02 May 2018



Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Michael_Koster, Daniel_Peintner, Fano_Ramparany, Graeme_Coleman, Zoltan_Kis, Toru_Kawaguchi, Matthias_Kovatsch, DarkoAnicic, Barry_Leiba, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Michael_Lagally, Kazuo_Kajimoto
dape, kaz


<kaz> scribenick: dape

Quick Updates

Matthias: Review for proposed charter for JSON-ld passed last Monday
... overall support
... one change: JSON-LD aligned with RDF
... we need to see how this proceeds

McCool: expectation when will finalized?

Kaz: W3C managements will discuss conclusion... need to wait for this

Prague Plugfest Documentation

McCool: Panasonic done
... some more updates from Intel, Hitachi, Siemens
... via PRs

<kaz> PRs

McCool: Intel is not fully done yet

Matthias: Siemens, almost ready
... Darko still working on
... cross testing done with others
... miss information people I tested with

McCool: People could add themselves

Darko: will add my missing parts this week

McCool: Do we want to have an overall "results" file?

Kaz: I think Matsukura-San is working on that

McCool: Let each company do the merge
... not sure about Hitachi

Kaz: I can do that

McCool: still in progress... lets wait
... Oracle: separate results? Lagally is not here today

Matthias: lots of content in preparation file already

<kaz> [has just merged Hitachi's report]

Matthias: matter of duplicating content

McCool: Can just add hyperlinks?

Graeme: Paciello and Eurecom might be a single summary

Koster: mine is missing also

AC Meeting WoT Demo

Matthias: would like to share some information
... got funding sponsoring ?dinner?
... got demo boost
... look for others joining
... talked with Panasonic
... should have live feed with Panasonic
... also Fujitsu
... McCool smart home demonstrator
... others are welcome to join. would be great!

McCool: logistics: it will be in Berlin
... need to figure out how it is the best to ship

Matthias: 13th of May

<kaz> [AC Meeting on May 13-15]

Matthias: industry devices would be nice

McCool: can run services over network
... e.g. OCF
... would that be of interest?

Matthias: showing "glue" between OCF .. cross domain ... would be great

McCool: shipping will be hard till 13th of May
... will think about what is best

Matthias: will put information on members mailing list

Koster: I don't have anything to just ship

Matthias: will have monitors in Berlin

Koster: Great, that may work
... will be cloud-to-cloud thing

Matthias: Adoption in products would be nice

Korea F2F Planning

Matthias: When and where...
... PlugFest will be in same location

<kaz> f2f wiki

Matthias: Grand conference room A
... time is still open
... 30 June - 5 August

McCool: what is next?

Matthias: What to test, better documentation , ...
... testing plan is important

McCool: can discuss this further in testing call

Kaz: start preparation document again

McCool: Sponsorship?

Matthias: TTA
... some more sponsoring possible
... e.g. for catering
... think we need to take car of: Open day speakers
... give local people a big slot

Kaz: logistics: if anyone needs invitation letter please let me know as soon as possible

<kaz> registration site

McCool: Do registration also as soon as possible

Lagally: do we have already hotel recommendation ?

Matthias: There is Word document linked
... btw. Google maps not working in Korea... make sure to find the right hotel
... I booked yet another hotel (Siemens preferred hotel)
... will add information

Barry: i booked "Hotel Gallary"
... manual booking needed

Kaz: shall I copy content from docx to wiki?

McCool: would be great


McCool: had meeting last week
... wiki and regular meeting is good idea
... not much on wiki yet
... will be a meeting today after "this" meeting
... mentioned also "Online/persistent tests"
... i created "testing" directory
... place for online devices
... e.g. camera
... thing directory and such

Koster: wondering about scope
... only for testing
... or real testing process

McCool: multiple purposes
... example for people to look at
... testing things

Koster: there is online interop and testing
... think we need more discussion the next hour

McCool: 3 categories
... 1. demo & examples
... 2. "Points" test
... 3. Pairing of devices

Kaz: from w3c testing just means checking validation spec assertions
... being implementable etc

McCool: spec validation

Main call wiki

McCool: BTW, while doing agenda I noticed that minute links are missing
... section was not up-to-date

Kaz: will update this section

TPAC 2018

<Zakim> kaz, you wanted to suggest we think about f2f planning for TPAC as well

Kaz: reminder: need to think about TPAC meeting as well

McCool: Correct, TPAC Lyon France
... PlugFest (if any) and where?

<kaz> TPAC2018 page

McCool: Kaz checks options
... last time we had break out section
... missed other break-outs?
... shall we do it differently next time?
... more focus on promoting what we do
... we have to request break out session soon
... Let's discuss this next meeting more

Kaz: everyone: please think about your participation
... October 20th and 21th
... PlugFest sponsorship

<inserted> [and TPAC itself on Oct. 22-26]

Task Force Reports

* TD

Matthias: Sebastian is on vacation
... he updated master to new simplified version
... send out email how to continue
... Taki will lead calls on Friday
... please provide feedback

McCool: Is JSON-LD 1.1 group aware of our process

Matthias: think so.. but will reach out again to them

* Binding

Koster: Binding templates
... doing design review
... no meeting this week
... will send out more information via email
... track new TD changes
... publication: update mid May

* Scripting

Zoltan: Scripting API:
... made PR with 1st draft of new API
... it is work in progress
... anyone can take a look
... ExposedThing hasn't changed yet

<inserted> scribenick: kaz

Daniel: in the past, many WGs changed specifications on WebIDL
... but we concluded it would be good way to continue to use WebIDL
... besides that we talked about lifecycle
... not only relevant for Scripting but also TD
... not sure if there is generic solution, though

McCool: observe and notify changes
... Zoltan's comment on scripting api is simple for discovery

Zoltan: also best effort thing
... let's work for it

Daniel: also how to deal with changes of ID, etc.

<inserted> scribenick: dape

Zoltan: depends, create new IDs
... can rule out the process
... w.r.t. to WebIDL moving to TypeScript
... currently there is no official TypeScript spec
... W3C does not limit specs to WebIDL

* Security

McCool: Security :
... added security metadata to proposal
... added simple and complex proposals
... working on proxy
... still work in progress
... caching tunnels etc
... "security metadata" proposal is stable by now
... testing meeting next hour
... 5 minute break

Additional Editors to the WoT Architecture document

Kajimoto: architecture document: would like to have Toru-san and Matsukura-san to be added to the Editors for the WoT Architecture document

McCool: I have no objection

Matthias: +1

[Toru-san and Matsukura-san are approved as additional Editors for the WoT Architecture document]


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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