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18 Oct 2017


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Kaz_Ashimura, Matthias_Kovatsch, Taki_Kamiya, Toru_Kawaguchi, Uday_Davuluru, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool, Michael_Koster, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Takeshi_Yamada, Takeshi_Sano, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Sebastian_Kaebisch


scrbenick: kaz

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Matsukura-san's consolidated document

<ryuichi> https://github.com/w3c/wot/blob/master/plugfest/2017-burlingame/preparation.md

matthias: updated the figures right now
... should be reloaded

matsu: created the MD above
... including the materials from my slides
... section 1 introduction
... including background and use case description
... section 2 Servients
... 3 kinds of servients for 4-layered model
... application servient, device servient and proxy servient (remote/local)
... the idea came from Koster at Binding call
... 2.2 Servients from plugfest participants
... application servient - remote proxy servient - local proxy servient - device servient
... still mission pieces there
... section 2.3 is missing
... 2.4 is table o Servients and protocols
... very important information
... what kind of protocols are supported between which servient and which
... e.g., app servient - remote proxy servient
... Fujitsu app servient - (HTTP(S)) - Fujitsu remote proxy
... Panasonic app servient - (HTTPS+WSS) - Panasonic device servient
... please add information on your servients
... 3. Application scenarios
... what kind of scenarios for PlugFest?
... 4. High level description of issues
... issues to be solved from people's viewpoints
... for the upcoming PlugFest
... please put your issues here
... next (section 4 again) Deadline and Schedule
... expected schedule
... who provides which servient(s)?
... next week (Oct. 25) specify inter-servient interface
... and then PlugFest itself on Nov 4-5
... that's my document

matthias: if you refresh the page, you can get the updated figures

updated figure

matthias: possible WebUI app on the local side

matsu: which one?

matthias: "WebUI WoT Client (Siemens)" on my pc
... and Local Proxy and Device Servients in Munich
... difficult to explain in this 4-layer model

mccool: diagrams in my document as well

matthias: we have different dimension actually

mccool: issue on Thing Directory
... and local devices
... factory service to create them

matthias: already assumes remote proxy

kaz: maybe we can use another kind of diagram as well
... e.g., which shows the actual location-based topology

mccool: categories of servients
... 4-layered servients can be explained by the table
... we don't have all the parts in this diagram here
... should make the diagram simpler

matthias: there're kind of stacks
... did some update again

mccool: link to the implemented codes?
... we should discuss management api as well

kaz: we don't have to stick with the "layer" here
... we can express the role using the color
... e.g., "WebUI WoT Client (Siemens)" as Matthias did

mccool: yeah

matsu: provide the detailed information on your part
... and then would like to clarify which servient by whom to be connected which
... for example, McCool, could you please add your stuff to this?

mccool: yes, I can
... after Matthias's update

matthias: ok
... going back to the table
... the basic version on PPT was ok
... but multi-column table here is difficult to edit
... maybe easier to use PPT table and put the image of that?

matsu: ok to edit the ppt and put the table image here
... Koster, can you add your information?

koster: ok

matsu: and Uday?

uday: will do

matsu: if your name is missing, please add a row
... can put the updated table on this document
... there are many developers for application servients this time
... would like to know who will really provide applications

mccool: application servient?

matsu: yes

mccool: Intel as well

matsu: ok

kaz: maybe everybody can send the information by text to Matsukura-san
... and he can integrate all the information

koster: makes sense

matsu: next, I'd like to clarify the application scenarios
... please put your ideas to this section "3. Application scenarios"

koster: question on the diagram
... how the protocol binding might work
... let's show global scope and local scope
... local scope is accessible in the local network
... mapping of devices and applications
... possibly located on the remote side

matsu: device servient on the cloud side?

koster: yes, on the cloud side
... shadow devices
... HTTPS-based SmartThings API

matsu: ok
... there are many variations for the upcoming PlugFest

koster: yes, I'll add my pieces

kawa: should we prepare Thing Description for devices we bring?
... if we share TDs in advance, we can know what to do beforehand
... useful to application scenario discussion as well

matsu: TD of each device servient should be uploaded on GitHub

kaz: we add TD and actual codes to the table
... as McCool suggested before

nimura: about TD
... which is the actual version for the Burlingame PlugFest?

matthias: the target should be the FPWD of TD
... experimentally could include observable events
... what parts are mandatory and what are not

matsu: everyone wants to know about the differences between different versions

sebastian: good idea

matthias: will add a link to the TD spec and explain the difference

matsu: appreciated
... any other comments?

matthias: was working on the ppt
... please use the latest version from GH

yamada: will do

kawa: question about the procedure
... pullrequest for ppt?
... don't have write permission maybe

matthias: in that case, you can use pullrequest

matsu: you should use a different file name
... that would be easier
... any other comments?


next week

matsu: we should talk about app scenarios next week
... also posters and facilities

kaz: and inter-servient interface as recorded on the MD?

matsu: yes
... will share a diagram on possible interface sequence
... please share your input as well
... by the next call on Wednesday, 25 Oct.

mccool: regarding poster
... make it professional
... common template would be better
... print it by Monday
... we should have basic content by the PlugFest (on Nov. 4-5)
... can finalize right after PlugFest (on Nov. 4-5)
... last year's template is a reasonable starting point

<mkovatsc> Template: https://github.com/w3c/wot/tree/master/plugfest/2016-lisbon

matthias: Daniel Peintner took care of the one last year
... template above

mccool: can somebody take an action for this year?

matthias: can do that right after getting the size available

taki: several sizes available
... will send the information to the list

matthias: please include me directly (in addition to the list)

matsu: how many posters?

sebastian: last time we had one for each building block

matthias: can think about updating building block but quite some work

mccool: architecture, td, etc.
... and each demo
... e.g., Amazon integration by Intel
... So 5 or more

koster: might have one for SmartThings

matsu: we have to assign people to each poster

matthias: yes

matsu: aob?



Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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