Silver Task Force Teleconference

15 Sep 2017

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JaeunJemmaKu, JanMcSorley, Jeanne, Jennison, Josie, Shawn
Jeanne, Shawn


Interviews Proposal

Silver Surveys Strategy update

Dave proposed creating a spreadsheet for the interview questions to match them to stakeholder groups. All approve!


Jeanne: What are our plans as a Task Force, what do we want to present as a topic? What do we want to do as a workshop?
... didn't factor in time for approval from W3C for the workshop part.
... Back to the topic: what do we want to do for the presentation?

Shawn: Maybe a talk on research results up to that point?

Jennison: Also a great opportunity to solicit more participants and stakeholders to help out.

<scribe> ACTION: Jeanne to write first draft of CSUN proposal [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2017/09/15-silver-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-121 - Write first draft of csun proposal [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2017-09-22].

Next up: workshop.

Jeanne: First day would maybe have issues raised from the papers presented by participants in the workshop.
... Second day, we would open up to more people, doing some prototyping based on decisions made the day before.

Jennison: I thought one day - always two days?

Jeanne: Pretty sure, yeah. The wiki should say two.

Jennison: From a practical perspective, I'd suggest Sunday and Monday or Monday and Tuesday to get more people attending.

Jeanne: We wanted to be respectful of the pre-conference workshops.

<jemma> https://www.csun.edu/cod/conference/pre-conference-proposals/

Jennison & Shawn: Prefer Monday and Tuesday

Jan: That doesn't work for me.

Jeanne: Yeah, one of the big challenges...everyone has meetings scheduled around the conference already.

Jennison: So what kind of presentations do we want for this?

Jeanne: Structural issues, design and usability issues.
... companies who've done alternative versions of WCAG. What are their needs?
... the people who want a percentage of WCAG, rather than a strict pass/fail.
... We want to get people for and against different things around the table to discuss these things.

Jennison: Do we have to have it structured as a formal call for papers? If we have a set of questions out there and we invite people to participate, sending like 150 word synopsis...
... Whereas a call for papers to me sounds like a big work order.

Jeanne: Especially if we move away from a formal W3C workshop, we could.
... The pro for a call for papers: it tends to sift out the merely opinionated, because people have to work to get there.
... even a short synopsis may prove good enough.

Jennison: If we have a call for papers for CSUN, a call for papers for this...people we'd want to participate would probably opt out purely because of the added workload.

Jeanne: We should also put out invitations to people we want, specifically.

Jennison: Definitely.

Jeanne: Should we start putting a list together?
... Also looking to add budget line items for travel for participants to attend this.
... We also need people on the policy end, preferably international.

Jennison: Do we still need to decide whether we'll do this as a W3C workshop, or anything else that we need to do in order to move forward with this?

Jeanne: Yes. They need a detailed proposal of what we'll do.
... I'll work on that with Sarah. If anyone else would like to help design this, please do!

Josie: I'll help out.

Jeanne: Awesome, thank you!

Jennison: Wondering if we should get together to plan out the November meetup and then bring it back to this group?

Jeanne: Yes.

<Jan> James Green from visa - would be a good person to invite: jgreen@visa.com

Interviews Proposal

Jeanne: I need to fill in research questions, I've done some of this in the document.

<jemma> Jemma will put references regarding conformance research both to silver community post and silver email list.

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Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Jeanne to write first draft of CSUN proposal [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2017/09/15-silver-minutes.html#action01]

Summary of Resolutions

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