WebRTC Virtual Interim

13 Sep 2017


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Dominique_Hazael-Massieux, Stefan_Hakansson, Bernard_Aboba, Taylor_Brandsetter, Shijun_Sun, Patrick_Rockhill, Jianjun_Zhu, Lennart_Grahl, Vivien_Lacourba, Eric_Rescorla, Cullen_Jennings, Randell_Jesup, Adam_Bergkvist, Jan-Ivar_Bruaroey, Dan_Burnett, Justin_Uberti, SHIM, Peter_Thatcher
stefanh, aboba


<vivien> [recording now in progress]

Issue 1128: Does msid still work?

<dom> Issue 1128

<dom> PR 1567 Adding `remoteTrackId` attribute to represent SDP-signaled track ID

fluffy: Why doesn't the track id change?

taylor: Other stuff rely on track id's being constant
... Before, you got a new track (with a new id)

jib: An other option would be to allow changing the track id in mediacap spec

fluffy: I don't like adding something that you can't use in this case, and this case and this other case

jib: There's also no guarantee that remote track ids are unique anyhow

fluffy: Suggests to fix the issue on both sides. This solution only addresses the problem on one side

RESOLUTION: We revert the PR (1567) also, we close 1128 with a comment

taylor: Should we always generate track id so it doesn't work in some situations, but not in others

Note from the chairs: People seemed supportive of that idea

Issue 1161/Issue 1181: What happens remotely when a track is “removed”?

<vivien> Issue 1161

<vivien> Issue 1181

jib: I think this is fine

RESOLUTION: is to accept the current state after PR 1402 and we close 1161 and 1181

Issue 1207/PR 1592: Setting a remote description may cause discontinuity

<vivien> Issue 1207

<vivien> PR 1592

RESOLUTION: is to accept the changes proposed by PR 1592

Issue 1178: Need to describe when ICE and DTLS transport objects are created/changed

<vivien> Issue 1178

RESOLUTION: is to go for the "one object" approach proposed by Taylor

Issue 1406: When ICE restart results in connection to a new endpoint

<vivien> Issue 1406

RESOLUTION: is to reuse the same RTCDtlsTransport object when a new DTLS association is started as proposed by Taylor

Issue 1563: Ambiguities with BUNDLE and ICE

<vivien> Issue 1563

RESOLUTION: is that we are waiting for the mmuisc feedback

Issue 1520/PR 1560: setParameters input validation

<vivien> Issue 1520

<vivien> PR 1560

RESOLUTION: is that there are no objections to the model proposed in PR 1560

Issue 1564/PR 1577: Deciding on resolutions with scaleResolutionDownBy (Pehrsons)

<vivien> Issue 1564

<vivien> PR 1577

RESOLUTION: is to floor instead ceil and document what happens if the result is zero (PR 1577 to be updated)

RESOLUTION: is that we allow aspect ratios to change due to integer width and height rounding

Issue 1259/PR 1553: What keygenAlgorithm values are supported?

<vivien> Issue 1259

<vivien> PR 1553

RESOLUTION: is that no one objects to the proposed PR but it needs review

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