07 Feb 2018



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<scribe> scribe: dape

Quick updates

McCool: Quick updates?

Kaz: quick comment, would like to clarify updated publication plan

McCool: When internal review?
... when public draft?
... quick update, Mozilla made release of WoT

Koster: Yes ,Web of Things gateway

Prague F2F

McCool: ... no chairs call
... need to look into rooms, booking et cetera
... Siemens?

Darko: no update from my side. Matthias might have some more information

McCool: got that Siemens needs someone to support
... I looked into to get room from OCF
... no response yet
... Sheraton quite expensive
... please register
... to get size of venue

<kaz> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/WoTF2F201803/

<kaz> registration above

McCool: please use URL to register
... need estimate for venue
... same place as OCF
... PlugFest directly after OCF (and IETF in London)

<kaz> Crystal Palace Hotel, which is close to Sheraton, is cheap enough

McCool: Also start documenting what you plan to do for PlugFest
... also add in comments in F2F wiki
... security components in PlugFest contributions.. please add to wiki also

<McCool> https://github.com/w3c/wot/blob/master/plugfest/2018-prague/checklists/security.md

McCool: converted to Markdown security checklist
... Web call on PlugFest right after this call
... also suggestions for OpenDay presenters

<kaz> f2f wiki

Soumya: OpenDay I suggested already presentation (semantic testing)
... small part of PlugFest w.r.t semantic interoperability ?

<kaz> f2f input

McCool: could add checklist to wiki

<DarkoAnicic> Material for Prague Plugfest related to Semantic Integration will be here: https://github.com/w3c/wot/tree/master/plugfest/2018-prague/semantic%20integration

Koster: Plan to have semantic interoperability for PlugFest
... already in progress

Darko: I created Semantic Integration folder
... every Friday LD telco
... we started presentation (goals and ideas)
... will updates slides
... plan to have use-cases and extend use cases to contain semantic interoperability
... also having queries for these use-cases

McCool: Koster, material still not in there?

Koster: Yes, is PR so far

McCool: Accepted PR

Koster: Testing semantic Interop is also of importance
... need to develop that
... separate page for scenarios also

Scripting API

<scribe> Agenda: Deadline for starting review process for Scripting API

Zoltan: we have a PR for changes
... agree on most of the things
... needs some more editorial changes
... had review on Monday
... review today in Editors call

McCool: any highlights you want to show?

Zoltan: link for rendered version

<DarkoAnicic> TF-LD web meetings dedicated to the preparation of the "semantic integration" challenge in Prague Plugfest take place on Friday, 16:00-17:00 CET

Zoltan: Use-cases section was updates
... ConsumedThing, ExposedThing was updates
... also synchronized with TD spec

<kaz> latest Scripting draft

Zoltan: intent is to freeze API
... editorial changes later
... Not sure if we should go through the document

McCool: Let's first have other task force reports
... TD ?

Thing Description

Sebasitian: Changes in TD mainly based on datatype definition
... major parts are ready
... next few days some more updates
... Friday we had web meeting
... topic was mainly about updates (Koster gaive presentation)
... one interesting meeting took place this Monday
... about JSON vs JSON-LD serialization
... some agreement
... relying on JSON schema type definition
... Unsure about JSON-LD 1.1
... interaction keyword/level will be removed
... Mozilla/EVRYTHNG will provide consumer use cases
... Siemens will provide industrial use cases
... next call on serialization on the 19th
... please also have a look at the current issues raised mainly by Ben
... Deadline for TD freeze is next Friday
... February 16th

Binding Templates

Koster: Binding template task force
... yesterday discussed remaining issues
... general consensus
... do not plan to make anymore changes
... clean-up of documents
... Matthias did editorial path
... transfer vocabulary needs to be added
... approach to add more transfer vocabularies
... problem maintaining vocabulary without introduction it in the document
... freeze 16th sounds good to me

McCool: binding part of TD?

Koster: will be separate document

McCool: Publishing as note?

Koster: not sure.. I can't decide that

McCool: access to editors draft might be good enough
... plan to publish as separate document?

Koster: Yes

Kaz: There are 2 points: (1) whether Binding Templates to be part of TD document or not, (2) how to handle possible vocabulary definition documents for several popular protocols for IoT (Binding TF would like to publish vocabulary as a WG Note)
... regarding the second point, not sure if it's ok
... can check within W3C

<kaz> e.g., HTTP vocabulary in RDF 1.0

McCool: my question was point 1, whether Binding gonna be part of TD
... normative part in TD section?
... for now separate document

Kaz: Charter says bindings is a separate note
... during the discussion on Monday about TD serialization, there was a comment binding should be separate from TD

Koster: we gonna have normative TD vocabulary
... and independent bindings vocabulary
... right now it is just JSON-LD
... adding patterns

Kaz: 2nd question about vocabulary document
... will check with W3C

McCool: seems consistent with other specs


McCool: Security task force
... looked at life cycle
... going to be part of Architecture document
... started also to look at other documents w.r.t. security
... trying to find security issues
... March 10th for next security publication
... want to push put before PlugFest
... including validation
... life cycle section is still PR
... wait for bugfixes from Elena

<McCool> https://github.com/w3c/wot-security/pull/63

McCool: added life cycle diagram
... based on IETF life cycle
... found some issues in IETF work/vagueness

<kaz> IETF draft: Security Considerations in the IP-based Internet of Things

Zoltan: Picture for WoT runtime?

McCool: correct
... IETF did not include state diagram
... only example
... suggest to them to add state machine

McCool: propose consistent state machine

McCool: one terminology issue was about provisioning/bootstrapping

Koster: propose to distinguish Discovery from the operational phase

McCool: may want to have life cycle section in architecture document

Scripting review

McCool: Next on Agenda is "next Agenda"
... lots of reviews

Zoltan: quick review of Scripting

<kaz> 3. The WoT object

Zoltan: main changes in WoT object (separate fetch and consume)
... 2nd changed "expose" into produce by getting ExposedThing object
... later there is start and register methods
... the "produce" accepts blanc thing (ThingTemplate) OR by ThingDescription
... allows re-expose thing
... later you can add handlers
... in ConsumedThing we have Observables
... we can subscribe, unsubscribe or Errors
... ExposedThing has changed also
... have life cycle methods (start, stop, ..)

<kaz> 5. The ExposedThing interface

Zoltan: also have addproperty, addAction and AddEvent
... besides there are ways to set handlers
... there can be a "default" handler or a generic handler

McCool: what is missing is an information whether TD can change
... for caching it is good to know

Zoltan: Could be parameter "time to live" in register
... and subscribe to TDChange observable

<kaz> 6 Observable

Zoltan: there is also an observable section (6) with the minimum we need
... Subset of Observable implementation

Koster: complete is useful for long running actions

Zoltan: People can use this version as a reference

<kaz> kaz: let's continue how to finalize the draft on the ML

McCool: adjourned

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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