Automotive Business Group Teleconference

12 Sep 2017


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Ted, Wonsuk, Guru, PatrickB, Gunnar, Adam, PhilippeR


Status and plans of RSI TF including RSI specification day

Wonsuk: Patrick can you give us a summary on RSI TF?

PatrickB: unfortunately the participation in the calls is not ideal but what we agreed on was to have RSI day after our F2F in Burlingame
... an early order of business is to do search and replace of ViWi with RSI in the specs

RSI call 2017-08-30

Ted: attendance issue may be partly due to the rotating schedule but first let's try sending reminders with specific topics and desired attendees for given topics

We need to:

* expand editors list

* focus on protocol and one preliminary domain - media?

* work to converge JSON structure of RSI with VSS

* publish a draft spec as a BG report

* recharter WG to take on RSI after completing VISS/VIAS

* identify domains we have appropriate resources to complete

Ted: The LBS domain is extremely complex, we have a couple starts from Qing An and Jonas Schmidt plus the work taking place in Genivi
... we want to get those people together. It will be easier when we show momentum on RSI and at least one other domain
... Specifically Qing An (Alibaba), Jonas Schmidt, Philippe Colliot (PSA), Gunnar Andersson and others from Genivi effort
... doubt we will get them at our F2F meeting at TPAC in November
... I am speaking with Tomtom tomorrow, also trying to bring Volvo in who I understand is involved in LBS at Genivi

Gururaja: I have been with Bosch for 17+ years on vehicle networking and then car multimedia, specfically HMI
... at Genivi I am leading the Application Framework Expert Group
... in the coming days I expect to gain clarity and see where I can contribute

Wonsuk: thank you, welcome


straw poll for attendees and agenda for RSI call tomorrow

Gunnar: you mentioned a next specification for signals, did you mean the JSON structure for the signals itself?
... have we done a full comparison to the WAMP protocol which is well defined and has traction elsewhere
... what is the plan for moving forward with this approach?
... synchronizing on the JSON would be helpful

PatrickB: regarding whether we can use WAMP in RSI, I did some research back when we first discussed it
... it is desgined more for broadcasting among brokers, publishers and subscribers
... whereas in RSI we are doing point to point communication instead of broadcast
... WAMP might be overkill for our purposes
... unsure if we would be able to use the same authorization, urls, JSON structures

Gunnar: I am questioning why we need to do things differently in automotive
... it would be in the group's interest to see what other standards can be leveraged (eg WAMP)

Ted: it is certainly an option as RSI advances and we generally should leverage existing standards where they exist instead of recreating
... question is whether this is the best fit for this aspect

Gunnar: if a specification has features beyond what is needed, it might still be a good match
... there are interesting features in crossbar.io for WAMP
... it provides some additional features besides WAMP including a REST bridge

Propose to cancel RSI call tomorrow

given EU participants won't be attending

Wonsuk: typically we will try to send agenda with expected participants for specific topics in advance?

Ted: yes example VSS with Rudi and Patrick or WAMP with Patrick and Gunnar


Wonsuk: we should start discussion by email on which groups we should try to meet with at TPAC

Ted: that was part of a previous email I started and will reply to that thread
... it would be great to increase coordination with others like AGL

Discussion for Genivi & W3C coordination

Gunnar: I think they are following

Ted: besides signals I think the next big area we should coordinate with Genivi is on LBS

Gunnar: we have some supportive technology for LBS coming out soon

Ted: it would be great to get pointers and ideally navigation engineers, we likely will want to get this going in early Spring

Status of Web Payments in Connected Vehicles TF

Ted: Ian Jacobs (Web Payments Lead) and I are still trying to get participation commitments from some key stakeholders before launching
... we had some setbacks and expected to have started up the TF by now
... I will keep the group informed. Do please let me know who within your organizations may be participating
... we hope to launch before TPAC

Wonsuk: sounds good
... I want to be involved in that activity

BG page update plan

Wonsuk: we should provide more information to prospects for this group
... BG page is useful for this
... any items people want to share please propose them

Ted: two things, first if you are interested in writing a blog post for that page please draft it and send to chairs or I to publish
... second I am getting more MarComm and BusDev assistance and the materials being worked on will be available for distribution and contribute updates to that page

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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