17 Jan 2018


Joanmarie_Diggs, Tzviya_Siegman, Brent, Judy, jeanne, MichaelC, Janina
Brent, Judy


<Brent> Scribe: Brent

Confirm scribe, rrsagent, agenda, and next meeting date

Judy: Confirming next meeting date is on Wednesday, 31 January.
... Any regrets or issues with that meeting date?


Upcoming publications check?

Judy: Any comments or heads up.

Michael: Hopeful to take WCAG 2.1 CR in the next few weeks.
... Nothing else coming in the next few weeks.

<tzviya> https://www.w3.org/blog/2018/01/publishing-wg-publishes-3-fpwds/

Txviya: EPUB ARIA 2.0 may be delayed


<tzviya> S/EPUB/DPUB

Update on how WCAG 2.1 CR is looking, including implementation needs

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/WCAG_2.1_timeline

Michael: Timeline for WCAG 2.1 include planning to publish candidate recommendation next Tuesday. A bit ambitions, but working group is going through comments.
... The goal is to finish the comments process today and finish the SC by Friday. Soonest to publish would be next Thursday. Not sure if we will make that but aiming to.

Judy: Any questions for Michael on the CR draft?

no other questions.

Judy: A good reminder that EO will be collaborating on the Understanding docs.
... Michael, my understanding is that because of the pace of work and priority of CR means that Understanding docs will be following shortly.

Michael: We already have a lot of unvetted content developed. Will continue working on the Understanding content during CR time period and indefinately. I will not be published in the @@ area so it can be updated more often.

Jeanne: Saw in a chat channel that some had filed comments and wondering when will be addressed.

Michael: This will be taken up with the chairs.

Judy: Aware of the concern of timeline for addressing comments, and discussion will take place with the chairs and internal staff, because of the "before xyz date" issue, but also the need for good faith wide review comments.
... If/when WCAG 2.1 moved to candidate recommendation, this period is a lot of difficult work. Working group will be looking for help with implementation. If you are aware of people who can help, please let them know about this effort.

Upcoming APA verticals

Judy: The latest on what the APA group is expecting to need to review. Any updates?

Michael: Have been discussing in the aPA
... APA WG, the need for some formal tracking of the work so that we can be more comprehensive.
... Areas - CSS, Web Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Authentication, Payments, Automotive, Media, Artificial Intelligence, Publishing / eLearning, Web of Things (smart cities, homes, cars), Graphics, Internationalization.

Judy: The number of people in APA in each area needs a boost.
... Looking at this list, any new suggestions?

<Judy> Judy: Interested in continuing discussions in AI, and automotive

Tzviya: I have been in Publishing. Been doing some work on Verification also. From the spec perspective they should be okay, need help with implementation. I will keep everyone posted.

<tzviya> s/verification/authnetication

Judy: Michael, please be sure I am on AI and Automotive.
... I have some context that I would like to make sure is not lost. Use cases that are relevant from business perspective.

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/2017/11/06-auto-minutes#item04

<Judy> agenda order is 6, 7, 9 5, 8

Shadow Dom

Judy: Charles noted the DOM is working to incorporate the Shadow DOM. Any conversation, questions?

Michael: Would agree that incorporating Shadow DOM into DOM seems that we are afraid of DOM.
... Few people with expertice on Shadow DOM and interaction with AT. Becky Gibson has some action items but is still working on it. Been looking at the DOM spec and do not have issues. Shadow DOM may have issues we are not aware of.

Judy: What do you think needs to happen here?

Michael: As for Shadow DOM we need to deliver comments either way.

Janina: I am not sure the working group for those specs has changed. Maybe one spec instead of two could concievably give it more attention.
... This news from Charles came in this morning. It is very new.
... Hopeful that Becky will be able to understand the issues and we can get back on top of it.

Custom Elements

Judy: comment sent in: HTML expects to incorporate custom elements which will/could have an issue with accessibility.

Michael: Depends on the nature of the custom elements.

Judy: Asked Charles to share additional information when he has a chance.

Janina: I do think that this is web components under a different name.

<Judy> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-cc/2018Jan/0007.html

Michael: We do have this in our tracking list. Have not asigned action items as of late. Need to revisit as nothing has triggered us to look.

Judy: Want to make sure follow-ups happen in some form.

Michael: It is on our list. We will need to find someone that can review that.

ARIA 1.2, graphics including svg

<Judy> scribe: Judy

jb: so for SVG accessibility, in SVG group, going OK?

jd: think so

jb: was there some specific concern?

mc: ARIA will be looking at their role on this in January

jb: so it's a qu of ARIA side?

jd: there's a possible concern in one area; it will be clearer once we have implementations; and for that, we need testing; and actually, that's all in my work pile.
... please ask me next time ;)

<scribe> scribe: Brent

WAI IG charter (more discussion when Katie available next time)

Judy: Quick Note: WAI IG charter was going to time-out in December. There is a three month extention. Need to propose a new one in the next few weeks. Small team will be working up something to propose back.
... More specifically, understand that one or two concerns have been raised about the charter.
... My impression is that some of these have been addressed, but I am going back to document that..

Brief return before call closes to qu of EO-AG coordination wrt Understanding document

Judy: The scheduling for EO and AG are different. What about the collaborative work on the Understanding docs fitting in.

Michael: We have not done too much work on this. EO wants to do editorial work on this.

Please see Shawn's message on WAI CC about new EOWG meeting times

Judy: New EO meeting times have been announced. Staggered meetings to improve global participation.
... Meeting adjourned

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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