Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

23 April 2018

Meeting Minutes

Discussion about IAB, browsers, and expectations in general. What will browsers add in response to demand for more privacy (cf. Apple's 3rd party cookie treatment).

Brendan: The pressure on browsers isn't very visible yet. Yandex does similar to Chrome, to protect people from bad advertising experience. In response, several Russion advertisers improved their practice.

moneill: [missed question]

Brendan: There is speculation.

moneill: I heard may have to do one thing for Apple browsers and another for other browsers.

Expectations for Mozilla are not known.

Matthias: We have a charter extension to September.
… If no more industry interest by then, we'll close.
… I want to be able to claim we proved employment.
… If not, the CR will become a Note.

moneill: Before we publish a Note, should we put it the proposed extension for dnt:0?

Matthias: That would be fine.
… Other option is to go back to WD.
… If we have implems, we go to REC. If not, we can put in the Note what we want.
… We can develop editors' draft in parallel as we want.

moneill: The extension may interest more publishers.

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