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Meeting: Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 23 April 2018
16:14:14 [Bert]
present+ jnovak, moneill, Bert, schunter, Alan, Brendan
16:16:51 [Bert]
Discussion about IAB, browsers, and expectations in general. What will browsers add in response to demand for more privacy (cf. Apple's 3rd party cookie treatment).
16:19:11 [Bert]
Brendan: The pressure on browsers isn't very visible yet. Yandex does similar to Chrome, to protect people from bad advertising experience. In response, several Russion advertisers improved their practice.
16:19:51 [Bert]
moneill: [missed question]
16:20:08 [Bert]
Brendan: There is speculation.
16:20:53 [Bert]
moneill: I heard may have to do one thing for Apple browsers and another for other browsers.
16:21:16 [Bert]
Expectations for Mozilla are not known.
16:21:38 [Bert]
Matthias: We have a charter extension to September.
16:22:08 [Bert]
... If no more industry interest by then, we'll close.
16:23:07 [Bert]
... I want to be able to claim we proved employment.
16:23:21 [Bert]
... If not, the CR will become a Note.
16:24:44 [Bert]
moneill: Before we publish a Note, should we put it the proposed extension for dnt:0?
16:24:58 [Bert]
Matthias: That would be fine.
16:25:59 [Bert]
... Other option is to go back to WD.
16:26:39 [Bert]
... If we have implems, we go to REC. If not, we can put in the Note what we want.
16:28:31 [Bert]
... We can develop editors' draft in parallel as we want.
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moneill: The extension may interest more publishers.
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