Publishing Working Group Audio Task Force

12 Oct 2018


george, wendyreid, duga, Avneesh, laurentlemeur, dweck, Hadrien, marisa



George minuting

We will focus on use case identification.

<wendyreid> https://www.w3.org/2018/08/28-pwg-audio-minutes.html

Minutes approved

From before we need use cases to help us decide on audio specific functionality.

<wendyreid> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JZfSLE_cO1g3jgpHMx8Q99rQBwGyhOFwNWvfXAwW5Fg/edit

We can assign use cases and have them ready for discussions at TAC.

GoogleDoc wendy created of use cases. Wendy will go through them.

Brady I like them, but I don't know how secific. They can be broadened.
...Does speed and moving backward and forward belong in our spec?
...It sounds like user agent item.

Ben what about supplemental content, e.g. images, text.

GeorgeYou need to be able to see what chapter you are in.

Avneesh Do we identify use cases and log them as sec item or agent affordance.

Wendy Start with a lot and widdle them down.

Change speed without changing pitch.

What is the importance of bookmarks?

Example of quiz and need to go back to different arts of the book.

Making audio bookmark items, because time offsets is different.

Questions about bit rates and formats, for download and also streaming.

As a user, I want to have access to metadata, author, title, cover page.

I need to know the book I am currently reading.

Marisa we need to align audio work with synced media.

Synced media is important to use with existing text version and the audio version. We need to make sure the design supports this for synced media

Ben we need to stick to the audio exerience people want.
...Read along and media overlays is an edge case.

Brady, add streaming.

Question speed and pitch.

Time Scale Modification is when you change the seed without changing pitch.

Use cases should be completed by October 19.

We will pick metadata as an example.

Hadrien has a demo for us for TPAC.

Perhaps demo a DAISY player, but there are many examples.

It should be possible to lay a audio WP in a non WP aware browser.

Brady we want to be broad.Hadrien we may not have the idea of a chapter.

We do not have a concept of a chapter in WP.

We may not be able to get all of what we want, but we should have a use case about how much left in a chapter.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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