Web Payments Working Group Teleconference

31 Aug 2017


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alyver, jean_luc_di_manno, Nicktr, Ian, zkoch, MattDeGanon, Molly, AdrianHB, dezell, Ken


--> https://github.com/w3c/webpayments/wiki/Agenda-20170831 Agenda

Payment Apps

Proposal: Disband the payment apps task force after PR API goes to CR; move conversations to this meeting

<nicktr> Strong +1

<alyver> +1

<zkoch> +1, though you can have your own editor mtg

<zkoch> but substantive issues should be discussed here

(IJ clarifies: Editors will still do work; WG will take on the decision-making around big issues)

adrianhb: +1

<deganon> +1

Payment Request API CR update

<scribe> Chair: Ian

zkoch: We had to postpone Editor meeting until this afternoon...so I will have more after that meeting
... Marcos has been raising issues/pull requests as he implements and tests
... for some scenarios where we were ignoring issues, we have decided to fail more often now
... these are small issues to adjust the spec regarding detailed behavior around failure cases
... validating PMIs, avoiding duplicates
... we finally merged a pull request regarding what to do when the user switches a tab when the PR is open
... as I look at remaining issues, I believe the two remaining pull requests should close the last of the 2 substantive CR-dependent issues
... one of them is to match existing browser behavior
... our plan today at the editor meeting is to try to close the final issues
... we hope to be done by the end of the week
... I will follow up with an email to the group after the editor meeting

<nicktr> ian: we have a group decision to go to CR

<nicktr> ...the remaining issues are about very fine details and error handling and so the decision is still valid

<nicktr> ...checking in with the group to ensure that that view represents consensus - does anyone have concerns about fixes proposed

IJ: Any concerns by anyone about detailed fixes?

[No comments]

<nicktr> Ian: any other questions for Zach?

zkoch: In response to IJ's comment, the things that Marcos is clarifying are really edge-cases

Test suite status



<nicktr> Ian: this is a neat dashboard that shows you reports that can be generated from test suite

<nicktr> ...right now it's mostly red

<nicktr> ...many features are behind flags

<nicktr> ...Marcos believes manual testing is behind automated testing

<nicktr> ...we need to be able to show "green" to the director to exit CR

<nicktr> Ian: It's my understanding that the browser engines all slurp up these tests and reports

<nicktr> ...so this activity is very valuable

<nicktr> Ian: zkoch - any more on testing?

<nicktr> zkoch: nope

Draft transition request

<nicktr> Ian: we will need stable URLs

<nicktr> ...then we send to the director. Hopefully he approves then we can publish

<nicktr> Ian: Perhaps at TPAC we could look at interoperability issues - implementations side by side.

<nicktr> ...a "test fest"

Payment Method Manifest

IJ: What are the steps to FPWD?

zkoch: let's do that after CR of PR API
... we have submitted that spec to the TAG who has 2 questions

<nicktr> Ian: I have raised a couple of issues and we need to put some issue markers in

zkoch: let's turn our attention to that after CR



<nicktr> Ian: It would be good to have a charter proposal ahead of TPAC

<nicktr> ...AC should be already reviewing by then

<nicktr> Ian: Now we are a chartered group, we propose our own charter (it doesn't come from WPIG)

a) What’s left to do in v1 of PR API and PMI?

b) Should we start work right away on v2 features?

c) I assume we will continue to work on Payment Handler API.

d) What payment method specifications do we anticipate developing? (I am aware of three ideas

beyond Basic Card.)

e) What about out-of-browser payments? Do we want to return to those?

<Zakim> nicktr, you wanted to talk about dates but also ongoing role around short names etc

nicktr: Let's talk about dates if we want to have our charter in review by TPAC
... then we need a solid charter by the end of September
... so that only gives us about 4 weeks to work through what we want to see in the first draft.
... I am happy to take the lead on this (with Adrian and Ian)
... in terms of ongoing activity, something we need to consider is our light governance role of short name
... need to take that into account re: charter

<nicktr> Ian: I think we should take this start on 7th September

<nicktr> ...please bring priorities to the call

<nicktr> ...what would you like us to stop/start/continue

next meeting

7 september

<zkoch> cooool

<nicktr> Ian: I may bring payment handler issues. Please as ever let us know about other issues

<nicktr> Thanks all

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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