Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

25 Sep 2017

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fielding, Shane, Matthias, Bert, dsinger, Jason, Novak, Brendan, Alan, Toner, Jason_Novak, Alan_Toner


One rather significant request - apologies for the late nature of the request...

Is it too late to get a new element added to the UGE submission?

<fielding> wileys, probably, since that would restart the review

In discussion at the EU ad industry level it was determined a “purpose” dimension of the UGE is missing and will be required for DNT to be a vialble solution in the EU

<fielding> wileys, I would just use one of the text fields

Okay - not sure what to do at this point then as the EU ad industry is stating DNT is DOA unless this addition is made. How should I approach this?

<fielding> [we are discussing this on the phone with Shane, but no scribe]

Sure - can raise the issue in CR

Where should I document this?

How would one domain capture consent for two different practices?

Option 1: Use different sub-domains for each purpose

Option 2: Have the consent manager pass the inforrmation in the request to the 3rd party site (store in a cookie?)

Honestly don’t believe either of these will be accepted by industry and they’ll continue to invest in other technical solutions than DNT

<fielding> I think it is worth exploring as an issue, but given the lack of implementations makes the UGE unusable right now, this is not worth pushing right now.

<fielding> BTW, for Option 2, I meant pass it in the URL. If you can set a cookie for the third party, this is already solved.

Roy, if we’re going to still need to use cookies then it is easier to just deal with cookies from the start

<fielding> I agree, if we can.

True - referencing iOS11 Webkit

<fielding> I would have preferred to do the entire UGE framefork using parameters and cookies just to get out of this chicken-and-egg problem.

I’ll do my best to both document the issue and propose several solutions from an industry POV

I have my marching orders :-)


<fielding> Issues go https://github.com/w3c/dnt/issues

Sorry for the possible delay :-)


<fielding> Did we make a formal publish to CR decision?

<schunter> Consensus: Current draft will be published as revised CR.

<fielding> trackbot, end meeting

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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