01 Nov 2017



Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Kunihiko_Toumura, Masato_Ohura, Kazuaki_Nimura, Toru_Kawaguchi, Yongjing_Zhang, Keiichi_Tokuyama
McCool, Yongjing


<kaz> scribenick: mjkoster

publication schedule

the security note did not make it in time to be published

mccool: what's the state of theCurrent Practices document?

<kaz> Current Practices draft

tpac logistics - please register if you have not yet

<kaz> PlugFest registration

mccool: banner posters will need to be printed on Monday

doodle poll is out for the WoT dinner, Saturday vs. Sunday

Doodle poll for WoT dinner (Sat. vs Sun.)

<McCool> Burlingame PlugFest resources

scribe: review the TPAC agenda

<kaz> demo requirements

scribe: long term planning discussion
... interoperability should be the focus of the demonstration
... how big is the space for the demo

kaz: will check into the size of the room

<kaz> meetup includes 300 people

mccool: there is a developer meetup; we should attend with a demo and a poster

kaz: we could do the demo in this meetup as well as a general TPAC demo

mccool: is it a serial or parallel demo schedule?

kaz: need to determine room size, time, and serial vs. parallel presentation
... there are only 3 demos so far and more content is needed

mccool: Tuesday schedule
... security discussion on Tuesday reformatted

<kaz> mccool: 13:30-15:00 for binding enough?

<kaz> koster: looks good

<kaz> mccool: we should describe session leader for each session

<kaz> ... Koster, you can edit the binding session if needed

<kaz> mccool: who should lead "TD: JSON Schema Ontology, ..."?

<kaz> kaz: given it's related to TD, maybe Sebastian?

mccool: need to identify leaders for the other sessions
... tech plenary Wednesday
... another joint meeting on Thursday with the Web Commerce interest group
... any other topics or updates on logistics?

kaz: can discuss plugfest details in the next teleconference in one hour

mccool: what are the arrival instructions for the plugfest

kaz: start at 9:00 AM
... may need to call someone to unlock the door
... need to prepare a contact list for PF participants
... created a mailing list for the plugfest
... we can use this from now on as a permanent PF mailing list
... one last item on TPAC
... joint meetings with DAS, automotive, media, and Entertainment groups
... invitations for these groups to our demo

<kaz> plugfest requirements

kaz: identify the network and power requirements for the demo

mccool: need an hour for setup before the demo ... lunch time?

<inserted> kaz: will ask the mtgplanner about the room size, and availability of the room for lunch time

TF reports

<kaz> TD:

<kaz> TD minutes (member-only)

kaz: had discussion on semantic annotation and iotschema integration with AVS demo
... scripting API

<kaz> Scripting:

<kaz> nimura: discussed ScriptingAPI Github Issues including Dave's issue on API Improvement (Issue 78)
... some discussion on generic sensor API like the TD TF

<kaz> Binding:

<kaz> koster: talked about eventing

<kaz> ... observable property as well

<kaz> ... not quite designed yet

<kaz> ... descriptive part of the example

<kaz> ... open pullrequests there

<kaz> ... intend to get review

<kaz> ... go through for meaningful review

<kaz> Security:

mccool: there is a release candidate for review now

<kaz> mccool: but too late for publishing the draft before TPAC

<kaz> ... so aiming right after TPAC

<kaz> ... no web meeting on Nov. 6

<kaz> ... next meeting in 3 weeks

mccool: discuss schedule for week after TPAC as IETF is that week and may conflict
... AOB, agenda items?


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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