an update from Roy.
... And an update to reschedule the time of the meeting.

Janina: Suggests a quick email with the time change to the list.

<Thaddeus> thank you

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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